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ERWA Email List Overview

What ERWA list is, how it works, and how to participate


1) Getting Started
2) IMPORTANT Posting Information & Plain Text Issues
3) Flames
4) Introductions
5) How to Unsubscribe 

ERWA membership includes our monthly newsletter, Erotic Lure, and the following 4 sections. Keep in mind each section operates independently. You can subscribe to all sections, or select only those that interest you. Below is a brief overview of each section. Details are provided via the links to the left of the screen.

ERA-ADMIN is the administrative section of the list where staff  posts information, calls for submissions and other items of interest.

ERA-PARLOR is about everyday comradery on ERWA. Parlor is an open forum where anything goes. 

ERA-WRITERS is dedicated to writers. Topics are restricted to author related issues.

ERA-STORYTIME is an informal workshop for writers and poets.

The detailed information provided in the links to the left of the screen will help you decide what sections you want to join, how to participate, how to manage ERWA email, how to unsubscribe, and other important info.

Parlor, Storytime, and Writers offer a digest feature; daily composite emails of the day's activity. Keep in mind you can subscribe to any combination of sections. For example subscribers can select Storytime as individual posts, and Parlor in digest form.

If you want to join any of the sections mentioned above, contact Bob with your request for subscription to sections that interest you.

Special Request: Help keep ERWA alive and kicking (and free for everyone) by doing your online shopping for books, movies, sex toys, software, etc., via ERWA affiliate links. Links are scattered throughout ERWA website. However, click here for a list of links to our affiliates so you don't need to go to the site each time you shop. Thank you.


Consider your signature. Keep in mind your email signature is a professional statement, not a billboard. On ERWA email list, signatures are restricted to a max of 4 short lines.

Long, sprawling signatures that read like marketing billboards screams 'amateur'. Not a good way to promote yourself. Think of it this way: Email signatures are digital forms of dressing for success. If you want to appear as a professional, then write up your signature in a professional manner. Keep it short, smart, and to the point.

Send email in plain text only. Anything but plain text will bounce. This is an important restriction for the list as it prevents attachments, images, viruses, advertisements and other annoying stuff from making it to the list, and also provides a standard that all email clients can read. The following links explain the plain text issue in detail and provide

- Why plain text email messages are best in today's Internet.

- How to Send Emails in Plain Text

Soliciting/marketing/advertising is not allowed on — that includes promoting websites/blogs, announcing updates, soliciting website/blog traffic and content, newsletter signups, marketing book sales, and so on. Offenders will be immediately unsubscribed. Feel free to brag about successes (we love that!), but don't solicit sales. Not sure of the difference?

- Example of bragging: ''I'm over the moon excited that <publisher> accepted my manuscript <title>. I'm a bit nervous about getting all the edits done in time for the <date> release.."

- Example of soliciting/marketing: "My book is on sale now at <name or URL>..."; "My book is available in print and ebook formats..."; "My new novel <book blurb>, appealing to men & women..." Or any other variation of marketing schemes.

• Turn off  'return receipts' requests, signature files (i.e. winmail.dat) and other forms of verifications before posting to the list.

• When replying to a list email, please delete as much of the original message as possible, leaving only enough to reflect what you're replying to.

• Pay attention to your subject line, be sure it reflects your post.

• Please do not send chainletters, petitions, pet projects, or advertisements of any kind to ERWA's mailing list. Offenders will be unsubscribed.

• Send guidelines, call for submissions, reading events, market information, etc, to Bob for posting to Admin and/or ERWA website.

• Editors/publishers looking for content may NOT approach authors requesting works posted to Storytime. This is a private list, and not a place to troll for content. Our subscribers are not to be solicited. This is a carved in stone rule, no exceptions - period. Offenders will be unsubscribed.

I'm including this bit about Flames because it is important to the continued success of any mailing list. As appreciators of erotica we have a common bond, but we often forget there are all types of personalities here, and all types of sexual persuasions.

I guarantee you will come across posts that you don't like, feel uncomfortable with, or just plain piss-you-off big time. Feel free to disagree. You're welcome to shoot the message, but not the person who posts it. No personal remarks! You can hate the words and disagree with every ounce of your soul, but you can't attack the person. Make sure you are getting your point across without rancor. The tone can override the point. A nasty or bitter post will put people on the defensive and effectively cut off constructive or interesting exchange of ideas.

Courtesy among subscriber is important. Intentional abusive reactions from people who can't or won't tolerate others' point of view have no place on this list and will be removed. Simply put, ERWA will not tolerate subscribers that are rude, crude or judgmental. We will not tolerate subscribers who harass other members onlist or off list.

For our peace of mind, to prevent legal action, and for ethical reasons, it is important that copyright rules are noted and obeyed. This applies to ERWA copyrights, and copyrights everywhere, including all of the Internet.

Everything, and that means every post, every story, every poem, every word that is posted to ERWA is under copyright protection. It is illegal to use anything, in any form, that is posted to ERWA or appears on ERWA's website, without written permission from the author(s). We will not hesitate to prosecute if necessary.


We enjoy hearing from our new subscribers. Although this is not a requirement, please consider introducing yourself. Feel free to tell us about your successes, your goals, or just say hi—whatever you're comfortable with. Introductions go to the Parlor and/or Writers list.

To accomplish any of the options below, follow directions or get in touch with Bob for help.

Please note: the unsubscribe process is a two-step deal: 1) send an email to the address listed below, and 2) reply to the resulting Confirmation email.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from era-admin
send a message to: 

To UNSUBSCRIBE from era-parlor
send a message to: 
and respond to the resulting Confirmation email

If you are receiving era-parlor mail in digest form, send a message to: 
and respond to the resulting Confirmation email

To UNSUBSCRIBE from era-writers
send a message to: 
and respond to the resulting Confirmation email

If you are receiving era-writers in digest form, send a message to: 
and respond to the resulting Confirmation email

To UNSUBSCRIBE from era-storytime
send a message to: 
and respond to the resulting Confirmation email

If you are receiving era-storytime in digest form, send a message to:

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