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Whoa! Almost slipped by me, what with everything else I’m doing, but I realized last night that today is 19th of November, which means that it’s Sexy Snippets Day!

The ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion. However, we’ve decided we should give our author/members an occasional opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the reading public. Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment on the day’s post. Include the title from with the snippet was extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link, if you’d like.

Feel free to share this with erotic author friends. It’s an open invitation!

Please follow the rules. If your excerpt is more than 200 words or includes more than one link, I’ll remove your comment and prohibit you from participating in further Sexy Snippet days. I’ll say no more!

After you’ve posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a whole to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your readers hang out.

Have fun!

~ Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai

Sex and writing. I think I've always been fascinated by both. Freud was right. I definitely remember feelings that I now recognize as sexual, long before I reached puberty. I was horny before I knew what that meant. My teens and twenties I spent in a hormone-induced haze, perpetually "in love" with someone (sometimes more than one someone). I still recall the moment of enlightenment, in high school, when I realized that I could say "yes" to sexual exploration, even though society told me to say no. Despite being a shy egghead with world-class myopia who thought she was fat, I had managed to accumulate a pretty wide range of sexual experience by the time I got married. And I'm happy to report that, thanks to my husband's open mind and naughty imagination, my sexual adventures didn't end at that point! Meanwhile, I was born writing. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, though according to family apocrypha, I was talking at six months. Certainly, I started writing as soon as I learned how to form the letters. I penned my first poem when I was seven. While I was in elementary school I wrote more poetry, stories, at least two plays (one about the Beatles and one about the Goldwater-Johnson presidential contest, believe it or not), and a survival manual for Martians (really). I continued to write my way through high school, college, and grad school, mostly angst-ridden poems about love and desire, although I also remember working on a ghost story/romance novel (wish I could find that now). I've written song lyrics, meeting minutes, marketing copy, software manuals, research reports, a cookbook, a self-help book, and a five hundred page dissertation. For years, I wrote erotic stories and kinky fantasies for myself and for lovers' entertainment. I never considered trying to publish my work until I picked up a copy of Portia da Costa's Black Lace classic Gemini Heat while sojourning in Istanbul. My first reaction was "Wow!". It was possibly the most arousing thing I'd ever read, intelligent, articulate, diverse and wonderfully transgressive. My second reaction was, "I'll bet I could write a book like that." I wrote the first three chapters of Raw Silk and submitted a proposal to Black Lace, almost on a lark. I was astonished when they accepted it. The book was published in April 1999, and all at once, I was an official erotic author. A lot has changed since my Black Lace days. But I still get a thrill from writing erotica. It's a never-ending challenge, trying to capture the emotional complexities of a sexual encounter. I'm far less interested in what happens to my characters' bodies than in what goes on in their heads.


  1. Willsin Rowe

    From "Indigo" by Willsin Rowe.

    * * * * *

    In one blissful move, Caleb glided his cock deep into her body, and nipped at her throat with just his human teeth. The pleasure of his thickness filling her drove moans of delight from within her, but it was tempered by disappointment. She’d been certain he would pierce her with his fangs at the same moment.
    “Please, Caleb…”
    “Patience, my beauty. I am in control.”
    Barely. The word leapt into her mind without him saying it, and knowing what a thin wedge his self-control stood on sent sharp slivers of fearful desire into the base of Indigo’s throat.
    The smooth driving action of his serpentine hips sent quakes through her flesh and into her bones, his brutish strength making her feel positively dainty.
    Caleb released her throat and snared her mouth, suckling at the thin trickle of blood which still ran from her tongue. With a small flick he brushed the wound and it healed instantly. All while keeping up the drumming rhythm of his hips.
    Indigo dragged her hands through his hair, caught between opposing desires. She never wanted his mouth to leave hers, yet she needed the ecstasy that only his bite would give.
    Patience, my love.

