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The Lesson

by felicia Mansur © 2010


kinky erotica
I have a surprise for you.

Carsons voice slide over her like honey, reminding her of the feel of his hands on her neck. She shifted the phone to her other ear and took a quick glance around the corner of her cubicle. The coast was clear.

Am I going to like this surprise? she whispered.

Youll get your instructions later. He hung up the phone without saying goodbye. Julies ass clenched and she could feel the usual flush of arousal spread across her chest and face. She quickly turned her face to her monitor and her spreadsheets, trying to marshal her attention to her task. The last thing she needed was a request to work late to finish her project!

The afternoon crawled by. What was he planning? What did he mean by instructions? Her brain felt like molasses. Finally she managed to finish the calculations. She let out a deep sigh before going through her project signoff checklist; data, check sums, formatting, print routines. Almost ready. Dont forget to save it! All the time, memories of his voice and his touch distracted her. She almost jumped out of her skin when the phone rang. A quick glance at the call display told her it was Darlene at reception. Julie suppressed her disappointment.

Hey Julie, Ive got a bike courier here with a parcel for you. He wont let me sign for it. Says it has to be you. Julie heard the annoyance mingled with curiosity in the girls voice. You know were not supposed to be getting private mail here, she whispered.

Its ok Darlene, Ill be right down.

Julie raced to reception madly trying to think of something to mollify or at least distract the chatty and inconveniently curious receptionist. When she turned the corner, she smiled and relaxed. The courier was perched on the corner of Darlenes desk clearly flirting with the buxom girl. The spandex shorts and shirt favoured by cyclists did not leave anything to the imagination. The lad was incredibly fit with close cropped black hair and playful eyes. Julie watch for a moment before clearing her throat to get their attention. Darlene turned a satisfying shade of pink and hurried to sort a perfectly tidy pile of papers on her desk. The courier pulled himself upright with what could only be called a swagger.

Julie Campbell?

Thats me.

Need to see some ID.

Julie pulled out her drivers licence. He examined the picture carefully before releasing it.

Thanks. Sign here. He held his portable terminal and she crammed her signature into the impossibly small space. He slid the terminal into a holster on his belt and winked at her as he handed her the parcel, then he turned back to Darlene. See you later, Dar.

He was clipping on his helmet as he disappeared into the stairwell, pointedly eschewing the elevator even though they were on the seventh floor. Julie turned to Darlene and smiled at the besotted look on her face. She was young and he was, admittedly, very cute.

Friend of yours? Julie asked, arching a perfectly manicured eyebrow.

Darlene hastened to cover her embarrassment. No, not at all. Never met him before.

Well, sounds like youll meet him again. Julie glanced at the parcel and recognized Carsons immaculate handwriting. Her heart leapt and she hurried back to her desk before opening the package. Folded neatly in cream coloured tissue paper was a white silk blouse, a very short black skirt, a grey-green print scarf and a beautiful pair of sling back sandals. His note was, as usual, brief, in pen and ink on crisp embossed parchment. You will be ready for pick up at five. Wear these. Nothing else.

As Julie picked up the blouse to examine it, she noticed the last thing in the parcel. A little box that revealed a small plastic egg nestled in cushioning tissue. This would be an interesting evening.

*    *    *

They drove about an hour out of the city center. All the way through suburbs and box store malls Julie squirmed in her seat with the little egg buzzing softly in her cunt. She had tried to squeeze her thighs together, but Carson put a half full paper coffee cup between her legs with instructions not to touch it. It wasnt hot, but if she squeezed her legs together, shed be wearing the liquid. Finally they came to a little community wedged between the lake and the mountain. The economy had not been healthy in this part of the country for some time. Once flourishing factories stood as silent accusatory monuments to short term thinking. Julies heart went out to the people of the town. Her sigh was answered with an increase buzzing in the egg just as they pulled up in front of a modest townhouse with a neat garden.

So lets see how youre doing, shall we? Carson reached over and removed the coffee cup. He looked into her eyes as his fingers explored between her legs. Julie shuddered slightly at his touch. She was wet and not from any spilling of the cup! When he removed his hand, his fingers were glistening with her juices.

Very nice. Just how I like you. Lick. He held his fingers up to Julies mouth. She sucked on his fingers tasting the salty sweetness that was her arousal.

