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I provide affordable editing services for indie, newbie, and experienced writers, as well as second-language writers, which include:

1. Content (story development) edits, i.e., checking for and eliminating inconsistencies in the story and making sure the characters are believable and easy for the reader to sympathize with; tightening pacing and points of view. I also work on increasing the tension, upping the emotional impact, and how to overall improve the book so that readers will be hooked right in. I help the author make the romance believable, emotional, and well, romantic.

2. Line / copyedits, i.e., checking for and eliminating grammar problems, missing words, or clumsy wording issues.

3. Proofreading, i.e., the last read-through before sending to a publisher / publishing your book, and checking for missing words, grammar mistakes, or smaller plot holes.

4. Thorough copyedit: This is a thorough line-by-line edit which includes checking and correcting grammar and style, inconsistencies in the plot, and characters, and small structural changes.

5. Formatting for publishing, i.e., preparing the technical and layout side of your manuscript so it’s uploadable to e-book sellers like Amazon, Draft2Digital, or Smashwords. I don’t use Vellum but do it manually. I also format for KDP Print.

I have worked with Amazon bestselling authors like Maria Luis, and I work with literary award-winning author Mubanga Kalimamukwento.

Service Providers

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