Ladies & Gents, Tone Your PC Muscles!

by Good Vibrations

Sexologists often recommend that people get to know their pubococcygeal or PC muscles. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between a well-toned PC muscle and the intensity of orgasms in men and women. If that wasn’t enough reason to get to know these muscles, exercising your PC muscle group can also prevent urinary stress incontinence associated with aging.

Where and What is the PC Muscle?

The PC muscle is one of the many muscles that make up the pelvic floor. It is V-shaped, with the point connecting at the back (at the tailbone) and the wider end connecting at the front (at the pubic bone).The muscle splits and surrounds the genitals and anus.

During orgasm, the PC muscle contracts and releases. It makes the vagina and anus grip, makes the penis bounce, and helps propel ejaculate. Think of the muscle groups that make up the pelvic floor as a foundation to a house. You want to make sure your foundation is nice and strong to ensure your home lasts a lifetime.

How to Find It

For most people, the easiest way to voluntarily contract the PC muscle is to start and stop the flow of urine. This is best done in the shower or sitting on the toilet. Once you’ve found it, you can exercise it pretty much anywhere, without urinating — and in fact, starting and stopping your urine flow over and over is not recommended.

How to Get a Work-Out

Once you find your PC muscles, working them out regularly is a snap. The fun thing about PC muscle strengthening is that it can be quite pleasurable. It can be done while masturbating, reading your favorite erotica or watching your favorite porn. You can also simply do them while riding the bus or washing dishes. Some ways to get the muscle toned are:

  • Clench/release slowly (two-count for each)
  • Clench/release quickly (one-count for each)
  • Cycle: clench/hold/release/relax (four count each)
  • Butterfly (quick clenching)

Start off with five of each and increase over time. Many people find that keeping their PC muscle toned increases the length and intensity of their orgasms. Some men find that their erections are somewhat firmer. You may not notice a significant change until you decide to stop exercising it and see a decline in orgasm intensity. But it’s pretty easy to get back into shape!

Some doctors and midwives recommend that pregnant women strengthen their PC muscles in order to make labor and childbirth easier, and these exercises are also frequently recommended for urinary stress incontinence.

Many women find that locating and working out the PC muscle can be made easier with a resistive device. This resistive device can be anything safe to use vaginally, like a finger or a dildo. Ami Silicone Kegel Exercisers is a set of 3 premium-quality, innovative weighted and shaped Kegel exercisers that allow you to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscles and have a pleasurable time doing it. Each of the 3 body-safe silicone exercisers is weighted and shaped differently, with smooth, soft surfaces and flexible, squeezable midsections. Tug gently on the soft yet solid silicone cord to add stimulation and resistance.

Women can also try Betty’s Barbell, a heavy (nearly a pound) stainless steel rod that comes with complete instructions on how to use it—whether you’re alone or with a partner. The weight, shape and texture of the barbell make this a unique dildo, as well as a handy fitness tool. Other options are: Hold On To Me Kegel Balls, Vibrating Kegel Balls and Smartballs Teneo Silicone Kegel Balls. Any of these items are ideal for developing muscle tone.

While they can’t use the barbell, men can workout their PC muscles with the same exercises described above. Some men increase resistance by using a wet washcloth draped over their erections in order to add weight.

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