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© 1999 by James M. Hunter

They had been toying with each other in a most delightful manner. It was quiet and lovely and deliciously lascivious. Now she wanted more - she wanted to be unleashed.

"Lick me Alex?"

"Come up on me."

She straightened her arms against the mattress and pushed herself up along his body. Alex stripped the boxer shorts from her as she pulled her legs up, stealing kisses from her breasts. She straddled him with her knees. Alex moved down a little.
"Push the pillow under my head. Come up some more," he said.
She put her knees on the mattress beside his pillow and Alex raised his face to her. Alex smiled he felt like a mechanic under a car on one those roller boards. 'Sure lady, you got a widget loose, lemme tighten it up for you. I be Mister Goodwench.'

Darcie tensed when his lips first touched hers. Then she dropped the reins on her psyche and went with it, reveled in it, rode his face, in fact. She relaxed her back and curled her shoulders forward as far as she could. Lust blew through the fibers of her muscles like wind through guy wires and made her body hum. She gazed down at him smiling. His mouth and tongue felt so good sliding on her lips. That peculiar taboo of oral sex heightened her feeling. He nodded his head, moving the flat surface of his tongue on her. Then he worked her with its tip. She grasped the headboard and spread her knees farther apart increasing the tension and sensitivity across her groin. She let her head fall back and panted into the night. She wanted someone to caress her neck, kiss her neck, rub cock on her neck. She smiled at her wicked eroticism.

She wanted him in her. "C'mon, c'mon. Do me, Alex, do my clit." He brought his thumbs up under her and spread her swelling lips. He pushed his face closer to her and breathed his warm breath on her and began licking her inner lips with the tip of his tongue. Then he curled his tongue and began working it in and out of her.

"Up, up, ya, there, there, ohhhh." She bucked and heaved with her passion. Called out his name. Said things "Alex, Alex! Cockface! Cuntlick!
Facefuck!" He loved it when she got delirious like that. Made him want to pleasure her more. On the way to orgasm she put a hand behind his head and pulled him to her. He got a finger all slickery and slowly pushed at her sensitive opening behind. She groaned in delight, "Buttfuck me!" and rocked back on his finger in ecstasy. By her third orgasm she held his head with both hands and thrust her cunt at him. Pushed her tingling sex around his face. Smeared his chin and cheeks with her glossy residue. Rubbed against his nose and laughed panting when she came on it. She near growled and shook in a sexual storm when he tongue hummed the skin between her cunt and her asshole.

"Alex," she gasped and trembled, "Alex." Could barely say his name.

"Jesus! You fuckin' guy," she was laughing, trembling, panting, lost in
erotic reverie, holding him against her.

His hands came up behind her ribs to steady her. "Come down on me," he
whispered. She lowered herself and sat on his chest. Alex pulled up some of the sheet and wiped her gloss from his face. She watched him and laughed. She licked her lips, pursed them and sighed a big sigh. "God. Alex." The cool air and the caress of his warm hands felt good on her. Darcie hugged herself. "The fog, Alex, so thick, it's just lifting. You made me come so good." She moved down his body, rested on his thighs and took a firm grip on his erection. "Cock," she announced. "Now you." She felt the pressure of his legs pushing against her and lifted her knees one at a time so he could spread his legs and pull his feet up.

Darcie pushed his skin back and rubbed her cheek against him keeping her eyes on his. Sometimes she envied him his cock when it was hard like this and so sensitive. Alex groaned in pleasure and pushed his ass off the mattress. She licked his shaft. He strained up more. She played her fingertips around his purple knob, her fingernails delicately tracing under the ridge. "Ya, ya! Jesusfuck!" She took his head in her mouth and put her hands under his tight clenched ass, raked it with her nails. Made him gasp, "Darcie, so pretty. Suck me, suck me ."

She almost laughed, 'Whadaya think I'm doin'?' Darcie took her mouth from him, pushed his skin way back and gently pulled his balls. It made Alex's feet go up on tiptoes and his knees spread farther panting rapidly. 'Christ, he's like all cock now. Far away. I wanna be there.'

"Fuck me, Darcie. Fuck my Cock! C'mon," he moaned.

She stroked him more and watched in amazement, then smiled. "Buy me the Eiffel Tower, Alex?"

"Ya, ya, fuck!"

She laughed. Then squatted over him and sat firmly on his cock. His legs
collapsed and he squirted into her. Felt like his brains shot out his dick.
"Skullfucked! Goddd!" Alex laughed panting and motioned her down to him with his hands.

She lay on his heaving chest smiling a Cheshire Cat smile and put two fingers on his lips when he started to speak. "Shhhh. You're a fragile funnyboy," she whispered. "You gonna buy me a new dress to go with my tower?"

"A crate a dresses, and shoes ta match."

"You're the best," she laughed.

Copyright October 1999 by James M. Hunter All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without written permission from the author.

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