Riverale Avennue Books
How to Submit Your Work to Us

First of all, we love writers, of both fiction and nonfiction, published and unpublished. Please think of us when you have an idea for a book, have gotten your rights back, or have finished a manuscript.

Whether you are an unpublished or published author, the first thing we would like to see from you is a simple one-page query letter telling us about your work and your writing background. Please make sure you include a return email address and a phone number. We are an electronic publisher and DO NOT take physical queries or manuscript submissions.

If you are an unpublished writer, keep in mind that we will need you to submit a finished manuscript, so please do not submit a query to us before you have finished the first draft.

If you are a previously published author, after you have sent a query letter and we have expressed interest, we will expect you to submit either the first three chapters of your novel and a complete outline, or your nonfiction book proposal. Even if you have finished the manuscript, please wait for us to ask to see the entire book.

Guideline & submission details at: