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1) What is Writers?
2) Getting Started
3) Reply & Subject Line Information
4) Cover Critique Workshop


Era-writers is dedicated to questions, insights, and opinions about the writing process, publishing and editing concerns, and other author related issues. Our goal for Writers is to provide a place for authors to network, share resources, discuss problems and joys of writing, and to help each other over the speed bumps along the way. In short, Writers is all about authors helping authors.

  • Please Note: We’re here to support each other as writers, not as customers. Soliciting/advertising is not allowed on ERWA— yes, that includes promoting website/blog updates, newsletter signups, marketing sales, and so on. Offenders will be immediately unsubscribed. Feel free to brag about successes (we love that!), but don’t solicit sales. Not sure of the difference?
    • Example of bragging: “I’m over the moon excited that (publisher) accepted my manuscript (title). I’m a bit nervous about getting all the edits done in time for the (date) release…”
    • Example of soliciting/marketing: “My book is on sale now at …”; “My book is available in print and ebook formats…”; “My new novel , appealing to men & women…” Or any other variation of marketing schemes.
  • Images and attachments are not allowed. We don’t have anything against them — it’s just that they take up space, and we pay for the mailing lists by the amount of space we use. You can send links to images if you like.
  • Consider your signature. Keep in mind your email is a professional statement, not a billboard for bios or extensive lists of published titles. Signatures are restricted to a max of 4 short lines.



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Introductions. We enjoy hearing from our new subscribers. Although this is not a requirement, please consider introducing yourself. Feel free to tell us about your successes, your goals, or just say hi; whatever you’re comfortable with.

3) Reply & Subject Line Information

In the interest of creating order among the merry chaos, and to help those who are using email filters, please pay attention to the Subject line, be sure it reflects your post. Era-parlor will automatically appear in the Subject line, it’s up to subscribers to supply topic information that reflects their post.

  • When replying to a post check the Subject line, ask yourself if it’s the correct Subject line for your post. If it’s not, fix it.
  • When replying, delete as much of the original message as possible, leaving only enough to reflect what you’re replying to.

4) Cover Critique Workshop

Are you preparing cover art to self-publish your own book? Maybe you’re just commissioning a designer and you’re writing your own cover blurb. Whichever, you can send them in to the ERWA Writers mailing list for a critique. Hear from other erotica writers and readers whether your cover captures their eye, and whether your blurb stokes their fires.

Schedule. Authors are limited to one cover per week, on the same cycle as StoryTime, Wednesday to Saturday. Critiques are welcomed at any time. Do not post revisions during the same week as the original posting. This will give you time to sift through all the crits for the most useful information.

Subject Line. In the subject line of your email, please state the book title, prefixed by the word COVER, designating that the email is a special request for cover critiques:

COVER: Title
— Email body. In the body of the email, include:

  • A book category (lesbian romance, werewolf BDSM, erotic horror).
  • The advertising blurb.
  • A link to your cover image (optional).

Note: Do not paste your cover image into the email; it will be filtered out by the ERWA mailing list. If you are commissioning the cover or you only want feedback on the blurb, then you can leave the link out.

BE SPECIFIC! State exactly what you want. Chances are if you ask, you’ll get what you want; if you don’t, you won’t. Do you want tough honest crits, or do you want gentle remarks? Perhaps you want to know if the blurb is arousing; if the shadows are too dark; maybe you want help selecting a font for the title. Or perhaps you want a general overview. Not sure what to say? Here are a few ideas:

  • I’m self-publishing this story to Amazon. Is the photo likely to get Adult Filtered?
  • I’m shy (first time creating my own cover), and would like gentle input on…
  • I’m not into full-on graphic design and just want general comments on my simple cover. No critiques please.

Please don’t ask for critiques if you don’t plan on revising your work, ask for general comments instead. And if you do ask for critiques, please don’t complain when you get them.

Important! Cover Critique is an informal workshop. It was created to help writers improve their work with astute comments and critiques from their peers. If you post works for critiques, please return the favor and help other authors by critiquing their work. Everyone should make an effort to critique at least two works, more if time permits. If you want in-depth critiques, you should give in-depth critiques.

Image hosting. Images cannot be sent on the ERWA mailing lists. If you have your own web site or blog where you can host an image, use that, or you can use a spam-free image hosting web site like www.imgur.com. Imgur is very simple to use; just Sign Up to create an account or click Sign In, then click the New Post button to add an image—you can just drag it straight into your browser window.

Do not use image hosting services that use popup ads, redirect your browser, make you answer a CAPTCHA, or make you wait to see the image. Most especially, do not post Buy links to already published books or make people sign-up or sign-in to view the image. If you want genuine critiques, respect your peers and give them the simplest, safest experience to see your cover.

Synopsis. If you want other writers to know exactly what your book is about so they can advise whether the blurb should contain more or better information, you may do so, but it is not required. A synopsis is different to the blurb; it contains spoilers. It’s not designed to attract attention; rather it is a condensed version of your story’s plot, summarising the main events into a few hundred words.