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Authority 102
by Oxartes © 2008


Authority 102I had our corner of the squadroom to myself for a moment. I took a deep breath and dialed Jennifer on the videophone link in my laptop.

She had her domme face on. "Yes?"

"Jennifer, I …"

Her eyes flared. "How dare you …"

"Jennifer," I repeated, deliberately breaking the Rules again by using her first name instead of 'Mistress', "please hold the domme thing for a second and just listen to me, please."

She stared.

"I'm breaking it off. I want out of this relationship. I've got nothing against you but I …I just can't do it any more. It was great for a while but I can't be your slave. I'm just not cut out for it." I waited for the explosion.

"Oh." Her whole demeanor changed. Her eyes softened. The domme face melted away into an almost sad, tender look, like I had wounded her. She suddenly looked stunned and vulnerable. "All right Howard …"

Wow, she actually used my first name. Usually, it was always "Detective King" or simply "You." She had said that being addressed by name was a dignity that I would have to earn.

"… if that's what you want, OK. I'm … I'm sorry if I hurt you …um, fine, OK."

"I'd like to come by this evening after work and pick up my things, if that's all right."

"OK," she said nodding, reacting very much like a tilted pinball machine, "Um, sure. Come by any time."

"Thank you Jennifer."

"Yes, you're welcome Howard."

I ended the call. I was floored. I really thought she'd go ballistic.

"Hey c'mon kid, we don't wanna be late for court."

That was Tony, my partner. I folded the laptop, grabbed my coat and followed him out. We were due to testify at an evidentiary hearing for the punk who popped Matt Hurley.

Court was court. Tony and I were convincing and the judge ordered the perp held for trial. Very humdrum.

Tony dropped me off at the subway station afterwards. I caught the IRT to Christopher St.-Sheridan Square in the Village and walked to Jennifer's townhouse. I wanted to get my stuff and head over to the Four Aces to catch the Knicks.

I buzzed at the gate.

"Come in," came Jennifer's voice. The gate clicked open.

I walked up to the front door; it too clicked open. As I stepped into the foyer, I immediately noticed that the small walnut table upon which I would always place my clothes was gone. Jennifer had insisted that I always attend her completely naked; "As shorn of clothes as you are of pretense," she had said. And the table was gone. She really was getting rid of me.

"I'm in here," she called out from her office.

"Jennifer, look, thank you for being a good sport about this," I said walking into her office, "I really appre …" My jaw dropped. Jennifer leaned on the edge of her desk, in the nude, except for her high-heeled pumps, her long black hair laying about her full breasts. Her tummy was smooth and trim. I saw her luxurious thighs and the tuft of neatly trimmed black hair between them.

Oh, this wasn't fair! I stood there, in shock, my erect cock straining against my pants.

Jennifer had a soft, innocent look, warm and not at all threatening. "Here are your things, Howard," she said, pointing to a stack of books and clothes piled on a chair, "You may take them and leave. But if you like, you may insert the head of your cock into me and pleasure yourself inside my person." She slid two fingers into her pussy and stroked herself before pulling them out and sucking on them. She turned around, and placed her hands on the desk to brace herself as she leaned forward. I suddenly noticed that the small walnut table stood off to one side of her desk.

This really wasn't fair!

I ignored the little voice inside my head that was telling me to grab my stuff and run like hell, and took off my shoulder holster, shirt and tie. I slipped out of my shoes, rolled my socks into neat little balls, and placed them inside the shoes. I opened my belt, undid my fly, unable to take my eyes off Jennifer's marvelous ass and glistening pussy, as I dropped my pants and my now painfully erect cock, moist with precum, popped free and jutted into the air.

Jennifer neither moved nor made a sound.

I folded my clothes neatly and put them on the walnut table, placing my gun and watch on top, and slid my shoes underneath. I stepped up behind Jennifer until my cock almost touched her and put out my hands to take her hips.

Jennifer quickly spun around and sat up on the edge of the desk. She spread her legs and bent them at the knees, her luscious pussy in full view. "You may take your things and leave if you like, Howard," she said softly.

Leave??!! I looked at Jennifer's body, so inviting, its folds and curves and hidden recesses hinting at the glories within. My pounding heart drowned out the little voice in my head as I stepped forward until my now throbbing cock brushed against her lips. The sensation was staggering. I took a deep breath and slid the tip of my cock into Jennifer. We watched her close around me as I disappeared inside her. I was the prey and she was the boa swallowing me alive; it was glorious! We looked into each otherÕs eyes - her expression was kind and gentle - for the briefest of moments before I shouted, "Oh …oh …OHHH!" as my whole body heaved in a massive orgasm and I shot my first jolt into her. Jennifer's demeanor changed and her domme face reappeared. I came uncontrollably, giving myself to her, moaning and shouting in shameless ecstasy even as I wilted under her remorseless gaze.

She stared at me until I finally stoped coming and my cock softened and slipped out of her. She reached behind herself and produced a ribbon of red silk with a gold clasp. She fastened it around my neck. "You will wear this at all times when you are in my presence, and when you are alone." She reached around and produced identical ribbon-and-clasp, only smaller. She reached down and fastened it around the base of my balls and cock. "You will wear this at all times. Step back."

She pointed to the box of tissues on her desk. "Clean me. Do not touch me."

I obeyed, gently cleaning as much of me as possible off of her.

"I will tolerate no more talk of you leaving me. Do you have anything to say?"

I nodded.


"Thank you, Mistress," I mumbled, trembling, still lost in an intense post-orgasmic rush.

"Get dressed, return the table to its proper place and go home. I'll expect you promptly after work tomorrow. Dismissed."

"Yes, Mistress." I dressed, returned the table to the foyer and left, in complete shock.

*          *          *

I sleep naked. That night, as I climbed into bed, I looked at the silk ribbon around my balls and cock and ran my finger over the ribbon around my neck. I was hers. I fell sleep, feeling proud.

© 2008 Oxartes. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Oxartes, 43, is the married papa (proud, on both counts!) of two children. He is a professional copyeditor and proofreader who has discovered that he like to write erotica as a hobby. "Writing is like therapy," he says.

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