Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is in two weeks. What to do? What to do?

You could go out to dinner with your loved one and buy them flowers. Catch a romantic movie. Go for a walk in the park or on the beach.

That was, until Covid reared its ugly head. So, what are some good ways to celebrate the Day of Love while isolating and wearing masks?

There are plenty of things you can do. Turn off your phone and unplug the computer. Here are some suggestions for fun things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast in bed. Buy some bed trays and enjoy your poached eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns in bed with your loved one. Even better – get up before your loved one does and make breakfast while they’re still sleeping. Once finished – assuming the delicious smells do not wake up your partner – wake them up and feed them! One of my favorite breakfast dishes is crab cakes eggs benedict. You can’t go wrong with eggs benedict especially if crab meat is involved (unless you are allergic or don’t like seafood).

Cook a lovely dinner at home. Both of you pitch in in the kitchen. Make it special. Why not try your hand at something you’ve never made before? While I bake, my husband cooks. I make the junk food, LOL. My husband made orange chicken with brown jasmine rice for dinner today. It was amazing! Make the meal super special by getting out the good dishes and popping open a bottle of fine wine or bubbly. If you aren’t comfortable with a fancy meal, go simple but delicious. Tonkatsu and rosemary chicken (like Shake N Bake, but better) are two of our go-to meals when we want simple but good. Plus, I can make these dishes. If I can make them, anyone can. You’re reading a post from someone who can burn water. 🙂

If cooking isn’t your thing, order takeout from a good restaurant. Many restaurants that are open now offer takeout and curbside pick-up. The sky’s the limit. You could go for the usual Chinese or Mexican, or something more elaborate. Put the food in a warm oven as soon as you get it home to resurrect it in case it gets too cold.

Why merely buy a card and sign it when you can write a love letter? I like note cards with beautiful ocean themes on the front. Pen a beautiful note telling your loved one why you care so much.

Buy a bag of X rated candy hearts. I’ve seen them at Amazon. Some of them have saying such as “SPANK ME”, “LICK ME”, “TEASE ME”, “RIDE ME”. You get the idea. You can exchange these candies and act out the instructions. Loads of fun!

You don’t have to go to Spencer Gifts at the mall to get sexy playing cards or coupons anymore. Create your own! Create a set of coupons your partner may cash in at any time. Suggestions for messages include “Give a half hour back rub”, “good for one strip tease”, and “Voyeur: watch me”.

What kinds of sex toys do you like? Try couples sex toys like a dildo harness or warming scented massage oil. I used to write sex toys reviews for Babeland, California Exotics, and other companies. There are sex toys out there for every fetish and desire. I recommend the silicone toys over the jelly rubber ones. They are more hygienic. Yes, they cost more, but they are worth it. Some good high-end brands are Jimmy Jane and Lelo. My favorite sex toy company is Lelo, from Sweden.

Try a little light bondage. You don’t have to go full Marquis de Sade here. A flogger whip, blindfold, and plush cuffs make for a fun and relaxing evening. If you are more advanced, try shibari – erotic Japanese rope bondage.

Get naked and paint each other with water-soluble body paint! The tactile sensations will turn you on and the whole idea sounds like fun anyway. You’ll laugh as you tickle and touch each other. Who knows what that could lead to? 🙂

Enjoy a romantic movie. Some good movies for Valentine’s Day are “Pride and Prejudice”, “The Princess Bride”, “When Harry Met Sally”, and “P. S. I Love You”.

Game night! Play a board game or computer game together. Make sure the wine and/or bubbly are flowing to make the game even more exciting.

Read naughty stories to each other. There are many good erotic and romantic books and short stories out there for you to enjoy. You can find recommendations on this web site. There are also my books. My Amazon Author Page is here:

Listen to music together. You can go for your favorite bands or listen to something especially naughty such as Lords of Acid. My husband and I like to play what we call “Dueling iTunes”. He’ll play a song and then I’ll play one. We set up our computers so the songs play on the TV. Sing along and have fun.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bathtub – or better yet a hot tub – toss in your favorite scented oil, bubbles, or bath bomb and enjoy a good, long, warm soak together. Make sure you have chocolates, berries, and champagne handy. Don’t forget the romantic music!

Once Covid lifts and it’s safe to go to a hotel, book a room with a hot tub. I have Hilton Honors, and I’ve used points to get steep discounts on hotel rooms with hot tubs in them. Where I live, the Hampton Inn (part of Hilton Honors) sometimes offers jacuzzi rooms starting at $150 per night, which isn’t bad for a room with a hot tub, fridge, and microwave. Order delivery or bring back food from a restaurant. Don’t skimp on dessert. Some of my favorite desserts are crème brûlée, chocolate mousse, and ice cream.

If you live in a warmer climate, enjoy Valentine’s Day outdoors. Star gaze or sit in comfortable chairs and talk about anything under the sun. Just remember to socially distance and to wear a mask when appropriate.

Make Valentine’s Day your own and enjoy it with your partner. Keep in mind you don’t have to limit yourself to Valentine’s Day. These suggestions work regardless of the time of year. Turn every day into Valentine’s Day if you wish! Supercharge your love life with fun, games, and toys. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your partner.