    * * * * *

  2. Spencer Dryden

    From "Love Above See Level" by Spencer Dryden

    “Now a shorter guy gets to do something a tall guy can’t do.”
    She slipped off the hoodie.
    “What’s that?”
    She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. The
    silken garment slipped away. Hard little nubs stood atop firm
    mounds of white flesh. “Unchained Melody” began playing.
    “Oh my, that is so beautiful.” My voice a hoarse whisper.
    She wrapped her arms loosely around my neck, pulled me to
    her breasts, and swayed to the music. I kissed and licked the delicious
    fruit, pressing the nubs deep into her chest with my nose,
    then flicking them with my tongue. Her sighs and moans blended
    with the soulful tune. I had my hands on her hips, which swayed
    rhythmically, although we’d hardly moved our feet.
    “Oh, that’s right. That’s so good.” Her breathing became
    more ragged. “Then, whenever you want to kiss her, just look up
    and she’ll be there.”
    She lifted my chin and and held my face in her hands, slowly
    moving her parted lips toward mine.
    “When she kisses you, you’ll want to pinch her breasts firmly.
    It makes her legs weak.”
    She kissed me hard, probing every corner of my mouth with
    her tongue.


  3. Allyson Lindt

    From Roll Against Trust by Allyson Lindt
    Every inch of me ached for more. A kiss, a touch. Given how wet I was, if I shifted my weight, I’d slip and slide. Had they planned this? Did I care whether the moment was spontaneous? “Let’s play.”

    Ryan pressed against me, and dipped his head. His teeth skittered along my throat and the hollow below. “I’ve been thinking, ever since Friday night.” He dropped his fingers below the waistband of my jeans enough to tease, but didn’t move lower. “How much I’d like to make that scene real. To fuck you hard and fast until you scream my name, while Seth watches, stroking his cock.”

    Oh geez. My knees wobbled, but the two of them were pressed close enough they’d hold me up if I stumbled. I didn’t know which turned me on more. The thought of Ryan buried inside me, or the idea of being a private peep show for Seth.

    “Still want to play?” Ryan’s fingers skated over the top of my hip, and I thrust toward his touch before I realized what I was doing.

  4. S.Dora

    The first few weeks had terrified and thrilled him in equal measure. All of a sudden, there had been this intense craving that felt like it could never be satisfied. He’d deliberately taunted Derek, in and out of play, trying to provoke him, to get punished, until one day Derek had handcuffed him to the bed and calmly told him, “I don’t have to hurt you to own you.” Then he’d spent the entire day proving just that, worshipping Tyler with his tongue, his hands, his cock, a piece of silk, a piece of ice, everything. At the end of the day, Tyler had been spent with pleasure and he’d known that he belonged completely to Derek.

    117 words from: A Weekend Unbound by S.Dora and A.Moore

  5. M.C. Hana

    “Sshh,” Val said, took Moro’s face in his hands, and bent down for a kiss that completely unhinged Moro’s earlier composure. He thought he heard whistles, cheers, and clapping, but Val’s hot, clean, orange-flavored mouth created its own universe.

    The daft little thing had stopped just long enough to brush his teeth.

    His kiss was pure bravado, Moro noted from all the awkward ways Val’s tongue engaged his. Val was terrified and insecure, shaking almost as much from doubt as from lust.

    Moro kissed back, trying to soothe the fear.

    “Boys,” Cama hummed smugly into Moro’s mind. “You are in public, you realize?”

    Moro tried to disengage, turning away a little before Val got a hand in his hair and pulled him back. The almost pain sent a jolt down Moro’s spine, waking edgy, desperate need. He wanted to take his pleasure of a willing and generous body instead of being coerced. To burn away every one of Val’s apprehensions in sheer joy. To teach his princeling not to be ashamed of those hidden desires, or they’d be weapons aimed against him.

