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Girls Gone Wild

by Helen E. H. Madden © 2008

Helen Madden Podcast Girls Gone Wild


Girls Gone Wild"Dude! Harry and Dave sent another movie!"

Joe rushed into the house, clutching a package. Mick jumped up and down on the couch, whooping.

"Open it, man! Open it!" Mick chanted.

Joe tore apart the cardboard box and dug out a shiny silver disc. "Oh sweet! This one's called 'Campground Adventures with Harry and Dave!'" He held up the DVD in one hand and slapped palms with his roommate in a testosterone-charged high-five.

"It's movie time!" Mick shouted as he snatched the disc from Joe. He flipped open the jewel case and a scrap of paper fluttered out and floated to the floor.

"Dude, what's this?" Joe picked up the paper. "They sent us a note?"

"Forget that. We got beer and homemade porn. Grab a spot on the couch and get ready for some nasty girl-on-girl action!"

"All right!"

Mick slid the disc into the DVD player and grabbed the remote. He settled next to Joe on a threadbare couch that smelled like potato chips and farts. As the television hummed to life, Joe cackled.

"I so cannot believe these guys. Remember the last movie they sent?"

Mick groaned. "Oh yeah, three naked babes going down on each other in a tub full of Jell-O. Man, if only we could have gone on this road trip with them. Being broke sucks."

"Hey, at least we can enjoy their adventures vicariously. Besides, Harry and Dave promised to send home a souvenir. Some of these chicks might show up on our doorstep one day."

"Not the fat ones, I hope."

"But dude, the fat ones will do anything!"

Mick punched Joe in the arm. "Shut up! Movie's starting."

They turned to watch the screen, eyes glazing over as it filled with the grinning visage of a wiry young man in ratty t-shirt and jeans. His grungy urban clothes looked sorely out of place against the backdrop of wild spruce and pines.

"'Sup, dudes? It's me, Harry! Dave and I are in Alaska this week, visiting the Klondike Campground in search of some local wildlife. And we do mean wild! Rumor has it that the Klondike is a favorite spot for women campers, especially sorority chicks. So we decided to check it out for ourselves. Dave, you ready to hunt for some women in the au naturel?"

The camera bobbed up and down. "Ready, dude!"

"Then let's get going!"

With a smirk, Harry turned and hiked down a path. The camera followed, focusing on his backside as he strode along.

"So like, this is supposedly a girls-only campground," Harry said over his shoulder to the camera. "I mean, guys can come here, but for some reason they usually don't. Which means a couple of alpha males like me and Dave should have no problems tracking down some frisky femmes… oh, and here they are now…"

Harry turned off the trail and headed into a campsite. Mick and Joe drooled as they watched their friend approach two women, one blonde and one brunette, setting up a tent.

"Oh my gawd," the blonde exclaimed. "Are there like, actually men here? I thought this place was for girls only!"

"It's okay, ladies." Harry smiled and stroked his goatee. "I'm Harry and this is my good buddy Dave. We're here on special assignment. We're um, like in film school? And we're doing a documentary on Alaska wildlife for our summer project. Right, Dave?"

The camera bobbed up and down again. "Riiiiight…"

"I don't suppose either of you girls has seen any interesting wildlife in the area?" Harry winked at the girls, both of whom giggled and smiled back. Mick sat on the couch, growing warmer as the camera zoomed in on the brunette's breasts. She wore a t-shirt, but no bra. Her nipples stood up beneath the thin cotton fabric, making tiny tents of their own.

"Un-fucking-believable," Joe said five minutes later as the camera showed the two girls, now topless, writhing against each other, their tent still only half set up. Harry narrated from off screen, in a loud whisper.

"Dudes, what you see here is the mating ritual of Tittius-Sororitus, better known as the big breasted sorority chick. They'll hump each other like this for hours, French kissing and rubbing their nipples together. If we're very patient, they may even… oh, there they go now…"

The brunette leaned down to suck on one of her partner's swollen nipples. She bit down and tugged gently, causing the other girl to moan, then unzipped the blonde's shorts to expose a cleanly shaved pussy. Mick sucked in a sharp breath as the brunette kneeled and lapped at her friend's cunt.

"Holy shit." Joe groaned on the couch next to him, sliding his hand between his legs. Mick shifted in his seat, trying not to be quite as obvious as he slipped a hand into his sweatpants.

