Expert Guide to Rough Sex

Director: Tristan Taormino
Studio: Vivid Ed

Penny leads a workshop where she teaches and demonstrates with the help of Mia Lelani. She covers:

  • how to communicate, establish consent, and set limits
  • which parts of the body can be roughed up and which can’t
  • how to choose an effective safeword
  • tips for spanking, face slapping, and hair pulling in a safe way
  • three different kinds of slapping techniques
  • dominant/submissive and psychological roleplay

Then, watch as Penny and Derrick Pierce deliver a compelling performance. No one has ever seen Penny this rough, dirty, and nasty on film. Her fans will be surprised to see her scorching, one of a kind scene. Says Penny: “Although I like it in my personal life with the right person, I’ve never had rough sex on camera before. I hand-picked Derrick, who I really trust, for my scene. We felt really comfortable, and I went to a place I’ve never gone before. It’s one of the best scenes I’ve ever shot.”

Next, dirty talking Aiden Starr takes charge in a dominant/submissive roleplay with Devin, a popular male performer from Watch as he submits to her will, becoming her sex slave; at one point, she literally has him barking like a dog!

Mark Davis and Lexi Belle do the most provocative scene in the film. An experienced player, Mark really pushes her buttons, physically and emotionally, with roleplay, spanking, and face slapping. Lexi’s reaction is raw, real, and very intense.

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