    Moro's Price, buy link at

  6. Ashe Barker

    I gaze at him, unaccountably startled. Again. I expected him to touch me, to handle me, and that I’d allow it, without protest. I was ready for that, pretty much. But this…this is me taking an active part. Offering myself, my wetness, to him. For his approval—or otherwise. This is real. I’m acutely conscious that it starts here. Now. If I obey—when I obey—I will be submitting. Just as Freya seems to so love doing. Is this for me? I can’t quite think it is. Perhaps…
    “What are you waiting for? I asked you to stroke your pussy then show me the wetness on your hand.”
    “I-I’m not sure. It’s hard. I think that perhaps I’m not a submissive after all. Sir.”
    He leans back, regarding me with that mocking half-smile I’m coming to recognise. “No? Back to that are we? Well there must be some other explanation then. Please do share it with me.”
    “Explanation? Sir?”
    “Yes. Explanation. Some other explanation to account for why you’re here, in a BDSM club, kneeling naked at my feet, your arse clenching and your pussy wet, waiting for me to spank you.”
    Well, when he puts it like that…

    200 words from Rich Tapestry, book 1 in A Richness of Swallows series

  7. Nadine LaForet

    He took a step closer to her. She could feel his hips against the inside of her thighs, his soft skin rubbing hers. She arched her back, rocking her hips towards him, the countertop under her getting slick from her juices as they dripped from her.
    “Like this?” he asked, touching the tip of his penis to her swollen clitoris.
    “Closer,” she moaned.
    “Closer like this?” He pushed himself against her open hole.
    “Yes, but more. Give me more.” She twitched uncontrollably.
    “More? You want more?”
    “Jesus, Heath, fucking fuck me!” she cried, trying again to free her hands.
    He held her hands down and slid his cock into her lubed pussy, filling her again with a weightless pleasure that overtook her.
    “Oh, Jesus, yes!”
    He filled her with all of him and held himself deep inside her. She felt his cock pulsing inside her. And then…he pulled himself out of her, all the way, leaving just the tip of his cock inside her.
    “No. No. No.” Alex begged.
    170 words from Nadine LaForet's debut novel The Crime of Seduction via @amazon

  8. Liv

    This close, his energy hummed against me, as if he’d run his hands over my skin without quite touching. I took a sip of coffee to cover the nerves pounding my gut in four-foot waves, then offered him the cup. “Want some?”
    He moved another inch closer and lifted his hand. I froze, barely conscious of the cold water numbing my feet. He brushed a loose strand of hair out of my eyes, the edge of his fingernail gently scraping across my temple, and I shivered. “Why not?” I asked.
    “Already had some.” His brow creased, three parallel lines over his wire-framed glasses.
    “Why do I want to kiss you so bad?”
    I swallowed hard, my whole body vibrating. “You must be really getting into character.”
    “Yeah. Method acting.” His smile was hot and naughty and gave me a peek at the tip of his tongue. “What have you got in your pocket?”
    I rifled in the pockets of my brand-new jeans. “Maybe a price tag?”
    He laughed at my confusion. “It’s a method exercise. You’re supposed to get to know your character so well, you can write down what they carry in their pockets.”
    “So—” I nibbled on a fingernail. “If my character is Randy’s girlfriend, then I carry, what? An emergency pack of matches?”

  9. Savanna Kougar

    HER MIDNIGHT STARDUST COWBOYS, a ShapeShifter Seductions Presents Novel.

    Sherilyn ignited inside, as if firecrackers shot through her. No wonder, with her two men watching her, wanting her.
    Really wanting her.
    Her men. Hers.
    The reality that she belonged to both of them slammed into her awareness, yet quickly became lost. Zance molded the swells of her hips and ass with his make-her-putty hands.
    "Down in front, sweet kitten," he ordered.
    As Sherilyn obeyed, his cock's head jabbed against the rim of her pussy, then pushed strongly. "Oooh, that feels too good."
    Dipping her back, she offered more of her sex to his huge shaft. Zance's sharp growl tingled her spine, and Sherilyn fisted the bedding as her clit spasmed.
    "Zance," she softly sang.
    "Mate." He gripped her hips, thrusting just inside her vajita with a strength that sent jolts of bliss through her.
    "Dang, you're hot and tight, sweetheart."
    Zance stroked his cock's head over her g-spot several times, and Sherilyn felt his crown slicken with her juices.
    Before fully penetrating her passage, he built her excitement by slowly forcing his shaft deeper and deeper. Sherilyn arched her head back, and squeezed her eyelids together.
    "Oh, yes, cowboy…ride me, ride me."
    "Can't refuse my mate," Zance croaked…

    [computer count: 200 words]

    Blurb-Excerpts-Link: ~



    Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

  10. oliviasummersweet

    “Did I tell you to think?” He spanked me twice. “Do sluts think?”

    “No,” I whispered. I knew, in that moment, that being ordered not to think was what I’d longed for my entire life. Something at my core gave way. My cunt flooded with juice.

    He continued spanking while I counted. At 10, he pulled me up and stroked my ass.

    “You’re nice and wet,” he said, touching my pussy. “On your knees.”

    I sank to my knees, my obedience to him no longer surprising me.
    Here is what they don’t tell you in the novels. The realization came to me in that instant. Domination is not force. It is seduction. Submission is willing. All these years, I’d misunderstood. I wanted this man with every fiber of my being. I was willing do anything he wanted. Anything.

    “Hands behind your back,” he said, in a voice he’d use to casually order a pizza, taking my compliance for granted now. He pulled out his cock and presented it to my mouth. He did not have to order me to suck. I thought it was beautiful. I took him into my mouth willingly.

    "From Innocent to Slave: The Story of My Corruption" in "The Big Book of Domination," Cleis Press, ed. D.L.King

    • Spencer Dryden

      Some great insight for those of us standing outside this lifestyle. I guess I'm going to have to order this book.

  11. Pete Symes

    "I see." Debbie said skeptically. "How about a little prepping of my own." With that Debbie picked up a few gold foiled wrapped pats of butter and while looking me in the eye she slyly slid them between her breasts engulfing them between those sweet mammaries of enchantment. "So what jobs do we have coming up next Pierre?"

    Television commercials were the last thing on my mind at that point but I was intrigued with Debbie's plans for those little pats of butter, and being one to always enjoy a ripping yarn I quipped, "A last tango In Paris parody perhaps. After all, you do the bidding so you would know better."

    "Speaking of bidding, just what did you have in mind when you decided that you could show up at my doorstep at midnight this evening."

    "Pure animal lust for that body of yours, with an interest in introducing some new aspects to our growing relationship."

    With that Debbie threw her head back in a full belly laugh and guffaw which gave the perfect view of her slender throat and jiggling tits. Debbie used what she had to ultimate effect.

    From "Debbie Do" by Pete Symes

  12. Destiny Moon

    From All I Ever Wanted:

    He sat down next to me and handed me a glass. “To your beauty,” he said. We clinked flutes and I took a sip, feeling the rush of bubbles on my palate.
    “Yes,” he answered.
    “What would you do if I kissed you?”
    He looked surprised. “Um, well, I’d like that very much,” he said.
    I put my glass down on the side table then took his from him and placed it beside mine. Then, still clad in my heels, I straddled him. My knees touching the back of the couch, and rested on his lap. Seductively, I leaned in. My lips met his and we shared a delicious slow and sensual kiss. I wanted him so badly, and it was clear from the hardness in his pants that he wanted me too. We kissed for a long time. It was soft and romantic, satisfying a yearning we’d both been feeling for a long time now. I stroked his chest and lowered my hand until it was upon his hardness. I moaned at his reaction to my touch.

  13. Jean Roberta

    from "Naming It" by Jean Roberta:

    Tam fought down the urge to burst out laughing. The scene in the bar the night before had been like a fireworks display. Deirdre had made no effort to be discreet when she realized what Paulie and Sherry were doing in a crowded cubicle. The sound of Deirdre’s fists banging on the metal door had reverberated through the bar like a bass line, with the screech of Deirdre’s outraged voice as the melody. Everyone in the lesbian bar and gossip centre had been given a topic of conversation for a week.
    As a singer-songwriter, Tam enjoyed watching a certain amount of drama. It was inspiring.
    She didn’t blame Murphy, the bouncer, for throwing them all out on the street. Murphy was paid to keep trouble out of the bar, and she had been professionally deadpan. The three troublemakers had landed on that square in a board game that says “Miss a turn.” Tam was simply a hanger-on who chose to leave with them. As the coolest head in the group, she felt that her presence was needed.

  14. Gortog

    From: Her Master's text, a MC (mind control) themed erotic story.
    (Excerpt length: 191 words).