"How the hell does he do it?" Joe asked, his fist pumping in slow rhythm inside his shorts. Mick didn't answer, but focused instead on the action on the television screen.

A few minutes later, the scene changed and Harry introduced Inga, Helga, and Gertrude, a trio of Swedish exchange students who spoke very little English.

"Dude!" Joe exclaimed as Helga pulled off her top and presented her double-D sized breasts to the camera. "How does he break the frikkin' language barrier?!"

Mick stroked his cock faster. "I don't know, but when it comes to girls, Harry's a fucking genius."

They continued to jerk off as Inga stood behind Helga, her hands reaching around to pinch the other woman's nipples while Gertrude stripped to one side. A few minutes later, all three women lay in a circle on the grass, each one with her head between another girl's thighs. Tongues flicked over slick pussies, fingers slipped in and out of cunts. Harry chuckled off screen.

"And there you have it, dudes. A trio of rare Swedish birds, the golden clit-suckers. Bet you won't see that in National Geographic!"

More scenarios followed as Harry and Dave travelled from one campsite to the next. Everywhere they went, they found girls in pairs or trios, giggling and smiling, all willing to take off their clothes and perform for the camera. Occasionally, Harry suggested to the women what he wanted. More often, the women acted of their own accord.

"It's like they want us to watch them," Joe breathed as a freckle-faced red head pulled an enormous dildo out of her backpack and used it to fuck her best friend.

Mick snorted. "You mean they want Harry and Dave to watch them. They don't even know we exist."

"But they know he's recording it!" Joe replied. On the screen, the redhead pulled a second dildo from her pack and inserted it deep into her wet cunt. "They've got to know someone else is going to see this."

Mick shrugged. "They don't care, man. Once Harry turns on that million mega-watt grin, chicks will do anything for him. You know he even got a couple of lesbians to suck him off once? They were fighting over him too."

"Dude, I wish we had video footage of that!"

"Yeah, that would have been sweet…"

On the television, the scene changed once more. This time, Harry stood in front of a sign that read, "Private campground!" in bold red letters. Below that in smaller print was, "Trespassers beware."

Harry flashed his trademark grin. "You know, we've seen some pretty wild things today—"

Joe choked on his beer. "They filmed all of that in one day?"

"—but to see something really wild," Harry continued, "we have to head off the beaten path. According to legend, the campground behind me is the ancestral territory of a band of real live Amazons, gorgeous women over six feet tall with enormous tits and voracious sexual appetites. Men who set foot in this place risk unspeakable torture at the hands of these beautiful but vicious femme fatales."

"Probably just a bunch of hairy-legged box munchers," Dave muttered from behind the camera.

"Dude!" Harry doubled over, snorting. "Which ever it is, Dave and I are going in to see for ourselves. Are these women really ferocious man-eaters or just adorable pussies in need of some serious lovin'? Let's find out!"

For the next few minutes, the camera followed Harry as he hiked through the woods. The trees grew taller and closer together. The path narrowed then disappeared. As the woods grew dark around them, Harry stumbled over a root.

"Shit! It's getting pretty wild out here."

The camera jerked and wobbled as Dave trailed after him. "Yeah, about that, dude. We've been walking for a while now. I don't think there's a campground out here. Maybe we should turn back—"

"Shhh!" Harry held up a hand, motioning for silence. He turned slowly, ears pricked, the tip of his tongue between his teeth. "You hear that? That's women laughing! Come on, this way!"

He took off through the trees. Dave shouted after him.

"Harry, wait! Fucking idiot…"

The picture went dark. Moments later, it came back up. Harry stood to one side, peering through some bushes. "Through here," he whispered. The camera panned and zoomed in on a pond. Several shadowy figures, backlit by the setting sun, laughed and splashed in the water.

"Oh man, look at 'em," Harry breathed. "They're all naked and wet! This must be some sort of sorority bash. Look at the size of their ti—"

A loud growl, like the call of a mountain lion, cut Harry off. The camera image jerked up and shut off abruptly. Just before it went dark, it recorded a glimpse of a stern female face, dark brows knitted together in anger.

In the living room, Joe and Mick squirmed in their seats.

"Shit," Joe muttered. "What do you think happened?"

