The Erotic Collaborations of Selena Kitt and Kay Brandt

A Hot Movies Best Of article by Ed Mann

When you think of great creative duos, we think of musical collaborators like Paul McCartney and John Lennon or Elton John and Bernie Taupin. In the film world, you had Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dancing together or any Steven Spielberg movie with a John Williams score. In the adult film world, there is no better collaboration than a Selena Kitt novel that is brought to the screen by director Kay Brandt. To date, they have worked together on six different projects and created some of the best and most popular adult films ever made. We present them here in reverse order from the latest to the earliest offering.

The Lustful Wife Movie

The Lustful Wife (2019)

Just released on September 15th of this year, Selena and Kay show how communication is key to a happy and healthy sex life. What would you do if you found out your husband was secretly calling into phone sex lines? Confront him? Throw him out? Divorce him? Nope! Instead of getting angry, curious Tara decides to start listening in on John’s steamy conversations to learn more about his desires. And it makes all the difference.

The Motorbunny Club Episode 1

Motorbunny Club (2019)

This feature was released on VOD as eight different episodes over a span of two months. It continues with the focus on a sex-positive couple exploring their sexuality. Tasha convinces her husband, Max, to buy her an expensive sex toy called the Motorbunny, but he only agrees if she can come up with a business plan to pay for it. Determined to keep her promise, she creates The Motorbunny Club and begins bringing women to the basement room set up just for her new toy.


Unfolding (2019)

This movie is where Selena and Kay take a decided turn towards a much more sex-positive approach to the story. There is nothing dysfunctional about the characters. Charlie is happily married with a wonderful family and all she could ask for in life, but she soon finds out there is much more she has yet to discover about herself. This is the story of a woman’s exquisite unfolding, as her sexual discovery and yearning for something more pushes her and her man to the edge, testing boundaries and forcing her to surrender to something much deeper than herself.

The Seduction of Heidi

The Seduction of Heidi (2018)

One of only two BDSM-style stories, Selena’s Book, Heidi and the Kaiser was written BEFORE 50 Shades of Grey, and many would consider this a much better adaptation of the story. A wanna-be designer finds herself nothing more than a glorified go-fer until she accidentally stains CEO Warren Kaiser’s pants. She gets two things she didn’t expect: a spanking and a new position.

Adventures with the Baumgartners

Adventures with the Baumgartners (2017)

The much anticipated movie sequel was released in 2017. The book itself was not a sequel. In fact the entire Baumgartner series is not written in any chronological order. Doc and Carrie Baumgartner have invited another couple into their bedroom for all types of naughty fun, while former babysitter Ronnie is exploring her own polyamorous ways seeing her roommate Gretchen, her buff trainer Vince, and another couple all at the same time!

Babysitting the Baumgartners

Babysitting the Baumgartners (2016)

Their groundbreaking first collaboration, New York Times best-selling book became a best-selling movie as well. Kay directed a four-hour epic that continues to rank in the Top 100 Most-Watched Movies every year since its release in 2016. This is no small feat, as most movies do not make the Top 100 list two years in a row. (Taboo 2 being the one exception.)


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