Now Im going to grant you a choice. I can tell you exactly what will happen or you can let it be a surprise. At any time tonight if you are not comfortable we can leave. All the usual signals will apply. This is the house of an old friend and what will happen is something that I know youve wanted to do for a long time. I promise youll be safe. Do you trust me or do you want the details?

Julie thought about it for a moment. Trust was something she struggled with, but Carson was different than any of her previous boyfriends. There was a deep integrity about him that always made her feel protected and treasured. She made her decision.

Surprise me.

Thats my girl! Now I want you to be silent until spoken to. Dont worry, Steve will understand. Agreed?

Julie nodded. The buzzing in her cunt was distracting enough and she was grateful that she wouldnt have to carry on social conversations.

Good girl.  Shall we?

Julie followed Carson up the steps. The front door was flanked by two beautiful stained glass windows. Bright colours flowed into each other in a swirling pattern that reminded Julie of the yin yang symbol, except this rendition had three lobes. She was fascinated and leaned forward for a closer look when the door opened.

Carson! So good to see you! Youve made good time! Come in, come in! Im Steve and you must be the glorious Julie.

Julie smiled and was grateful that Steve didnt seem to expect her to answer. He led them into a cozy living room. There were two large stuffed chairs arranged in front of a low coffee table covered with a small array of sandwiches, fruit, cut raw vegetables and glistening pitchers.

Please help yourself, Steve gestured to the food as he plopped down in one of the chairs. I know its a bit of a drive to get here from the city. You must be hungry. Can I offer you something to drink? I have water, juice, beer and wine. Although I would recommend against alcohol until later.

Thank you. Water will be just fine. Carson turned to Julie. Would you do the honours? He took the other chair. Julie looked around and noticed that there was a low stool next to Carsons chair. From here she could reach everything on the table and pass it to the men. She poured a glass of water for Carson and looked at Steve.

Their host was a fairly ordinary looking fellow, not too tall, or too short, too fat or too lean. He wore a pair of faded jeans, a black t-shirt and, incongruously, Birkenstock sandals with white sport socks.  His hair was slightly long, and Julie wondered if hed shaved today. He was not, she thought, the sort who would normally attract her. Until she saw his eyes. They were a deep smoky grey and he had the most astonishingly long eyelashes for a man. When he looked at her, she felt her stomach flip. There was something coiled and dangerously appealing about him. She quickly looked down.

Thank you darlin, yes, Ill have some water too. So Carson, whats new since last we spoke?

As she put together little plates of food, Carson and Steve chatted about inconsequential things. It seemed like they were indeed old friends, but in the year she had been seeing Carson, Julie had never heard of a Steve. Her curiosity had temporarily suppressed the effect of the buzzing under her skirt, but as the conversation continued and her hunger abated, she got a bit restless. She had just began again to wonder what they were doing there when there was a lull in the conversation.

Carson put down his empty glass. I want to thank you for doing this, Steve. Ive always wanted to learn your craft. Youve developed quite the reputation over the years and I appreciate you taking the time. 

Not at all! It is entirely my pleasure. I consider this my way of giving back. This is not something that is easily learned from a book, even if there were good books on the subject in English! You have to learn this by doing. I could charge for my time, but, quite frankly, no one would be able to afford it! Shall we get started? There is a robe in the washroom for the girl.

Thank you. Carson got up, gestured Julie to her feet and led her towards the washroom. Disrobe, prepare yourself and put on the robe. You may remove the egg. He gave her a quick kiss and a pat on the bum as she went into the washroom.

Julie was only in the washroom for a couple of minutes but when she returned, the living room was completely transformed. There were candles everywhere. Soft classical music played from somewhere. The furniture had been pushed back leaving a large clear space in the middle of the room. The food had been cleared away and a large selection of ropes were laid out on the coffee table. Ropes!

Julies belly took a flip. Carson was right. Shed wanted to do ropes for... well as long as she could remember. She quickly suppressed her giggle of joy. Steve laughed.

Well, I was going to say that wed need to see if she is suited to this, but I guess we got our answer, eh? Nevertheless, well start off slow with a chest harness. Pass me that blue rope.

Carson gave Julies arm a reassuring squeeze then went to the coffee table to fetch the requested coil. Steve slowly loosened the loops and let them fall to the floor. He closed his eyes and ran the lengths of hemp through his hands like he was caressing his lover. Julie watched him closely and noticed his breathing deepened, his posture straightened, and he seemed to get taller and much more imposing. Gone was the carefree jovial host, when he opened his eyes Julie saw something altogether different.

