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From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Lascivious Libertines and Libidinous Lasses,

It’s finally here – the lusty month of May! Of course, every month is lusty at the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, but I’ve always found the traditional May rituals particularly arousing, focusing as they do on ribbons and poles…

In case you’re a new subscriber, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Lisabet Sarai, author, editor, ardent alliterator and all-around strumpet, at your service (so to speak). It’s my delightful duty to guide you through the horny halls of this month’s ERWA site, giving you a glimpse of what awaits you when you have time for a more leisurely visit.

Let’s begin with a trip Inside the Erotic Mind. What do women think about when they’re having sex? What about men? Come read what our contributors have to say. You might be surprised at some of the taboo fantasies that arise in media res – as well as the more mundane concerns. Care to share your own private thoughts? Click on Participate and join the conversation. You can read and comment on the discussions from previous months as well, on topics from ranging from anal sex to virginity. Follow the links that interest you and add your personal perspective.

Lust begins in the mind:

If your own fantasies are getting a bit worn and dog-eared, drop by the ERWA Erotica Gallery for some fresh inspiration. This month’s stellar assembly of free fiction, by members of the ERWA Storytime list, includes everything from romantic reminiscence to paranormal perversion. We’ve got nearly two dozen titles from both familiar and new authors – that should keep you busy for a while! – as well as a page of exquisite erotic poetry.

Celebrate literary lewdness:

Want more randy reading? Let me give you a quick preview of what awaits you in our Books for Sensual Readers pages: outrageous femdom from award winning editor D.L. King in UNDER HER THUMB; transgressive woman-focused erotica in Violet Blue’s anthology VORACIOUS; hilarious yet hot BDSM in Laura Antoniou’s S/M mystery THE KILLER WORE LEATHER; the very best short erotica from the past year, in Maxim Jakubowski’s MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA 11; kick ass heroines and kinky sex in my novel NASTY BUSINESS. We’ve got erotic romance for you – for instance, THE LIBERTINE, Saskia Walker’s tale of 18th century witches, or DOWN TO YOU, M. Leighton’s novel of a love triangle involving two very different brothers. We’ve got lesbian fiction – check out STRIPPED DOWN, edited by Tristan Taormino – and gay fiction – Jerry L. Wheeler’s TRICKS OF THE TRADE: MAGICAL GAY EROTICA caught my eye. Wet Angel Books continues its series of forbidden classics by reprinting Oscar Wilde’s SALOME and Aubrey Beardsley’s UNDER THE HILL, two fin de siecle celebrations of decadence, illustrated with Beardsley’s wonderful prints. We’ve got non-fiction, too: TAKE IT OFF! THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT MALE STRIPPERS by Julian Whitfield and Taylor Cole, and the “ultimate guides” to pretty much everything sexual including fellatio, cunnilingus, orgasms, anal sex, prostate pleasure and kink.

Think I’ve covered it all? Think again! I’ve just scratched the surface. Every category has three or four pages of featured titles. And every single book we list can be yours, just by clicking on our affiliate links. Each purchase you make via our links helps support the best free adult site on the Web. I mean, of course, the Erotica Readers & Writers Association!

Reading is sexy – especially at ERWA:

Where do all these great books come from? In fact, many of them are penned by our members and subscribers. The ERWA Author Resources page offers a comprehensive, constantly updated listing of publishing opportunities for erotic authors. New calls this month include the anthology “Written on Skin”, edited by the legendary Remittance Girl; “Three of Hearts”, a menage erotic romance collection edited by Kristina Wright; “Stand to Attention”, military themed gay romance; and “Lasso Loving”, M/M/F cowboy menage. You’ll also find lots of ongoing open calls as well as general submission guidelines from dozens of print and ebook publishers.

The Author pages link to an extensive collection of archived articles on the craft and business of writing, as well as a list of essential resources like marketing and cover art services, online dictionaries and reference books, and so on. Have a service or a site you think would be useful to authors? Let us know!

And don’t forget to visit the ERWA blog, where we have new posts every few days on topics ranging from the craft of the short story to erotic censorship, from some of the top names in the erotica business.

Feed your readers’ fantasies:

Here at ERWA we may focus on readers and writers, but we’ve got the goods for you visual types, too. Every month we update our Adult Movies section with the latest new releases as well as timeless porn classics. Topping the bill this month is Stormy Daniels’ scorchingly hot comedy “The Divorcees”. Who says you can’t laugh and come at the same time? I’m usually not interested in porn parody’s but I think “She Hulk – XXX” starring WWF wrestling star Chyna might be worth watching. Couples looking for something to view together might enjoy “Broken Hearts”, a tale of a man and a woman damaged by their pasts who find love and sexual fulfillment in the present. My pick from the total smut category has to be “Remy 2”, featuring luscious brunette Remy La Croix and enough filthy action that the reviewer despaired of describing it. Meanwhile if you like an occasional trip back in time, don’t miss the 1976 feature THE ANALYST, featuring a very young and totally uninhibited Candida Royalle.

Seeing is believing:

And would you like a toy or two, madam, to go with that film? Head to the Sex Toy Playground for information, recommendations, and cool discounts (10% this month from both Adam & Eve and Good Vibrations). The Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column highlights the latest and greatest erotic implements, including some nipple clamps that made my mouth (and other parts) water. The folks at Adam & Eve have provided a column about using Ben Wa Balls for pleasure and health. (I wonder if you could get reimbursement from your insurance?) Looking for something in a specific category? Browse our archived reviews to get the straight talk on vibes, sleeves, and lots more. And do take advantage of our how-to columns from previous editions. Get advice on how to do the deed from the experts!

Come and play – play and come…

You could spend days on the ERWA site without exhausting its wealth of adult content (see, for instance, the Treasure Chest, dozens of the best stories ever published on ERWA), but if you do decide you want something a little different, check out our nicely classified Portfolio of Links. Erotic art and photos, animation, kink, GLBT sites, porn portals, lingerie, sex toys, hook-ups – whatever you’re seeking, I’ll bet you’ll find it in our portfolio. Click with confidence – we only list the best of the best.

Browse the best sex on the web:

Whew! That was fast – I’m out of breath! I’m always up for a quickie, but I do hope you’ll take the time to explore the ERWA site in more detail over the next two months. Two months? Yes, as usual, Webmistress Adrienne and we, her loyal minions, take off during the month of June, for vacation and – um – training. The next full update to the site, and the next edition of this newsletter, will be out in the beginning of July. Try not to get too lonely. Just think about me in my traditional red-white-and-blue holiday corset.

Remember – don’t dream it, be it.

Brazenly yours,

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I'm still a bit surprised to find myself administrator of a community that dwells in the sensual and the erotic. Who would have thought all those dirty books residing under my bed would lead to this? I have to say it is wonderfully liberating to realize the only dirty things under my bed are the dust bunnies; that my passion for things erotic is simply a healthy interest in sexuality. There's nothing quite like a community of like-minded people to light the way. I graduated from University with a degree in anthropology and live with my professor husband. However, the New Yorker in me is still alive and kicking. We have three kids: a professor, a financier, and instructional designer. Things are more comfortable now that they don't have to answer the classic elementary school question, "What does your mommy do?" In 1996, with the help and encouragement of several women, I founded the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. It's a continuing pleasure to mingle with the passionate souls of ERWA.


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