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It’s Wednesday, also known as “Hump Day”. How very appropriate! Because since it’s the nineteenth of August, it is also Sexy Snippets Day

This is your chance to share the hottest mini-excerpts you can find from your published work. 

The ERWA blog is not primarily intended for author promotion. However, we’ve decided we should give our author/members an occasional opportunity to expose themselves (so to speak) to the reading public. Hence, we have declared the 19th of every month at the Erotica Readers and Writers Association blog Sexy Snippet Day.

On Sexy Snippet day, any author can post a tiny excerpt (200 words or less) in a comment on the day’s post. Include the title from with the snippet was extracted, your name or pseudonym, and one buy link, if you’d like.

Please post excerpts only from published work (or work that is free for download), not works in progress. The goal, after all, is to titillate your readers and seduce them into buying your books!

Feel free to share this with erotic author friends. It’s an open invitation!

Of course I expect you to follow the rules. If your excerpt is more than 200 words or includes more than one link, I’ll remove your comment and prohibit you from participating in further Sexy Snippet days. I’ll say no more!

After you’ve posted your snippet, feel free to share the post as a whole to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you think your readers hang out.

Have fun!

~ Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai

Sex and writing. I think I've always been fascinated by both. Freud was right. I definitely remember feelings that I now recognize as sexual, long before I reached puberty. I was horny before I knew what that meant. My teens and twenties I spent in a hormone-induced haze, perpetually "in love" with someone (sometimes more than one someone). I still recall the moment of enlightenment, in high school, when I realized that I could say "yes" to sexual exploration, even though society told me to say no. Despite being a shy egghead with world-class myopia who thought she was fat, I had managed to accumulate a pretty wide range of sexual experience by the time I got married. And I'm happy to report that, thanks to my husband's open mind and naughty imagination, my sexual adventures didn't end at that point! Meanwhile, I was born writing. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, though according to family apocrypha, I was talking at six months. Certainly, I started writing as soon as I learned how to form the letters. I penned my first poem when I was seven. While I was in elementary school I wrote more poetry, stories, at least two plays (one about the Beatles and one about the Goldwater-Johnson presidential contest, believe it or not), and a survival manual for Martians (really). I continued to write my way through high school, college, and grad school, mostly angst-ridden poems about love and desire, although I also remember working on a ghost story/romance novel (wish I could find that now). I've written song lyrics, meeting minutes, marketing copy, software manuals, research reports, a cookbook, a self-help book, and a five hundred page dissertation. For years, I wrote erotic stories and kinky fantasies for myself and for lovers' entertainment. I never considered trying to publish my work until I picked up a copy of Portia da Costa's Black Lace classic Gemini Heat while sojourning in Istanbul. My first reaction was "Wow!". It was possibly the most arousing thing I'd ever read, intelligent, articulate, diverse and wonderfully transgressive. My second reaction was, "I'll bet I could write a book like that." I wrote the first three chapters of Raw Silk and submitted a proposal to Black Lace, almost on a lark. I was astonished when they accepted it. The book was published in April 1999, and all at once, I was an official erotic author. A lot has changed since my Black Lace days. But I still get a thrill from writing erotica. It's a never-ending challenge, trying to capture the emotional complexities of a sexual encounter. I'm far less interested in what happens to my characters' bodies than in what goes on in their heads.


  1. Ashe Barker

    Adam applied another hard slap to her arse. "I said, do not move. I was not intending to restrain you immediately but I will if I have to. Now, did you touch yourself here?" He repeated the long, slow stroke across her drenched pussy lips, this time allowing his fingertips to explore. He dipped the tip of his middle finger into her entrance and stopped, leaving his digit where it was.
    "So, do you stroke your quim, like this, on your sweet lips? Or do you prefer to slide your fingers right inside, perhaps? He proceeded to penetrate her with his long finger, sliding it fully into her hot, moist channel. She clenched, her body stiffening but she remained in position. He pressed forward gently, conscious of her virginity and loathe to cause her any unnecessary discomfort. Her first time would be soon, very soon, and he was determined to make the experience a memorable one for all the right reasons.
    He withdrew his finger, then thrust it back inside her. "Is this how you would do it, Victoria?"
    "N-no Sir, I haven't… I would never…. Oh!"