He stepped close to her and she fought the impulse to step back. He was only slightly taller than she was, but he felt enormous to her. He smelled of earth and food and leather. Slowly, so slowly, he slipped the kimono back from her shoulders and let it hang by the belt around her waist. He caressed her skin with the cord and Julie could feel the slight roughness of the hemp across her breasts. Her nipples immediately puckered up. From the moment the first loops embraced her, Julie was almost in a trance. Several times she almost lost her balance, but Steves hands were always there to catch her. The ropes passed back and forth, over and under until her breasts were wrapped and swollen and her chest was covered in a intricate pretty pattern. She could breath easily enough, but every breath told her of her position. It only took a few minutes before he was done.

There. How do you like it?

Its beautiful. Im not sure I remember exactly how you did that though, it looks almost like a basket weave.

I can show you again later. Many people get caught up on the intricacy of the techniques, but thats not nearly as important as the energy between the partners. Look at Julies face. Shes flying and we havent even tied her hands yet! Shall we go on?

Are you ok Julie? Do you want to continue?

Julie was a bit confused. It was hard to think.

Carson, she wont be able to answer coherently. You have to make the call, thats your responsibility. You keep her safe, but she wont thank you if you pull her out prematurely!

Carson took Julie in his arms and caressed her skin. His touch was like fire. Julie sighed.

Ive never seen her like this before. Cant stop now! Carson said.

Right. Lets go on then. Pass me the red coil. No, the one on the right. Usually Id do the whole tie with one colour, but Ill use different colours tonight so you can keep track. Well need a long coil for the next bit. Here, darlin, you better sit down before you fall down. Besides this next bit we need you on the floor.

Steve gently lowered Julie to the carpet and with a deft tug, the kimono fell apart. Steve bent one of her knees up towards her chest and started to position the loops around her bent knee. As the ropes tightened and held her, Julie felt something growing deep within her, a burning in her belly that slowly spread up to her breast.

Steve worked slowly but efficiently, caressing Julie with the rope in a dance of power that had her totally controlled. She felt like the snake under the thrall of the charmer, hypnotized by the touch of the ropes and his breath that flowed over her. And ever the teacher, Steve would stop every now and then to explain some detail of technique or safety to Carson. Once both legs were encased in their own separate coils, Steve pushed her head down and pulled her hands between her knees. Her wrists were lashed to her ankles. Suddenly Julie realized she could not move a muscle. Her eyes flew open.

She pulled against the bindings, straining and testing the knots. Of course nothing moved.

See, Carson, how we have got her immobilized completely but all her holes are available. We could do anything now and shes powerless to stop us. Arent you darlin? Steve leaned in close and held Julies chin looking deep into her eyes. His voice dropped lower, completely... powerless.

He let go of her and stepped back. Ill let the two of you enjoy this then. Give me a shout when youre ready to let her out. Ill be in the kitchen.

The gleam in Carsons eye infuriated Julie. She pulled harder against the ropes, grunting and straining.

Quite the show my girl. You know you just have to say the word and Ill cut you loose. But until you do, I think I will enjoy your helplessness.

Julie tossed herself as hard as she could and only succeeded in tipping over on her back exposing her cunt and her ass. Carson laughed as he moved in. He dipped one finger between her labia.

You are so wet. He wiped his finger across her face painting her with her own juices. Then he took the egg from the pocket of the discarded kimono and slipped it into her cunt and pulling the control from his pocket, he turned it on, high. Julie squirmed around as much as she could. She was not going to ask to be let out. That would be too humiliating. She was determined to get herself free, she would not give in.

Carson laughed wickedly and opened his trousers. His erection was the biggest Julie had ever seen. She wanted it. She wanted it in her. Deep and hard. She tossed again and fell on her side.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her upright. She cried out with the pain and snapped at him. He laughed and kissed her hard on the mouth forcing her mouth open with his tongue. Her breath came in gasps. It felt like his tongue was digging down her throat to her cunt.

Beg for it, slut. Beg for what you want.

No, Julie whispered. 

Really? Well see about that. Carson reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of butterfly hair clips with nasty little metal teeth. Be still now. You dont want me to miss. He held her firmly by the hair until she stilled, then he quickly snapped the clip onto her swollen tight nipple. The pain was exquisite. Julie screamed as the orgasm shuddered through her and she felt the gush of liquid between her legs.

