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Book Parties and Other Fun Things

Want to come to a book party? My new contemporary erotic romance novel No Restraint was released recently, and I’m hosting a book party in its honor. I’m giving away some prizes including free Kindle erotic romance books, some fancy schmancy soaps, and a Jack Rabbit vibrator!

I haven’t decided which ebooks I’m giving away, but most likely they will be my two erotic fairy tales Trouble In Thigh High Boots
(Erotic Puss In Boots) and Climbing Her Tower (Erotic Rapunzel).

I love parties, especially where books are concerned. The most fun one I went to was for Broad Universe. I brought some of my horror books with me for a reading. Everyone brought a treat. We brought chili. There were also brownies, cookies, and soft drinks. The crowd was small but it was worthwhile. I got to practice my public speaking skills and mingle with strangers, which is no mean feat for me since I’m very introverted. I’d love to attend another public, live, in person book party soon, but for now, Facebook will do.

Here is the link for my Facebook party:

It runs from 9 AM EST until midnight PM EST on Sept. 6.

Here is some information about No Restraint, which was published by Xcite Books in the U. K.

Blurb and excerpt from No Restraint. Buy this book at Amazon.


Alex Craig accepts a new job at a high-end sex doll company called Babes. Babes’ dolls are high-end, expensive silicone love toys. Working at Babes is like working for a bacchanal. The company’s culture is all about decadence, enjoying the good life, exciting sex, and enticing food and drink. Alex meets Jackson Beale, one of the company’s vice-presidents. Jackson takes Alex on a new and exciting journey of carnal pleasure. He introduces her to new tactile and kinky pleasures, and she relishes her excitement. The world takes on an entirely new meaning and importance to Alex as she learns what she’s been missing in her life.


They walked hand in hand down the wooden pathway and across the bridge to the fine, warm sand. Hot sun beat down on her shoulders, making her sweat. The heat was a bit overpowering, and she wanted to swim to cool off from the sweltering weather as well as her own arousal.

The chill from the waves lapping at her feet made her jump; the water was colder than she expected it would be. Jackson took her by the hand and the two of them ran headfirst into the waves, splashing water all about them. With a flying leap, Alex plunged into the waist-deep water, shrieking as the chill shocked her. Once immersed in the water she felt cool and comfortable. She enjoyed the much-needed relief from the smoldering heat.

Alex smoothed her wet hair as Jackson approached her to wrap his arms around her waist. Holding her so tightly she couldn’t escape, he lowered his head and kissed her full on the mouth. Not expecting the embrace, she struggled to pull away from him but soon surrendered to her passion. She wrapped her arms around his back and sank into his kiss. His tongue slipped into her mouth and she greeted him in kind, tongues dancing a duet to music only the two of them could hear. Her head spun and sparks exploded behind her eyelids as her blood rushed through her veins.

No man had ever gotten such an excited response from her from his mere kiss.

They pulled away from each other, lips unlocking, and she stared into his eyes. She couldn’t read his expression. He gazed at her with an intensity she hadn’t seen before. It was as if he wanted to see through to her very soul and possess it.

And she would let him if he insisted.

A warm breeze brushed her skin as she and Jackson walked along the beach. Bubbling surf washed over her feet, cooling her in the hot sun. They walked hand in hand as if they had been partnered for years instead of only days. Amazed at how comfortable she felt in Jackson’s presence, she strolled by his side, not talking, but only enjoying his company and the smell of the ocean surf. Her other lovers paled when compared to Jackson. He was all she ever wanted in a man – worldly, handsome, accomplished, and drop-dead sexy. He treated her with respect and gentleness; not that she expected anything less. If he had been less kindly toward her, she never would have taken up with him in the first place. She wasn’t one to believe in soulmates, but Jackson came very close to being hers.

He squeezed her hand, bringing her back to the real world. Pulling her toward him, he wrapped his arms tightly around her and kissed her lightly on the lips. What started out as a gentle caress grew into a fevered embrace; fingers entwined in her hair, her hands massaging his back. She wanted to implant the memory of his body and his touch in her mind forever so she could easily remember him when he was away. Their romantic setting set her head spinning with delight. A handsome man on the beach. Her dream come true.

