By Lisabet Sarai
Dear Randy Revelers,
No, this isn’t a new installment of the Erotic Lure newsletter. Following our ERWA tradition, we give you a double dose of the salacious and sensual in December and then taking a well-deserved break in January. So the next Lure won’t be coming your way until February – although I’ll bet you haven’t exhausted the delights of the last edition yet!
I’m here because I want to let everyone know some exciting news about the ERWA blog. While we’ve been partying up a storm over at the ERWA website, this poor blog has been languishing, unloved and largely unvisited. In 2012 we plan to change all that.
To remedy this sad state of affairs, we’ve lined up a slate of regular contributors to heat things up in the blogosphere. Many will be familiar names to ERWA afficionados. Each of us will post on the same date each month, on your favorite topics: love, lust, relationships, writing, publishing, toys, fantasies, fiction, and the intersection of sex and society. We’ll be letting it all hang out. The great thing about a blog is that you can hang out with us!
Use the comment facility to talk back, share your opinions and experiences, argue or approve. Tell us what topics you think we should address. Let us (and the other visitors) know if you find web gems relevant to the subjects at hand. The ERWA web site has a few areas where you can participate, submitting your thoughts, but we hope the blog will be much more interactive.
Here’s the line up:

  • 6th – Ashley Lister
  • 10th – M. Christian
  • 13th – Remittance Girl
  • 15th – Craig Sorensen
  • 18th – Donna George Storey
  • 21st – Lisabet Sarai
  • 24th – Kathleen Bradean
  • 26th – Lucy Felthouse – every three months
  • 28th – Kristina Wright

We may have other occasional guests as well. In addition, our beloved (web)mistress Adrienne will continue to step out of her dungeon every now and again to post calls for submission, publisher profiles, and other useful information.
So I hope you’ll visit frequently and join in the fun.
This new year is going to rock!