Nice. Are you ready to beg yet?

Julie could barely think. Her breath was ragged and her voice raw. She wanted to be fucked, hard and deep, but she was not going to beg for it. She would get out of the ropes and take him. Rape him if she had to. But she was not going to beg.


You want to be cut free?


As you wish. Carson switched the egg to an oscillating  vibration pattern and got the second clip. He was quicker this time and the pain as it closed on her nipple again scorched through her. She tried to throw herself sideways but he was kneeling between her legs holding her by the hair. Any small amount of movement that she could manage before was taken.

His cock was a thing of beauty. He was kneeling in front of her with the purple head just inches away from her face. It gleamed in the candle light. The little mouth opening in invitation. The smallest drop of liquid forming at the tip. She tried to reach forward, her mouth wide open. Her tongue reaching for him. One half of her wanted to swallow him whole, the other half was perfectly content with just biting off a mouthful. She strained against his grip opening her mouth wider.

Beg for it, he whispered. He caressed her cheek with his cock trailing his dampness across her face. Come on, my girl. Im not giving up. I have all night.

A small whine betrayed her. She licked her lips tried again to move anything. The ropes held.

Thats better. Here, let me help you with that. Carson never loosened his grip on her hair while he reached down and found her clit. Holding her by her hair, he started rocking her back and forth over his finger. Back and forth, back and forth.

Thats right my girl. Feel it deep in your belly. His voice was deep and quiet. She really had no option but to relax and let it happen. She wasnt going to beg. No really. No. Ah. Back and forth. Ah. Oh! Back and forth. The buzzing wouldnt stop. Her nipples ached with each rocking back and forth. Her clit wanted more. Oh please more.

The something that had uncurled and taken over suddenly let go. Julie relaxed completely into Carsons grip and started to cry softly.

Please, oh please.

Please what my girl?

Please.. she could hardly think what she wanted, what she needed. There were words, surely there were words... Please, Sir. Please fuck this girl. please. Her voice was barely over a whisper.

He gently lowered her onto her back and pulled the egg out. Julie sighed as it left feeling suddenly very empty. Then his cock was there. Full hard, enormous. But she was so wet, he slipped in easily. It felt like he was coming through the top of her head as he drove into her over and over. She pulled against the ropes again, but this time not in struggle, but in exaltation. Her orgasm was deep and dark and purple. She screamed again. She was the void and he was filling her. Just as the sensations started to subside, he took the clips off and the pain of returning circulation sent another wave of orgasm through her. It seemed to go on and on. On and on into the dark.

When she woke she was wrapped in a warm blanket cuddled between the two men. Carson kissed her forehead and passed her a mug of sweet tea.

You ok?

hmm, yes wonderful. She turned to Steve, I didnt think I would react like that. Is it normal?

What? You going all feral like that? Yeah, it happens. Some girls sense that when the ropes are really secure they are safe to let go completely. So has that satisfied your curiosity about the ropes, or do you want to do it again.

Julie took a sip of her tea and took stock of her body. She was a bit sore, and very tired, but gloriously alive. Oh yes. But maybe tomorrow. Do you do suspension ties?

Steve and Carson exchanged smiles.

I will need more practice before I can do this on my own.

Sure. Whatever I can do to help. Just my little way of giving back to the world!

© 2010 felicia Mansur. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: felicia Mansur has a long-standing fascination with people and their belief systems. Having studied theology and comparative religions, she likes to explore differing world views and how they influence the decisions others make in their lives.
At the tender age of fourteen, felicia wrote her first piece of BDSM erotica. Unfortunately, her newly awoken sexual inclinations were quickly suppressed in the overwhelming face of feminism. She is a strong and independent woman, and for years could not understand why her deepest fantasies were of submission and violence.
Fortunately, this has changed. Discussions with others, careful experimentation, and invaluable advice has led to a deeper and better understanding of her submissive nature. Now she can embrace both her strength and her submission without conflict and was given a new name by her husband, felicia Mansur, which means ‘the happy girl with the man above her’. Indeed, felicia is a very happy girl and lives in joyful submission to her husband.
Once again, felicia enjoys writing erotica. Though primarily for the amusement and pleasure of her husband, she happily offers her creations for the delight of others who care to read them.

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felicia Mansur


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