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© 2003 by Julius

She sprawled on her back on a towel. Not knowing, of course, that he watched. He sat in the still-cool room; the afternoon sun had only reached his feet so far.

The 'scope brought her so close he could see the down on her belly, the stitching of the white bikini. He focused on the panties, the swell of her mound, the hint of her cleft. He couldn't have seen better if he'd been crouched over her. He scanned slowly up her body to the wicked inadequacy of the bra, her cleavage glistened, sweat or oil? His erection strained under his shorts and he touched himself, his hips lifted and he groaned, wishing.

The phoned trilled. He grabbed it, annoyed by the intrusion. "Good afternoon Mr. Winters, Samantha at Stayfit."

He almost forgave her. Samantha, the physio-therapist who was doing wonders for his shoulder. He imagined Samantha in the bikini; a wonderful picture. She'd be delightfully too big for it. She was the exception at Stayfit among all those hyperactive young things with salon tans and designer outfits. Samantha was cuddly. Yes, cuddly was the only word for her.

In the lens, his neighbour rolled towards him and over onto her stomach. Breasts swelled and jostled and then were under her. He thought of Samantha's soft heavy breasts doing the same, swelling and jostling. He struggled his cock out of his shorts and wrapped his hand around its heat.

"Mr. Winters, are you still there?"

"Yes, I'm listening."

"The sunny weather seems to make people feel better, we've had quite a few cancellations, perhaps we could reschedule your appointments and fit you in this week," she paused.

He moved the 'scope and focused on his neighbour's ass. The bikini panties had worked off one buttock and into her cleft. A hand appeared, a finger poked, hooked and rescued the fabric, spreading it over the soft swell of the cheek. His thumb caressed his cockhead and idly spread his slickness over it.

"That would be fine," he said, little of his attention was on the conversation.

There was a bottle of sun tan oil on the table, he picked it up and dribbled some along his cock. His hand slid over his erection, oh but it felt good. How he longed to rub oil onto that ass down there! Roll her over and oil those lovely breasts.

"We could fit you in this afternoon Mr. Winters."

"No, not this afternoon I'm afraid, too busy."

Bikini Lady was undoing the bra. Fumbling at the catch. It came undone and she levered herself up onto her elbows and pulled the top out from under her. The lovely breasts bounced and swung. She lowered herself, slowly flattening them again. He slid a tight hand down his cock and slowly up again, stifling the groan that wanted out.

"We have vacancies tomorrow in the morning and the afternoon if that would be better." Samantha persisted.

The white bikini lady was horny! She'd slid a hand under her and her buttocks were grinding, answering her fingers' efforts. "Tomorrow would be fine," he murmured, stroking himself slowly and steadily now.

"How about ten in the morning?" she asked and added, "How is the stiffness, Mr. Winters?"

He grinned at her words, his shoulder was just fine and he told her, "The treatment seems to be working thanks." He squirmed in the chair, buttocks clenched, climax within reach now. White Bikini's ass was doing wonderful things, her chest moving on the cushions of her breasts.

"Do you think she'll come?" asked Samantha's voice.

His hand stilled, "What?" He'd misheard of course!

"Do you think she'll come, the woman in the white costume?"

He swung in the chair, eyes flicking across the house backs through the trees. An arm waved. He grabbed his binoculars. Yes! he recognized the face, the short blonde hair.

A giggle over the phone, "I still detect some stiffness!"

He could see her as plainly as she must see him. She had her eye back at her scope's eyepiece. He was too shocked to move. Her breasts hung, naked, heavy and white, they were bigger than he'd imagined.

"I think that swelling needs more attention Mr. Winters," a long pause that seemed to smile. Then, "As I said, we do have a cancellation for this afternoon."

He couldn't find his voice. Hers came again, husky now. "I do make house calls."

© 2003 Julius. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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