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The Best of 2013

Horrible Erotikishka Pomes
by Various Authors

Kisses Crops and Canes
by Ashley Lister

Kneel and Worship
by Ashley Lister

Sonnet 18+
by Ashley Lister

antecedent obliteration
by john e

It Slips Away
by john e

Your clothes
by john e

Sum of Parts
by Lisabet Sarai

Falls to Mabon
by Nettie Kestler

by Nettie Kestler

by Nettie Kestler

In Suspension
by Rachel Green

That Old Refrain
by Rose B. Thorny

by Sybil Rush

by Valentine Bonnaire


Haiku 2012
by Various Authors

Haiku 2001
by Various Authors

Limericks 2012
by Various Authors

Limericks 2007
by Various Authors

by Various Authors

By john e
The Voyeur Leaves
Acorns and Moss
Molly Was Not...
Doing Without
A Sometimes Belligerent Prosody

By Nick Nicholson
All Days Valentine

By Nikki Isaak

By Raziel Moore
Does poetry have rules?
Where is my poetry?



Haiku symble

This is my first time
With a foreigner, he says.
But it isn't mine....

                   Donna George Storey 2012

warm as sun, your smile
opens me like a flower
in the morning light

                   Olivia Summersweet © 2012

Rode her like a pro:
old woman, girly -
rent paid

                  Steve Isaak © 2012

enjoying her scent
he masturbates in her shower
steals panties

                  Rachel Green © 2012

Two naked bodies
Intertwined twixt midnight sheets
Slick silvered shadows

After the climax:
Glossy flesh lacquered with sweat
Heartbeats race-racing

                   Ashley Lister 2012

Almost audible,
sunrise unlocks the new day.
So she does to me.

I love engaging
her weapon-grade intellect
but prefer fucking

Conversation is
overrated when bodies
can speak well enough.

Ass raised and shaking
pinned down and fucked the wrong way
he knows I want it.

To break you open
is for one purpose only;
to bind you with me.

When you stretch, catlike
arms forward, back arched, ass up
I can't not want you.

I'm warning you now
I'm quite a messy eater;
open your legs wide

Knowing who I am
and all I have planned for you
and you still say "Yes"

Sometimes I need to
get it out of my system
(and deep into you)

Don't blossom for me.
Pick another metaphor.
I don't fuck flowers.

no picking needed
unlock me at your pleasure
you have all my keys

Eating a creme egg
I bought on the way to work
pretending it's you.

Feline aloofness
is all just a ruse so they
can watch you naked.

I want to leave marks
that can't fade from your body;
marks on the inside.

                   Raziel Moore 2012

Boston Rendezvous: Haiku Cycle To GCS

discipline of words.
haiku flowers in its bonds,
a grace in restraint.

safe sex: unopened
condom box on the table.
we swim the shallows.

pain and pleasure twine.
I do not understand but
only laugh, obey.

outside the portal
your flesh trembles, hesitates;
still, that gate is yours.

I am truly glad
you are not in love with me;
I would break your heart.

candle in the night.
still we burn and yearn and dream,
forever lovers.

                  Lisabet Sarai 2012


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