UPDATE: I just learned that Kraft has come out with a PINK Mac and cheese that tastes like… candy! Just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you have a wicked sense of humor, make some of that up for your loved one. It’ll be talked about for years to come. LOL

The Romance of the One Night Stand

By Lisabet Sarai

After a solid week of roses and candy,
hearts and flowers, I’m just starting to recover from Valentine’s
Day. When you write erotic romance as I do, you are more or less
required to participate in the romantic frenzy. Over the past seven
days I was involved in two different Valentine’s blog hops
simultaneously. Every email I sent out to readers, every promotional
message or invitation to my blog ended with the obligatory “Have a
Happy Valentine’s Day”. All my publishers had contests dedicated
to love. Every day I received notices of Valentine’s release parties,
Valentine’s chats, Valentine’s treasure hunts, special Valentine’s
prices, et cetera. I spent more than an hour yesterday
collating entries to my own giveaways and sending out notifications
and prizes.

I’m exhausted. Not that I have anything
against Cupid’s Day, mind you. I enjoy a candle light dinner, a glass
of wine, and the intimate aftermath as much as anyone. It’s just that
my notions about romance aren’t exactly conventional. For example, in
contrast to the Happily Ever After crowd, I tend to find one night
stands deeply romantic.

I’m not talking about Erica Jong’s
zipless fuck here, a chance conjunction of bodies with physical
pleasure, and perhaps the shattering of conventions, as its primary
goal. I’m talking about the sense of erotic connection I’ve sometimes
experienced in the arms of a stranger. The one night stands that live
in my memory had a sense of rightness that amplified every sensation.
Two individuals blundering through life, we collided by chance, and
for a brief, beautiful time, we became one creature. Bound by lust,
and perhaps loneliness, together we lit up the night.

Traditional romance celebrates the
concept of soul mates. Some of the lovers who shared my bed just once
seemed to know me so well, I was almost ready to believe in that sort
of destiny. At the same time, bittersweet regret always lingered in
the background, the specter of inevitable parting. The shadow of
pending farewell threw the immediate pleasure and joy into sharp

For me, one night stands are erotic
exactly because they don’t last forever. The transience heightens the
intensity. Rationally, I understand that the magical feeling of
connection may be an illusion. Relationships based on chemistry alone
rarely survive. What if I’m not deluding myself, though? What if this
man really was “the one”? How deliciously tragic to know
that we’ll go our separate ways! And how sweet to imagine an
alternate, impossible future, a future of endless nights, equally
incandescent. The fantasy thrills me exactly because I know it will
never be fulfilled.

No wonder I have such trouble adjusting
to the tropes of romance .

I’ve tried to capture the eroticism and
transcendence of one night stands in some of my short stories (though
reviewing my back list, I’m somewhat disappointed to realize how
few). Perhaps the purest expression can be found in “Shades of
Red”, available in my collection Spank Me Again, Stranger. A
young woman, fascinated by the red light district in Amsterdam, rents
a window for herself. A stranger engages her services, seeking the
discipline her costume seems to promise, and she discovers that
indeed she does have a talent for dominance. The bond they share as
she beats him is not at all what she expected.


He’s shy and grateful afterward. I sit
in the armchair, watching him as he dresses. He’s definitely a
handsome man. When he pulls his wallet from his pocket and tries to
give me a hundred euros, I shake my head.

“Thirty. That’s what we agreed.”

“But you gave me so much – just
what I needed.”

“Never mind. Business is


“I said no. Are you going to start
disobeying me?”

He smiles, puts most of the money away,
and presses a ten and a twenty into my hand. “Thank you. Thank
you so much.” For a moment I think he’s going to kiss me. I wish
that he would. But that moment passes. He reaches for the door,
squeezes past me in the crowded room and is gone, into the night.

I lean back in my hired chair staring
at the bills in my hand. I’m sweaty. My hair has come loose from the
clip and is tangled down my back. My arms ache.

When I unlace my corset, my breasts
tumble out, the nipples as hard and sensitive as ever. I unsnap the
leather panties, drenched and stained from my juices. They make a
sticky noise as I pull them away from my pussy. The ripe smell of
cunt rises, mingling with the bitter scent of semen. I reach for the
vibrator, conveniently to hand in the tiny room. The cool stainless
steel cylinder slides deliciously into my swollen cleft. I flip the
switch to high and writhe helplessly as the vibrations trigger one
ragged, ecstatic climax after another.

Epiphanies? Revelations? I don’t think
he’ll forget this night. As for me, I know that the memory of his
red-streaked buttocks and tear-stained face, my power and his
surrender, will fuel intense orgasms long into the future.

I still feel high as I lock my door
behind me and step into the street. I’m naked under my coat. Every
sensation is frighteningly acute. A random breeze plays in my damp,
bare sex. The smell of spilled beer mingles with the tang of autumn

The alleys are still crowded. I hear
snatches of conversation in a dozen languages, riffs of jazz and rock
and roll. I sense the beat of the men’s hearts as they congregate
around some red-lit rectangle of glass.

A lithe male figure in a turtleneck
brushes past me and my breath catches in my throat. Images flood my
mind, images of pale, pliant flesh, offering itself to me.

It occurs to me, as I make my way back
to my five star hotel and my ordinary life, that perhaps I am the one
who was marked this night.


I defy you to tell me that’s
not romantic.

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