Provocative Soundtracks

Below is a listing of Provocative Soundtracks recommended by our website visitors. How about you — does sexy, arousing soundtracks set the mood for a night of passionate delights? Don’t be shy, let us know what you’re listening to. (Be sure to include CD titles, not just the song titles).


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    Lily recommends: Batman. It’s dark, and it’s passionate. And the movie has Christan Bale in it. That’s gotta be the whole package right there. Except for maybe….Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

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    Kimberly recommends: Desperado. The Soundtrack has “The Strange Face of Love” – very sensual. “The House that Love Built” from the same album is a good one also. I also like “El Amor” and “Mental Picture” from the soundtrack to The Specialist.

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    Anonymous suggests La Femme Nikita soundtrack – The track Hanging On a Curtain by Morphine is hot hot hot.

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    Sonnet says: The problem I find with a lot of soundtracks is that while there usually is one or two good songs/scores to it there is also a lot other music that, while appropriate to the film, might not set the tone for love making, or if it does it’s a single tone with little variation. Michael Nyman proves this does not always have to be case.The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) has everything—there is slow make-out music, freaky get-your-thing-on pieces and even that post-coital hold-on-while-I-try-to-catch-my breath a cappella. Some might consider the soundtrack too classical for their tastes but if you’re trying to set a mood that goes beyond candles and wine this is the soundtrack for you.

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    Glen says: Some of my favorites for seduction are : Cat People – Begins with a cool cut “Putting out Fire With Gasoline”, then proceeds with a mixture of sensuous jazz and jungle atmospheres that drove women I played it for crazy. Vangelis “La Fete Savauge” also follows this pattern in interesting and provocative ways.

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    Kim says: The soundtrack to Cruel Intentions is exciting and dark — for when you’re in a “dark” sensual mood! Also, many of the songs on the soundtrack to Brokedown Palace have a sensual, earthy, sound to them – that’s easy to have sex to!


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