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© 1999 by Sidney Durham


"How was your day?"

She grinned at me as she took a seat on the couch, tucking her legs up and letting her lovely knees peek out from under the short robe. "I had a good day," she said, re-wrapping the towel around her wet hair.


She picked up the drink I'd fixed her while she was in the shower and took a sip. Then she moved, sliding across the couch to nestle under my arm. I caressed her shoulder slowly to let her know I was glad she was home.

"I got the portfolio up almost two percent today. Not bad, considering the market was down."

I touched her chest with a forefinger, just at the top of the curving of her breast. "I'll never understand why you like that kind of pressure," I said. "I mean, managing money for other people would be just too stressful."

"I don't know," she said, resting her head on my shoulder and dropping a warm palm to my thigh. "At least the stuff I do can't kill and maim people."

"I don't kill people," I complained, moving my finger into the well between her breasts.

"It's those bridges your company builds," she said. "One of them could fall and kill people." She took another sip of her drink and turned slightly, moving so that her breast eased into my palm. Her nipple had budded.

"That would be the designer's fault," I said. "We build them the way they're designed." I caressed her softness and my cock lifted.

She moved her hand up my thigh and touched me. "Hmm," she said, moving her hand slowly, tracing me with a forefinger. "Well, nobody's life is in danger in what I do."

"Did you call Roberta?" I asked, changing the subject.

Her hand closed on me, warming me through my sweats. "She's such a twit," she said. "Sometimes it's hard to believe she's my sister."

I traced my finger down her stomach, lifting the bottom edge of her robe and sneaking inside. Her fur was cool, damp from the shower. "Remember, I dated her first," I said.

"Until you got smart," she said, shifting slightly to give me access. I cupped her mounded vulva, warming it. "Anyway, she can't come. She and her latest boyfriend are going out of town next weekend."

"That's the guy with the Ph.D. and the long hair? No wonder she can't come. He's a nerd."

She squeezed my cock and some fluid moved, lubricating me. I slipped a finger between her puffy labia and found a warm wet place for it.

She moved her hips. "Mmm. Yeah, that's the guy. I meant she can't come this weekend, silly. Oh, there. Press there. She says he has a big cock."

"Bullshit," I said, stroking her tight clit.

Efficiently opening the top of my sweats, she flipped out my cock. "I guess we'd have to ask her how you compare," she said, looking at me appraisingly.

"I told you, I never fucked her."

"Right. And the bear doesn't shit in the woods. My sister never met a guy she didn't fuck." She pulled away from my hand and rolled, straddling me. "She says you fucked her on the first date."

"Wishful thinking," I grunted as she slid over me, quickly taking my cock into her warm wetness.

"Ahh, well, that's what she says. Mmm. Too bad."

"Too bad what?" I slipped her robe off her shoulders and nibbled her breasts.

"Too bad you didn't fuck her."

"Okay." I said.

She moved on me, raising and lowering herself. "Okay, ooh, okay what?"

"I fucked her. Once."


"In the cunt."

She punched me and ground her hips, bending my cock. "That's not what I meant. Where did you fuck her?"

"In your bedroom." I sucked on a nipple.

"Where was I?" she asked, leaning forward to press her breast against my face.

"Around somewhere, I guess," I said, grabbing her tight ass and pulling her against me.

She ground her hips, rubbing her clitoris against my pubic bone. Her pussy clenched, squeezing my cock. "Ahh. Where?" she grunted. She clenched on me again.

"Stop that," I said. "You'll make me come."

"Where was I?"

"Sitting on my face." I pressed up, deepening myself.

"Don't you dare come. I was sitting on your face?"


"And she was... Ooh. She was fucking you behind my back?"


"Ohgod." I felt her coming. She fell forward, nestling her head on my shoulder. "Oh, shit. Really? You fucked my sister behind my back? While you were eating my pussy?"

"Well, it could have been somebody else," I said. "I couldn't see." Her bottom had lifted, giving me some room, and I stroked in and out a few times.

"Don't come," she said. "Are you telling the truth? You were eating my pussy and my fucking sister --"

"Fucked me." I stroked again. She was very slippery.

"Let me get this straight We were in my bedroom, you were eating me, and my sister came in --"

"-- and found us. She crept over to the bed and straddled me and grabbed my cock and --"

"-- stuck it in herself?"


She dropped her bottom, sitting on my thighs again. "Stop humping me like that. You'll come. And she fucked you? I don't believe a word of this."

"She did it. Ask her."

"Well, who came first?"

"She did. And then she left. Well, you were on, maybe, your third time by then, so I guess you came first."

She raised her ass again. "Did you?"

"Did I come? No, I haven't come yet." I stroked some more.

"Uhnh. I told you, stop humping me. Stop. Stop. Stophumpingme. I meant, did you come when my sister fucked you?"

"I'm about to come."


"Shit," I said, squirting into her.

"Ogod," she muttered. She ground her hips and joined me.

"Sorry," I said.

"For what?"

Sisters, copyright 1999, by Sidney Durham. All rights reserved
More of my stories can be found at:

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