Teratophilia, exophilia, monster-fucking erotica goes by many names these days. Some people stick with the traditional monsters, like vampires and werewolves. Those lovers have long traditions in fiction with an established lore of their strengths, weaknesses, and love-making. (And who doesn’t indulge in a little blood-swapping romance of lustful destiny? Or relish a primal, knotted, mating session in the woods?)

Other writers, like myself, find creative freedom in tackling to the ground (or soaring in the sky) with some of the less conventional creatures, elementals, and ethereals. Monster erotica with lesser known species can be intimidating, but also fun. It’s a world-building exercise with anatomy, kinks, and pleasure. The limit is your own imagination, and the guidelines, I believe, can be found by observing nature.

“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature, because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.” – Leonardo da Vinci

It is through observation that we can form erotic monsters that include just enough  realism to pull in the reader. 

Consider a fire elemental, who takes on a humanoid shape in order to fit in, controlling the temperature of their body so as not to be overly destructive. Scientifically, the hottest flames burn in bluish hues while cooler flames are reddish orange. What if this monster changed color with their emotions? They try to remain in a controlled burn, but might blush in blue. Or maybe they try to hide the sudden discoloration below their midsection when you arrive wearing something sexy? 

Flame is mesmerizing. I cannot count how many hours I have spent staring into a bonfire. Imagine an elemental with roiling currents of explosions inside their arms as they reach for a book on their shelf. You hold your breath, watching them open the cover and turn the pages with the utmost care so as not to singe a single corner. And maybe you’ll bite your lip, wondering what it would feel like to be under those fingers yourself. 

Will you get burned?

More importantly, will you mind?

We know we’re not supposed to play with fire, but that doesn’t stop all of us. Wax and candle play can inspire thematic scenes, and so can its opposite. What if the elemental enjoyed ice dripping over their body? The water pops, sizzling across their chest as they moan for more. You oblige until you’re sweating from the humidity of the session. They lick your skin, and you jump from the heat of their tongue. They apologize for losing themselves in the moment as they fetch the aloe for that burn. 

It’s those imperfect moments in a sexual encounter that make it real. The complexity of the creature becomes a reflection of our own relationship with flame or a metaphor of forbidden knowledge, punishable by everlasting suffering from the powers above. Truly the possibilities are as endless as the space between us and the last star at the other end of the universe. 

So why not explore your own curiosity? Choose a monster that’s always appealed to you and dive deep into their nature (and your own). Have fun. Read myths or make them up. Go outside or investigate indoors. Pull in your experience or those of others. Make a lover like no one has ever seen before. Be the precedent. 

And if you feel like sharing, leave a comment below with your favorite monster lovers. Be as descriptive as you’d like. It’s much more fun that way.