    187 words from A Scandalous Arrangement, by Ashe Barker

    • Lisabet Sarai

      You're so organized, Ashe! Posting before I've even announced Sexy Snippets Day!

      This sounds scandalous indeed!

  2. Lisabet Sarai

    “Our little slut is very wet,” Bolt gloated. “I think she wants to be fucked. Let’s get a look at her cunt.”

    I heard a click beside my ear, then felt cold steel against my thigh. Fear flickered through me, almost indistinguishable from lust. Fresh blood, he’d said. But his blade sliced only through my panties, first at one hip, then the other. Still behind me, he pulled the saturated fabric out from between my thighs. The friction and the knowledge that I was being watched combined to pull me into the whirlpool of a minor climax. I slumped in Bolt’s grasp, twitching helplessly. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause.

    I was still shuddering when Bolt pushed me onto the mattress, face down, butt in the air. “Spread your legs, baby. Show them all your hot, pink twat. Let them see your tight asshole. Tonight we’re going to fill you up, kitten.”

    152 words from The Antidote by Lisabet Sarai

  3. Erin McRae

    John may wind up bringing Michael inside via a fireman’s carry, but once he drops him on his bed and they frantically undress, the show is all Michael’s, not because John doesn’t know what he’s doing, but because Michael knows exactly what he wants.

    With a hand to the middle of John’s chest, and a little bit of strategy, Michael pushes him down onto his back.

    “I thought you wanted me to put you on your back,” John chuckles breathlessly.

    Michael raises an eyebrow. “Are you complaining?”

    “Oh no. No.”


    “You know,” John says, still desperately trying to be the sane responsible adult while Michael kisses and nips at his neck and chest. “As welcome as you are, I was not actually expecting to fuck anyone this summer and did not come prepared.”

    Michael rolls his eyes, sits up, and then without even needing to untangle himself from John, leans gracefully over the edge of the bed to fish for his shorts.

    When he straightens back up, he drops condoms and lube on the mattress next to John. “Cargo shorts have big pockets, and you’re a moron. Now shh and fuck me.”

    Midsummer (Love's Labours, Book 1)
    By Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae
    On Amazon:

  4. Ginger

    I squeezed my legs together as a shiver rippled through my body. Was I just so sex starved that his words ripped right through me or was it something more? The heat from my core was slowly spreading with a gentle persistence, my fuel his lust, my rapture his deliverance.

    “My muse, let me please you, the way you have pleasured me. The words that you whisper upon my ear, let me sing you a sweet melody.”

    Wondering if anyone else noticed, I glanced around. He had captivated the audience with his battle. It wasn’t just me. There were men and women whose shallow breathe and light pink glow mirrored my own enchantment. He had become the poet aphrodisiac and I, his devoted paramour.

    My eyes closed and I was transformed. No longer a woman in the crowd, I became his muse, his words whispered upon my ear, uttered for my sole benefit. I could feel his heavy breath tickling my earlobe as he nibbled his way down my neck, the tempered exhalation simultaneously hot and cold, raising the skin on at least half of my body.

    187 words from My Muse, A Literary Salon First (Erotic Short)
    Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic,
    reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the
    author’s express permission.

  5. Daddy X

    “Suck it, bitch! Get on that cock! If I have to talk about something as painful as Debbie. … What? Does talk turn you on?”

    “No. … Well, a little. But I don’t want to make mistakes with you.”

    “Don’t fall in love. Not now. All I need is you sucking me.”


    “You weren’t there that last time. The last time at the club.”

    “Whag Ghappem?”

    “I never liked that place. Just went for her sake. She wanted the entire sex community to know how she pleased me.”


