Cheri Verset

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Reina goes downstairs and comes across her dad stroking himself. She happily joins in! When he leaves, mom shows up and gives her daughter the relief she’s been craving. But when Reina has to go, it’s her brother Eli who takes over before she returns. Finally, the...

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So Wrong 20: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set

Returning for a 20th time because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY TABOO books by Cheri Verset. Are you into sisters seducing their daddy? Cousins getting in on? Brothers and sisters crossing the line? Or maybe you’re into...

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Books in the Spotlight

Single Syllable Steve Single Syllable Steve
Seducing the hunky bouncer

Twisted Sheets Twisted Sheets

Unearthly Delights Unearthly Delights
Hot paranormal erotica

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