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by Robert Buckley © 2011


Sensual FictionWhumph!

That’s the last thing he felt and heard, that dull, buffeting thud, and the sense of leaving the earth then falling back again.

Now what the hell was going on? How’d he get here? He was stark naked.

But – oh God – the most beautiful girl he could ever imagine was straddling his hips leaning over him, smiling, her pendulous creamy breasts crowned with perfect pink nipples inches away from grazing his chest. Her hair was sparkling sunlight.

“You are so gorgeous,” she said, and licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue.


“Yessss,” she said, and licked his chest.

His cock boinged like it was spring loaded and nudged the valley between her ass cheeks. She grinned, coyly biting her lip as she wiggled her behind, getting his cock to weep a drop of precum.

“I love soldiers,” she said. “They’re always so hot, so ... beautiful. I wanna eat you up.”

“Marine, ma’am.”

She shrugged, and as she did his gaze followed the way her breasts moved and jostled.

“Oh, go ahead, touch them.”

He closed his hands around them; heavenly soft, weighty.

“Oh, God!” They said it together.


“Call me Angel.”

“Uh, yes ma’am. Please, where am I? How ...?”

“You’re safe now,” she said. “I’m going to take real good care of you. I’m just a complete nymphomaniac when it comes to soldiers.”

“Marine, ma’am.”

She tapped his nose with a finger in mock admonishment. “Angel ... remember?”

“Yes, Angel ma’am, but I have to get back.”

“No ... no you don’t. Anyway, don’t you want to play with me? Bet you’ve never ever had a girl like me.”

“Well, no ma’am. You ... you are so ...”

“Uh-huh ... you haven’t had a girl at all, have you, soldier?”

“Well ... the truth is ...”

“You told all your friends you did, but those were just big stories, weren’t they?”

“I couldn’t let the guys know I was ...”

“A virgin? It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll teach you everything.”

“But ... I gotta get back.”

“To your friends? They’ll be along too ... some of them. So many soldiers, so many wars. I’ve been a busy girl.”

“But ... who?”

“I told you, I’m just a nympho when it comes to soldiers ... beautiful boy soldiers, beautiful girl soldiers.” She sighed like she was savoring a chocolate.

“Please, ma’am ...Angel?”

“Don’t you want to stay with me ... forever? I’ll make it so good for you ... I promise,” she pouted. “You’ll never have a girl like me.”

“Aw, you really are ... so pretty. I ain’t saying different. But, it’s just ...”


“I want a girl to fall in love with me. I want to fall in love with her, and I want to know what it’s like to take her clothes off for the first time, and love her for the first time. I want to know what it’s like ... you know, to live, and make friends, and make love to someone special ... to live ...”

She leaned lower and kissed him. “Good answer, soldier. Now let me do something nice for you.”

Then she cradled his head between her breasts and slid her hand over his cock.

“Don’t worry, soldier. I’m going to make it so good for you.”

“Ma’am ... Angel?”

Her hand was softness itself as it stroked him slowly, and then more vigorously. He felt his fluids begin to roil.

“It’s okay, soldier, just let it happen. Bye, soldier, love you ... see you again ...”

When he came it was like soaring out of a geyser of light.

*    *    *

His eyes went wide as he crashed through the surface of consciousness. A face, a beautiful face, streaked with grime and blood gazed down at him. A corpsman, a female corpsman.

“Corpsman! Corpsman, talk to me!” It was Gunny.

“He’s back,” she shouted over her shoulder. “I got him back!” Quickly she wiped the single tear that spilled out of her eye before anyone else could see.

“You’ll be fine,” she assured him. “You’re a little ripped up, but nothing they can’t fix.”

In the distance he heard another shout. “Gunny! Medevac’s got to go!”

“Okay, let’s load ‘em up!”


“What’s that, corporal? Were you talking to Angel?”

Gunny ran alongside him as they bore him to the chopper.

“Aye, Gunny, how ... do you know?”

“Had a chat with her myself some years back, after a firefight in Kuwait. Tough to turn down a pretty lady like her. You must have some powerful reasons, corporal. Mine was my baby girl I hadn’t seen.”

Gunny helped load him on the Medevac. “Good luck, son. Looks like you’re going home.”

*    *    *

Just this side of what humans consider reality, the Angel of Death shrugged, smiled, and twirled a tendril of her sun-spun hair.

So many wars, so many soldiers. She sighed.

© 2011 Robert Buckley. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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