    The door opened into a large office, decorated in the same modern motif she’d noticed in the lobby. The OBEY logo sat behind the desk and a large picture window filled one side of the room, a closed mahogany door provided another entryway into the room. There were no chairs in front of the desk, just a pair of low padded rests. Julie realized that they were designed for people to kneel on. She felt a shiver of anticipation at the thought that there were two of them, one girl for each rest.
    “God I’m wet,” Thomas said in a dazed tone. Julie looked down and couldn’t help but giggle.
    “So am I,” she responded and put one arm around Thomas’ curvy body, giving one meaty tit a squeeze.
    Why did I waste so much time? Julie thought. The rest of her life seemed so…empty. It was as if she’d been waiting to be filled by those wonderful flashing logo’s and the murmured sound that went directly from the speaker into her brain.
    “Where is everyone?” Thomas asked.
    “They’ll be here soon,” Julie replied. “Besides, we’re supposed to wait for them.”

    Amazon link:

  15. Big Kahuna

    from The Silence of the Hucows, by Big Kahuna

    “EHHHH…!” Melissa cried, barely able to breathe.
    Rance looked down at the sight before his eyes, his newest acquisition, half-in and half-out of the cattle fencing, both forelegs flailing uselessly, her head practically buried in the almost spherical udders that were wedged between the rungs of the fence, distended teats sticking out almost comically. He shook his head, amused. They always tried this, and they always got stuck. When would they ever learn?
    “Hloupá hucow. Jsi v pořádku? Uvázla jsi?”
    Melissa didn’t understand his words, but she understood his tone well enough. The fucker thought it was funny that she was about to suffocate in the press of her own tits. I hope my milk turns sour, you fucking shitkicker! she screamed inside her head.
    Rance bent down and took hold of her forelegs and pulled, the only way to extricate a hucow when she was wedged in that tight. Melissa came forward with a squawk, landing on her abused udders, which nonetheless supported her weight until she could get up on her hooves. Rance waited patiently while she pulled the rest of herself back through the fence, and then turned and walked back into the milking shed.

  16. Kay Brandt

    From "Demon Lust and Fairy Dust", a collection of five naughty, erotic, explicit fairy tales based on Jasmine, Alice, Tink, Snow White and Cinderella

    In the stillness of a turbulent night, the Prince examines Elle, timid in his touch, opening her robe with the curiosity of a naïve lover, clumsily romantic, and lost in lustful passion. Elle is speechless, moaning softly with each touch, not feigning from his sudden imposition. He takes the shimmering slipper from her hands, and in an instant knows this woman is the one, the dancer from the ball. Lifting her body, she willingly wraps her legs around his hips. Droplets of her juice are felt as his hands cup her bare bottom. His middle finger traces the creases around her private lips, having never been spread apart by a rod, and in need of being filled by his. Taking her down to the floor, he lays out his warm coat for her body to be protected, while his chest moves over hers. In a flash, the Prince's pants pull off his bulging, needy cock, placing the pulsating head right at her tiny opening. Elle lightly pants, frightened at what is happening, desire spun beyond their control. His handsome face kisses her chest, her trembling belly, before reaching her sweet offering—the dainty little mound that his tongue is now on, tasting the forbidden areas of a woman for the first time—a woman whose name he doesn't even know. Elle's back arches with the lunging of his tongue just inside her, stunned by the pleasure his warm mouth gives. Licking, sucking, sipping, tongue worshiping her innocent snatch, she feels her heart race as her thighs shake.

  17. G W pickle

    I never imagined he would taste so good. I continue to suck his shaft into my mouth as he fully exposes the heart of my clit. His penis does a single hard pulse. I moan. Bryan’s first attacks my exposed clit by licking it with his tongue and then he bites the tiny shaft hard. My entire vulva is instantaneously on fire. I scream with half pleasure half pain. It makes me stretch my legs a far as possible; I don’t want his mouth, tongue or fingers to miss any part of my womanhood and he doesn’t. With his licking, sucking, biting, and prying fingers Bryan quickly brings me to a climax. I gush and then whimper when his tongue leaves my highly stimulated clit and pulls his manhood out of my mouth. He leisurely runs his tongue up my body to my pendulous breasts. His hips are now between my legs. His mouth finds a nipple and begins to suckle as he starts to probe the folds of my now hot, wet vulva with the tip of his rock hard manhood. I scream as it passes over my clit and penetrates the opening of my vagina.