Mick chewed his lower lip. His erection had deflated the moment the camera went dark. "Dunno. DVD's still running though. Hold on…"

The camera came back up but at an odd angle, looking up at the scene as though Dave held it tucked under one arm. Harry stood in the midst of a gang of women. Most of them were naked, their wet bodies rippling with long lines of muscle. All of them towered over Harry by several inches. At least Mick assumed they did. Their faces were cut off by the camera angle.

"Ladies!" Harry rocked on his toes, smiling as always. "We are so sorry to intrude. My buddy Dave and I were out hiking and we got lost. I guess we were paying too much attention to our work and not enough to where we were going. See, we're doing this documentary for our film class, and we were wondering if any of you beautiful babes have seen any interesting wildlife lately?"

Nobody answered. The same low growl they had heard earlier went up around the circle. Even though it came through the television's speakers, the sound still made the hairs on the back of Mick's neck stand up. On camera, Harry looked around at the women, still grinning but now nervously fingering his goatee. "Um, so are you all enjoying your camping trip? Looks like you've got quite a party going on here. Kind of a clothing optional thing, I guess. Which is cool, you know, because you gals are way too beautiful to be all covered up. Right Dave?"

From off screen, Dave muttered over and over again, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…" The camera shook in his hands.

Harry's grin faltered. "Okay… um, like I said, we didn't mean to intrude, so maybe we should just go back the way we came…" He took a step backwards and stumbled into one of the women. The camera came up suddenly and steadied, zooming in on Harry and the stern-faced woman they had glimpsed earlier. She wore nothing but a scowl and a pair of cut-off jeans that barely covered the curves of her ass. Her full, bare breasts hung at eye-level with Harry's face.

"Wow. You're really tall." Harry swallowed hard, tearing his eyes away from the woman's breasts. "So what's, uh… what's your name?"

"Tia." A razor sharp smile cut across her angular face. "I think you should stay."

"Well, if that's what you want, that's cool…" Harry shuffled from one foot to the other as a wall of women formed around him, blocking his escape. "We've got this video camera you know. If you'd like, maybe we could tape your party… You know, make a movie of you girls having fun…"

"Is that all you ever do? Just watch while the women play?" Tia trailed a hand down Harry's chest to hook a finger under the hem of his shirt. Harry closed his eyes.

"Not always," he whispered as she pulled up his shirt. "Sometimes we like to join in…"

Tia pulled Harry's shirt over his head and tossed it to the ground. The other women began to stroke his bare torso. Naked breasts pressed against his back and shoulders. Hands, slender but strong, reached for his fly. Harry's jeans fell to his ankles.

"You're excited." Tia brushed her fingertips against the bulge in Harry's shorts. He nodded, eyes still closed. He swayed in the midst of the women, his cock rising until it poked through the fly of his boxers. Someone grabbed the tip and pinched it.

"Ow!" Harry jumped back, falling over as his feet tangled in his jeans. The women laughed. "What the hell was that for?" he demanded.

"Foreplay," Tia replied. She stalked toward him, hips swaying.

Harry scrambled back. "You're kidding, right? Okay, we should definitely go. Dave, help me out here. Dave? Dave?!"

The camera turned and pointed at a second band of women. Dave stood in their midst, arms held fast behind him. His clothing was nowhere to be seen. He writhed and bit his lip as a statuesque blonde squeezed his balls. The camera panned back to Harry, who knelt on the ground, mouth working but forming no coherent words. Tia grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back to his feet.

"If you really want to go then go," she hissed. "We won't stop you. But if you stay, you play our games, by our rules."

She pulled at the waistband of Harry's boxers, running her fingers along the inside. Harry shuddered, and back in the living room, Mick shuddered with him. When Tia pulled the waistband out, the head of Harry's cock sprang free. "You know this is what you've been looking for." She dragged a fingernail over the leaking tip. "All those times you videotaped those other girls? You didn't really want them to perform for you, did you? No, you wanted to perform for them. Well now's your chance, little man. So what do you say?"

She continued to tease the head of his cock, scraping the tip with her nails. Harry swayed before her, groaning. He nodded, once, and with ferocious smile, Tia yanked his shorts to the ground. Her hand slipped between his legs to fondle his balls. Harry gasped and spread his knees. The women clustered round him, catching him and supporting him as he surrendered to Tia's touch.

The camera went dark again. Mick and Joe sat on the couch, shivering. Mick's sweatpants were bunched around his hips. He gripped his throbbing cock with both hands. Joe did the same, his shorts pooled in a damp puddle around one ankle. When the camera came back on, they both flinched.

