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The Stacks
© 2000 by Sidney Durham

"John? I'm not wearing a bra. See?"

"Pull your sweater back down. This is the library, for Pete's sake, not your bedroom. Besides, you never wear a bra."

"I'm not wearing panties either."

"Debbie, please. I've got a heat transfer final tomorrow."

"Heat transfer? I've got some heat for you. I'm really hot. Feel."

"Debbie, please."


"You're warm."

"And wet. Wouldn't you like to stick your pecker in there?"

"Debbie, please!"

"I know! I'll just sit here on the desk and put your stupid calculator between my legs. That way you can diddle my pussy while you work the calculator. Here, try it. Punch some numbers."

"C'mon, Debbie. I'm trying to study."


"Aw, Debbie..."

"That's good, right there. What was that?"

"Square root. Let me study, Debby. Please?"

"Do a logarithm. Let me see what that feels like."

"C'mon, Debbie..."

"Whoa! Do that again. Was that a logarithm? Try the square root again. No, do an arctangent."

"Debbie, I told you, I have a final tomorrow."

"Do it Johnnie. Do the arctangent. Ooh, boy, can you ever punch numbers. I think I like the logarithm best. Here, see this little button right here? That's my function key. Punch that one a little."

"Debbie, please. Pull your skirt back down. Somebody might see us."

"We're in the stacks, Johnnie! People fuck back here all the time."

"People don't have sex back here. They come here -"

"They come, all right."

"- to study."

"Honestly, Johnnie, I don't see how you can carry a four-oh in mechanical engineering and still be so stupid. We've been here every night for at least six weeks, and nobody's even stuck their head in this little cubicle. We could have fucked hundreds of times by now."

"Somebody would see us. And stop saying 'fuck.' It's un-ladylike. We're not going to do anything. We're here to study. Please try to remember that."

"Well why aren't you studying then? Why don't you calculate some more numbers? Do the square root again."

"Jeez, Debbie, you got my calculator all wet!"

"You could lick it off..."


"Here, I'll move the calculator out of the way. No, keep your hand where it is. Turn it over. Atta boy. Oboy. Right there. Move your finger like that some more. Twiddle my function key and see if you can get me to exponentiate."

"Debbie, I have to study."

"What about me? I have needs too. Here, kiss my breasts. See? I have buttons up here too."

"Pull your sweater down."

"Please? Oh, that's nice. Don't forget to keep your finger going. That's a lot better than your square root."


"Keep sucking my nipples, don't talk. And keep your finger going. Oh, that's good. Uhnh... Oh Johnny, thank you."

"Now can I study?"

"Aw, Johnnie, that was just a little one. I want one of those big crashing ones. I want to come the way I do when your big cock is inside me, pumping. Haul out your big ol' root and plug it in here. I'm just glad it's not a square root, if you get my meaning."

"Debbie, please."

"I know you want to, Johnny. I can see the bulge in your pants. C'mon, it'll only take a couple of minutes."

"That's just the way my jeans are bunched up."

"Oh yeah? Well how come it doesn't flatten out when I push on it? Look. See? You're like a rock. Wouldn't you like to slip that big cock inside my hot pussy? We can do some heat transfer. We'll make friction and make even more heat. Then there would be a little mass transfer, when you shoot off inside me. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Debbie, it's finals week. I need to study."

"You also need to be relaxed, Johnny. I can relax you real good."

"Stop squeezing my penis, Debbie. Please let me study."

"Say 'cock,' Johnny. Say it."

"Cock. There, are you happy? Hey! Let go of my zipper!"

"Well look what I found, Johnny. Speak of the devil!"

"Debbie, p-please."

"P-please what? P-please r-rub it? Happy to. Would you like me to s-suck it?"


"I know! I'll just sit on this thing. What do you think about that?"

"Oh, Debbie..."

"Jeez you're hard. Oh, that feels so good, going in. I'm going to ease myself down on this big root real slowly, like this. Oh, do you like this, Johnny?"


"Johnny, you know what? Your zipper is hurting me. You're going to have to pull down your pants."

"Somebody will see us!"

"Johnny, it hurts when I go up and down like this. I won't be able to keep doing this with that zipper in the way. Don't you want me to go... up... and... down... like... this... some more?"

"Don't stop."

"But the zipper..."

"Oh, all right. Stand up."

"I'm gonna sit up here on the desk again. You can drop your pants and I'll scoot my ass forward a little and -- Oh, you figured it out too! Atta boy, just ease that big round root of yours right in this little hot spot here."

"Oh, Debbie, the way you talk."

"Fuck me, big boy."

"I'll fuck you, don't you worry."

"Oh, tough guy, eh? You think you can hurt me with that thing of yours, don't you? Well go ahead, slam it into me again. I'm tough. I can take it. Uhnh! See? That didn't hurt a bit."

"God, Debbie, you're sopping wet!"

"Feels good, doesn't it? Come on, move in and out. Get that friction going. You know how."

"Oh, man, you're slippery, Debbie."

"Look at it, Johnny. See how my pussy hair meets up with your cock hair? And when you pull it out, I can see the top of your cock, sliding out, all wet with my cunt juices."

"Oh, Debbie..."

"Cunt juices."


"Yes, Johnny. Fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me harder."

"Debbie -- "


"Deb -- "

"Fuck my cunt."

"I am!"

"Come, Johnny. Come! Exponentiate! Do the mass transfer now!"

"I am. Ogod."

"Johnnie? Do you have a slide rule? Can we try a slide rule tomorrow night?"

The Stacks, copyright 2000 by Sidney Durham. All rights reserved.


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