    This 197 word excerpt is from"A Vampire's Love" which is currently out of print. Please email me at [email protected] to be placed on my to contact list when my book is again available.

  18. Kimberly Dean

    From Courting Trouble by Kimberly Dean

    Her hands were shaking as she smoothed her dress, making sure it covered her. “This shouldn’t have happened,” she said tightly. “It’s against the contract.”

    His eyes narrowed. So this was his fault? “Really? Then why did you come out tonight without wearing any panties?”

    The answer hit him like a ton of bricks. She was an escort. It was pretty damn obvious. How stupid could he be?

    Her head snapped to the couple who walked by, oblivious. Lowering her voice, she hissed. “I did wear panties.”

    “The invisible kind?”

    “No,” she snapped. She lifted a hand to her forehead and looked anywhere but at him. “I had to leave them in the ladies’ room.”


    The look she sent him was at once woeful, discomfited, and fuming. It was the most honest she’d been all night.

    And it made Jason’s cock nearly jump out of his pants.

    She wasn’t a slut; she was a prim good girl whom he’d made wet – before he’d even kissed her. Before he’d even touched her for real. Had all those little brushes and strokes been enough to get her juices flowing?

    Testosterone pumped through him.

    Oh, yeah. They had something going on here.

    Available Thanksgiving Day. Pre-order on Amazon at

  19. Lisabet Sarai

    I cut a scarlet rose from a nearby bush. The petals are like velvet when I brush the flower across my palm. The color nearly matches Francesca’s ruddy flesh. I sweep the head of the bloom through her folds, from front to back, wringing a moan from her. Then I press the stem, thorns and all, into the tender parting between her legs.

    Francesca screams. Her body explodes into motion at the sudden pain. Her thighs gaping wide, she shakes and swings her pelvis from side to side, trying to dislodge the stem or to stimulate herself further. I can’t tell which. I reach for the thorny length of vegetation and peel it out of her cleft. She arches forward as if trying to follow it, to keep it within her.

    The tough, elastic stalk is slick with her arousal. Holding it at the blossom end, I snap the stem against the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs, first one side, then the other, while she rolls her hips and moans incoherently with each stroke. She’s quivering all over now, biting her lower lip, pulling at her nipples as if to rip them away from her body.

    197 words from Exposure

  20. Nia Wilde

    “It felt good, didn’t it?” Forn said with a wicked smile.

    “Watch yourself,” Leta said, feeling more than a little bit feisty. “Or I’ll slap you too.”

    “I wouldn’t mind that,” Forn said, stepping closer to her. He reached his hand out and ran it through her hair. “Every time you touch me, it sends shivers all the way up and through me. I don’t care if you slap me or kiss me or throw me across the room — as long as you don’t stop touching me.”

    Leta reached out her hand and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him even closer. “That will not be a problem, Forn.” She ran a finger slowly down his cheek and watched as he shivered in anticipation.

    “I love when you call me that. Say it again.”

    She pulled his head down, hesitating for just a moment, then she gave in to the desire, and licked his ear slowly. He sucked in a breath and she took his earlobe in her mouth and bit down gently. His fingers tensed on her arm and she pressed herself into him. “Forn,” she whispered.

    He sighed, pulling her all the way into his arms, and then he kissed her, hard and fast. His tongue slipped between her lips and she met it with her own, sliding against him, hunger driving her forward. She wrapped her fingers in his hair and fit her body closer to his. She felt the power rising up her arm and down and through her — it seemed to draw them even closer together, until she felt like his every breath was her own.

    She felt stronger, more powerful in his arms. She felt like she could run, that she could fly—

Hot Chilli Erotica

Hot Chilli Erotica


Babysitting the Baumgartners - The Movie
From Adam & Eve - Based on the Book by New York Times Bestselling Authors Selena Kitt

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