    “Your greedy cunt feels so hot on my foot. Keep sucking.”


    “It was always her idea to fuck other men, but never for her own enjoyment. Claimed she did it for me. She knows my voyeurism.”


    “That night did it. The end, I mean. Debbie comes very easily. She can have orgasm after orgasm.”

    “Luggig gorlg.”

    “Not so much. She felt guilty if she climaxed with anybody else. She’d be mortified thinking she wronged me somehow.”

    “Dig sheg? … Gome?”

    “Oh yeah, big time. Some big dick guy had her and she yelled her ass off from the power of her orgasm.”

    194 words from 'Never for Punishment', a story available in "The Gonzo Collection"

  6. F.J. Smith

    "Open your eyes, kid. Tell me, how does this feel?" Seth was sitting in a chair behind Ryan's ass, a little to the side to give the cameraman plenty of room. He dribbled a generous amount of lube onto Ryan's pucker.

    Ryan's eyes snapped open. "Cold! It's cold!"

    Seth laughed. "Don't worry, I'll warm it right up." He teased the hole with a fingertip, coaxing it open as Ryan groaned. "Look at that." Seth eased his fingertip in and out, and the close-up of the tight hole on the monitor showed it grip at his digit like a little mouth. He pulled out his finger and added more lube, and then pushed into the second knuckle.

    "Ow, ow! Is that just your finger?" The distress in Ryan's eyes was perfect; there was no faking that look.

    "Just my finger. Jesus, that's so hot the way you're squeezing it. Open up for me, boy. You're gonna have to take a lot more than that." Seth's tone was perfect, just at the edge of impatience.

    "I can't, I can't. It's too big."

    Kyle shook his head, imagining his subscribers laughing. Poor little virgin –he'd soon learn what too big meant.

    200 words from "Captured on Video: The Complete Series" by F.J. Smith

  7. Rose Caraway

    That night at the club Melanie had too much to drink. I’d gotten her home and helped her to the bedroom. Along the way, she giggled and sang and danced—so close and soft and small against my hard chest—a little canary in the cage of my big arms. I feared I would ruin her, my lust an unstoppable Armageddon. I fumbled with fear but got her undressed and safely under the covers; it stretched every moral fiber to cover her without the slightest added touch, the tiniest taste from a stolen kiss goodnight.
    Then I noticed her clothes still clutched tightly in my fist.
    Melanie had danced with so many men that night—acquired a handful of phone-numbers and my head spun with jealousy. Before I lifted the hamper’s lid, I brought her clothes to my face. And like the low gourmand that I am, I nuzzled into the layers of softness and smelled. Through the dress-silk I inhaled the sweet aroma of Melanie’s lotion and the repugnant odors of the men she’d boldly ground against. It triggered within me a destructive need to slam my fists through the sheet rocked walls—to destroy and pummel…

    198 Words from "Control Z" by Rose Caraway, from "The Sexy Librarian's Dirty 30 Vol.1" anthology.


  8. elizabethcoldwell

    Let him spy on what we’re doing. Even better, let him join us. For reasons she could not even begin to express, the thought of Lucas’ hands on her tits, his bearded cheeks nuzzling her sensitive skin turned her on beyond belief. It wasn’t that Tom wasn’t enough for her right now. Just the opposite, in fact, as his steady lapping of her clit took her ever closer to the brink of orgasm. But how would it feel if she were to take Lucas’ cock into her mouth, and suck him while Tom continued to lick her?
    Wrinkling her nose, she caught the wolf’s aroused, feral scent on the air. He was so close it was all she could do not to call out his name and beg him to come into the room. Lucas Canning might be up to no good, but, as shameful as it was to admit, even if only to herself, she’d be willing to put her mistrust of him to one side for long enough to let him fuck her senseless.

