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Foreskin: Hot or Not?

Gentlemen, there is a part of most of us that has been missing since birth. (No, girls, not the brain). The foreskin. Shortly after birth the male baby’s penis actually looks like a tiny cannoli, with the tip of the fresh penis nestled unsuspectingly in a cuddly wrap of loose fleshly cover, known as the foreskin. Then when we young lads are just getting our bearings, there is a brief swish of the surgeon’s blade and about a quarter inch or so of the foreskin is removed in a process chillingly entitled circumcision. Has my circumcised tribunal been missing something all these years (I mean besides regular, wild passionate intense sex), because of the foreskin snipped and tossed in one of those hospital ‘”medical waste bags?”

Tell us: Do you prefer cut or uncut cocks? Why or why not? Is there any difference in oral sex? Or intercourse?


  1. Comment Import

    From Mark
    As an uncircumcised man, I can report a very high level of sensitivity in the glans. It is sensitivity I can control. It makes little difference in a condom, and a little difference in penetration, but blow jobs are absolutely delicious.

  2. Comment Import

    From Anonymous
    Oh! Well, just when I’m in the process of deciding whether to get circumcision surgery or not, I come across this reviews, and boy! IT IS HELPFUL. I’ve really always been happy with my uncut penis but I’ve as well really wished not to have the skin, and it wasn’t until these last couple of years that I’m a lot more sexually active and happily gay married that I’ve thought about getting in off. But now I don’t know! Should I change the great sensitivity that I have now for just lasting more with less of it? What a great tricky question did I put you all thru eh!…But I’ll tell you what. I’m 21 y.o. and I think that I will enjoy my skin until my early 30’s and then I will go for the uncut look. Sounds Good?

    • Charles

      Do yourself a favour and forget the idea! I had it done in my late twenties and have lived to regret it. I’m now trying to regrow it. I lost a lot of the sensitivity and it looks gross. I should have listened to my instinct instead of being talked into it by a friend. Cheers.


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