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what Writers list is, and how to participate

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2) Getting Started
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Era-writers is dedicated to questions, insights, and opinions about the writing process, publishing and editing concerns, and other author related issues. Our goal for Writers is to provide a place for authors to network, share resources, discuss problems and joys of writing, and to help each other over the speed bumps along the way. In short, Writers is all about authors helping authors.

- Please Note: We're here to support each other as writers, not as customers. Soliciting/advertising is not allowed on ERWA— yes, that includes promoting website/blog updates, newsletter signups, marketing sales, and so on. Offenders will be immediately unsubscribed. Feel free to brag about successes (we love that!), but don't solicit sales. Not sure of the difference?

  • Feel free to brag about successes (we love that!), but don't solicit sales. Not sure of the difference?
    Example of bragging: ''I'm over the moon excited that <publisher> accepted my manuscript <title>. I'm a bit nervous about getting all the edits done in time for the <date> release..."
    Example of soliciting/marketing: "My book is on sale now at <name or URL>..."; "My book is available in print and ebook formats..."; "My new novel <book blurb>, appealing to men & women..." Or any other variation of marketing schemes.

- Images and attachments are not allowed. We don't have anything against them - it's just that they take up space, and we pay for the mailing lists by the amount of space we use. You can send links to images if you like.

- Consider your signature. Keep in mind your email is a professional statement, not a billboard for bios or extensive lists of published titles. Signatures are restricted to a max of 4 short lines.



Full Name:
Daily digest summary format

- Introductions. We enjoy hearing from our new subscribers. Although this is not a requirement, please consider introducing yourself. Feel free to tell us about your successes, your goals, or just say hi; whatever you're comfortable with.

3) Reply & Subject Line Information
In the interest of creating order among the merry chaos, and to help those who are using email filters, please pay attention to the Subject line, be sure it reflects your post. Era-parlor will automatically appear in the Subject line, it's up to subscribers to supply topic information that reflects their post.

- When replying to a post check the Subject line, ask yourself if it's the correct Subject line for your post. If it's not, fix it. 

- When replying, delete as much of the original message as possible, leaving only enough to reflect what you're replying to.

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