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by Corvidae


erotic fictionThe stars are the campfires of our ancestors. She wasn’t sure where she had heard this; it was one of those ideas so common across cultural lines that she had unconsciously internalized and accepted it. Somehow, it was equally true as the stars being giant balls of gas billions of light years away.

Here, in the high mountains, it was a lot easier to understand where this idea first came from. She was dozens, if not hundreds, of miles from any major city, safe from light pollution and planes. At these altitudes the stars burned in the dark sky like the fires they both literally and metaphorically were.

She watched the stars as she rode him, their majesty filling her deeper than her own pleasure. Her awe drove out all thoughts of the granite pressing against her knees, or surprise at her audacity to hook up like this, on a backpacker trail with a man she had barely known for even a week.

At this moment, all those thoughts were unimportant. Even he, a kind and gentle man, was immaterial. The only things that mattered were the passion building inside her and the ancestral fires burning above her.

He stroked his hands along her thighs, moaning her name. She didn’t hear it, overwhelmed by his hands and the cool breeze tickling along her skin in their wake. She ground her hips down harder, rocking her body in a slow undulation.

Her movements increased in intensity. She began to moan, softly at first, then louder, her habitual restraint evaporating. No longer afraid of being overheard, she slipped into instinct, announcing her pleasure to the heavens. She leaned back, her movements sending waves of energy up her body, almost intense enough to echo off the rocks and trees around her. She tossed her head, filling her eyes with the stars above.

With a great clenching shudder she came, her unhindered cries spilling out like music. Her body shuddered, the pleasure from her core traveling up to the stars she was straining toward. The euphoria lasted for moments that stretched into eternity.

She slowly returned to her body, once again feeling the breeze, the granite, the man between her thighs. She couldn’t make out his face, even in the starlight. Instead she focused on his body, moving like the breath and heartbeat of the earth. She leaned down and he wrapped her in an embrace.

She tilted her head to the side to see the stars once again, twinkling in the clear air. The dark shapes of the mountains, majestic during the day, were now merely anchors for the beautiful tapestry above them.

She thought about her ancestors who were once in her place, eons ago. Back when there were no cities or hectic jobs to escape from, when the whole world was the rocks and the sky and the warm touch of a man. She imagined their spirits sitting around their celestial campfires at this very moment, their evening entertainment watching her and her lover far below them.

She smiled to herself. It was strangely comforting to think that her ancestors were just as pervy as she was.

© 2013 Corvidae. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

Bio: Corvidae is a scientist, a writer, and a bona-fide perv. She usually resides in California and occasionally blogs at


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