* * *

Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Black lives a dream life in a small home on the Massachusetts coast. She tries to go to the beach every day. When in the Zone, she writes erotic fiction, romance, dark fiction, and horror. She aims for la Dolce Vita and lives every day as if it were a feast. She shared her life with her husband, son, and three cats. She is published by Xcite Books, Cleis Press, Circlet Press, Bold Strokes Books, and other publishers. You may find her on the web in the following locations:


Elizabeth Black – Blog and Web Site

Elizabeth Black – Facebook

Elizabeth Black/E. A. Black – Facebook Page (Like me please!)

Elizabeth Black – Twitter (Follow me please!)

Elizabeth Black –  Erotic Fiction Amazon Author Page

Sizzler Editions & Creative Sexuality Education Presents “Meet The Editors”

Sizzler Editions & Creative Sexuality
Education Presents

“Meet The Editors”

Free Live Interactive Web Event
Sat. June 29, 2013
5:00–6:30 pm East Coast time
2:00-3:30 West Coast time

M. Christian
Sascha Illyvich
Jean Marie Stine

Anyone with web access can join-in free from anywhere in the world and participate through microphone, webcam, or text chat. Participants can get expert guidance from writing professionals – without having to drive to and from a crowded, noisy event facility and with no costly fees.

Current and aspiring writers of erotica, erotic romance, and sexuality-themed nonfiction won’t want to miss this live, interactive, online discussion and Q&A with three highly successful editors/authors, hosted by Sizzler Editions and Creative Sexuality.

Editors M.Christian, Sascha Illyvich, and publisher Jean Marie Stine will provide insight into trends and taboos in the field. They will offer writing tips and tricks, and advice on marketing and promotion of books. In a live, interactive session, they will take and answer questions from those who have logged in for the event.

Participants will:
· Hear expert advice on formatting, submitting, and publishing your book; Develop and strengthen writing, plot development, and characterization;
·  Learn the most effective ways to market and publicize a book;
·  Have the opportunity to ask questions about the writing and publishing process;
·  Be able to pitch their own erotic story, novel or nonfiction.

All three panelists are writers as well as editors/publishers, with several decades of experience to their credit, and are well-versed in the craft and business of writing. They will address topics and questions such as:
·   Trends in Erotic Romance and Erotica
·   Writing your book
·   Covers
·   Promoting and Publicizing
·   Publishing
it these are only some of the issues to be covered in this multifaceted opportunity to interact live over the web with professional editors.

Who will benefit? Anyone who:
·    Is thinking of writing hot romance or erotica.
·    Is writing their first erotic novel, story or work of sexuality-related nonfiction.
·    Has finished writing one or more erotic books, but doesn’t know what to do next.
·    Has questions about the writing process.
·    Has questions about the publishing process (including self-publishing).
·    Is seeking effective ways to publicize and grow readership for their books.
·    Is already published or self-published, but wants to know more about the business and craft of writing erotica.

For further details visit: http://crsex.org/meettheeditors
Or contact: [email protected]


Live Chat with Janine Ashbless

Erotic Fantasy Live Chat with the Pros
Featuring Janine Ashbless

WHEN:  Saturday, September 15th, at 3:00pm EST, (12 noon PST; 8:00pm GMT)
WHERE:  ERWA chats are held on the ShadowWorld chat server, channel, #erachat.
DIRECTIONS: Go to ShadowWorld chat server. On screen you’ll see ‘Connect o ShadowWorld IRC’. In the Nickname box, key in your name. Leave the channels box at #ERAChat, and click ‘Connect’. A chat text box will appear at the bottom of your screen. Those who prefer a modern interface with way-cool functions, follow the directions at ERWA Chat Access.

Janine Ashbless has a reputation for writing erotic fantasy and paranormal stories and novels, and for putting her own twist on fairy tales, mythology and folklore. She is published by Black Lace, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Mischief Books and Sweetmeats Press. Recent publications include a story in the much anticipated Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire edited by Mitzi Szereto, with a Foreword by Piers Anthony (Cleis Press, September 2012; ISBN: 157344815X). If you read and/or write within the Fantasy genre Janine is the lady to talk to.
Read about Janine Ashbless at: www.janineashbless.com

Mark your calendars and be there for ERWA’s Live Chat with Janine Ashbless!
Send questions to Adrienne

Hot Chilli Erotica

Hot Chilli Erotica


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From Adam & Eve - Based on the Book by New York Times Bestselling Authors Selena Kitt



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