The image bounced up and down now, the sound of breath, fast and heated, in the background. Trees whipped past. Ahead, two naked figures stumbled through the woods—Harry and Dave.

"Fuck!" Harry cried. "Where are they?"

"Just run, dude. Run!"

A chorus of wild howls went up. Harry and Dave froze.

"Oh shit, man! Here they come!"

The woods around the two men erupted with wild whoops and cries. A hand reached out of the trees and grabbed Harry by the neck. Dave turned to bolt. He made it two steps before he was caught as well.

"Told you we'd catch you." Tia stepped out of the brush and pushed Harry to the ground. In one hand she carried a long, supple switch. She made a circling motion with the other. Whimpering, Harry turned around.

"Head down, ass up," she ordered, eyes blazing. Harry complied, letting out an anguished howl as the switch came down on his exposed behind.

Another cut. This time the scene jumped to a campsite. Harry and Dave scurried around a bonfire on their hands and knees. The women reached out as they passed, swatting at their naked backsides. Long red welts striped both men's thighs and buttocks.

"Add more weight!" a woman's voice called out. Harry and Dave were pulled to their feet, their legs forced apart. Mick gasped as the camera zoomed in on Harry's groin.

"What the fuck?"

A leather strap wrapped around the base of Harry's swollen cock. Below that, shiny metal rings encircled his scrotum, stretching his testicles and forcing them toward the ground. As Mick watched, a woman's hand grabbed Harry's balls and added another ring. The sound of Harry's weeping came clearly over the camera.

"What's wrong, Harry? Do you want to stop?"

"N-n-no ma'am!" he blubbered. The woman's hand stroked his rigid dick until a bead of liquid seeped out of the tip.

"What about you, Dave? Had enough?"

The camera panned to another erect cock, this one encased in a cage of metal bands and leather straps.

"Oh god, please…" Dave groaned. One of the women held out her hand, just beyond the reach of his cock and he thrust his hips at it.

"Oh this one's nowhere near done," the woman said.

"Neither is this one!"

The camera zoomed out to show Harry on his knees, humping another woman's leg.

"Maybe we should let these two play with each other," someone suggested. Howls of laughter, like the baying of wolves, went up around the campfire. The camera made another jump cut and suddenly Harry and David were kneeling on top of a picnic table. The women lounged around on benches, watching as the boys kissed and fondled each other.

"Looks like these two have played together before," Tia drawled. "Harry sure seems to know what Dave likes."

As she spoke, Harry pushed Dave back on the table. The cameraman complied, spreading his legs to allow Harry to slide between them. Mick felt a slow, electric buzz trail from the base of his cock all the way to the tip as he watched Harry lick and suck another man's dick.

"Good boy," Tia said, stroking Harry's head as it bobbed up and down. Moments later, Dave arched his back and exploded in Harry's mouth. Harry sat up, gasping.

"Now smile for the camera." Tia stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He groaned as she pulled on his cock. "Tell me," she murmured in his ear. "Just what were you going to do with this little movie of yours anyway, hmm? Was this for your private collection, or were you planning to share this with some friends?"

Mick felt Joe stiffen on the couch beside him. "Don't do it, dude! Don't tell!"

"It's for my friends…" Harry gasped. He thrust eagerly into Tia's grasp. "For Mick… and Joe…"

"And where, exactly, do Mick and Joe live?"

"Denver… Oh god!"

Harry thrust one last time and went rigid as a spray of white hot semen erupted from his cock. He fell back against Tia, limp as a rag doll. As the camera faded to black one last time, the woman stared directly into the lens, her eyes piercing Mick to the bone.

"Mother of god." Joe stared at the darkened screen of the TV. His hands and cock were as sticky as Mick's.

"The note…" Mick dropped to the floor and fumbled for the slip of paper that had fallen out when he opened the DVD. In Harry's familiar scrawl, he read:

Sorry dudes. They're coming for you next.

Mick looked up, heart pounding in his chest. "Joe, did you lock the doors earlier?"

"What? I don't know…"

Mick's eyes darted to windows where shadows gathered. He spun around as he heard the knob of the front door rattle.

"Who's there?" he called out.

A low growl swept through the room, like the call of a mountain lion. More growls came from the windows and the sliding glass door. The knob on the front door turned and the door swung open. Even as Mick's knees turned water, his cock grew hard again.

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