    176 words from Steal Your Soul Away, published by Totally Bound

  9. lisekimhorton

    “Tell me your fantasy.”
    “I can’t.”
    “Yes, you can.” He pushed one finger lower between her legs and slid it between the puffy lips of her pussy. Pushed it forward, into her, then pulled it back and slid her wetness up to her ass again.
    “I’m Lady Chatterley. I’ve fallen under the spell of my gamekeeper. I’m stifled, lonely. I want to run away. My husband doesn’t touch me. No one touches me. No one makes me feel alive. I’m far from the house, looking up at the sun and imagining I’m somewhere beautiful. Then he comes to me. So large and strong. His skin is warm from the sun and dark with tan. He doesn’t hesitate. There are no pleasantries. He walks right up to me and takes me in his arms.”
    He squeezed the cheeks of her ass, then again. Each touch was more forceful and intense. He kneaded her flesh, his touch grew harder. Moisture overflowed from her cunt. Pulling at her cheeks, exposing her anus, he blew a warm breath across her and she gasped. Then he slid his thumb between her cheeks and pushed through the puckered hole, until his thumb entered her. She whimpered.

    200 words from Words of Lust, Carina Press, avail. all ebook sellers.

  10. xanwest

    He felt so fucking raw in his need to claim tonight, to mark his boy inside and out. Rickie was flat on his back, and Jax braced himself on the wall as he put his weight on one thigh, finding a stable place to stand, and then the other. His boy was groaning, his eyes full of swirling sparkles. He loved looking down at him from this position, loved how tall he felt, how huge and all-encompassing and powerful with his boy under his boots. He was standing on the bruises from his quirt, so he began to move, digging his boots in, watching the pain move through his boy and escape in yelps. He growled, crouching over him, his hands bracing on his chest to dig into those bruises, too.

    He could see Rickie’s face more clearly like this, could feel the heat coming off of his skin. It was delicious and made his hunger soar. He loved that he could do this, trust his boy to be still and make a place for him to stand, to take his weight, and be a stable place to brace himself. They were in this together.

    195 words from Shocking Violet by Xan West

  11. Marie Rebelle

    The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal…

    She stepped back into the shadows, drinking in every detail of the face now framed by the open window. Her eyes follow the lines of his brows, down his slightly crooked line of his nose to the curved lines of his lips. Those luscious lips, which have touched almost every part of her body. Just last night he kissed her lips before trailing kisses down her neck, to her breasts, her nipples, her tummy and ending between her legs. He used the stubble on his chin to tease her, before his tongue circled her clitoris and slipped between her labia to taste her. Amorie took another step back, but this one was involuntarily and caused by the memories of the night before weakening her knees. She leaned against the cool wall behind her, her eyes still fixed on his beautiful face. He was smiling at the crowd, but behind those dark sunglasses she knew his eyes were searching for her.

    170 words from 'At His Side' by Marie Rebelle

  12. Jean Roberta

    "Going crazy, need girlfriend. Not just for the obvious. Can't find one here but don't want to leave my job. Good pay, good perks, interesting work. Rent and food cheap. Nothing like this in the East, but can't spend my life alone. What to do?"
    "Dont lose hope. Theres a cup for every saucer."
    Matt groaned. "M I the cup or the saucer?"
    "Nectar in the cup."
    "How can u tell?"
    "Taste u from here."
    Matt exhaled in a silent laugh. Madness for two. So far, Ravenheart had refused to tell Matt (Prairie Dog) where she lived, but she admitted to being Canadian. Ravenheart sometimes used such colorful, old-fashioned turns of phrase that Matt suspected her of living in Newfoundland, another out-of-the-way region that seemed immune to passing trends.
    "Wheres here?" Tell me, dammit. I want to imagine you living in some real place, even if you’re thousands of miles away.
    The air in the room seemed much colder than when Matt had come in minutes ago. Touch wood, we have working fireplaces on every floor of this building. If we have to use them, it will just add to the authentic period atmosphere. – 194 words from "Authentic" by Jean Roberta in Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades:

Hot Chilli Erotica

Hot Chilli Erotica


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