Men, Give Your Hand a Break!

Invest in a masturbator

ttention male masturbators! With half a dozen different sex toy shops selling a couple dozen male sex toys, you’re sure to find the masturbator to keep your cock happy. Feel what it’s like to slide between your favorite porn star’s lips with a realistic masturbator molded from her body. Re-live your favorite blowjob with a male masturbator designed to suck you dry with dozens of tongue-like pleasure nubs. Or just get a basic sleeve to give your hand a break.

Male masturbators (affectionately known as ‘pocket pussies’) come in a variety of sizes and shapes; some are shaped like a mouth or a vagina complete with hair while others are sleeves that appear to be simple tubes. The inside of a male masturbator is where the magic is; covered with ridges and bumps for enhanced sensation and orgasms. Masturbators and pocket pussies are typically made from jelly, silicone or cyberskin.

When shopping for a masturbator, there are several different factors to consider. For instance, if you’re on the road you need a masturbator that’s travel friendly and discreet. These male sex toys can be disguised as a variety of objects including flashlights or beer bottles like the popular Fleshlight male masturbator. Or you can use a a male masturbator small enough to easily hide in your luggage like the Tenga Egg (watch the video!).

If you’re looking for a male masturbator you can use at home, you might be interested in a more advanced men’s sex toy – like one of the a href=”″ target=”_blank”>realistic masturbators. These male sex toys are made from special materials and molded directly from famous adult stars. Although more expensive than sleeve type masturbators, realistic male masturbators give you the most life-like feeling and experience possible with a male sex toy.

After deciding how you plan to use your male masturbator, the next step is figuring out what kind of features you want. Basic male masturbators are simply inexpensive tubes with a tight opening at both ends. While using one of these stretchy sleeves, experienced male sex toy users usually pinch the other end closed to create a blowjob like feeling.

Intermediate and high-end male masturbators start offering a much wider range of features. The interior of these male sex toys are lined with a series of ticklers and ribs designed to stimulate your penis as you pump away with the male masturbator so you’ll orgasm easier. These male masturbators are also made from more durable materials, so this type of male sex toy last longer even with intense use. Many of these masturbators are closed at one end, to naturally provide a blowjob-like suction.

Male masturbators are frequently molded from the bodies of popular adult stars like Bree Olson. These realistic shaped male sex toys are made from special material that feels like real skin, even warming up to your touch. Some even come with real hair to help complete your fantasy. These male masturbators usually feature vaginal and anal openings, lined with stimulators. Some realistic models are almost life-size Love Dolls that offer the feeling of a live partner. These sex dolls have openings in all the traditional places; mouth, vagina and ass, so you can penetrate every orifice. Some the new model love dolls are equipped with large egg vibrators to increase stimulation.

After picking your male masturbator, be sure to follow all directions about cleaning your new male sex toy. Take care of it, and your new male masturbator will take care of you. And don’t forget the lubricants for a smoother adventure. There’s a huge variety of lubes to choose from, including silicone, water based and stay hard creams. Remember never to mix silicone lube with silicone masturbators though, the lube will melt the sex toy and you’ll be stuck with your hand until your new masturbator arrives.

There are dozens of innovative, exciting and stimulating male masturbators and men’s sex toys available at dozens of sex toy shops. A good sex toy shop should have wide variety quality products at competitive prices, and have a long standing reputation for accountability and customer service. Here are our recommendations:

  • Adam & Eve — Men, give your hand a break; invest in sex toys. Treat yourself to top-notch male masturbators, butt plugs, anal toys, love dolls, and penis pumps. Adam, delight your Eve with an erection enhancer or vibrating cock ring. Try something new and exciting with Adam & Eve’s excellent selection of adult products geared toward men to help you make the most of your sex life, either solo or partnered, Adam & Eve make a good thing even better.
  • GameLink is where adults shop for adult pleasures. Whether you’re looking for your first sex toy or your twentieth, something vanilla or kinky, a product large or small, GameLink has choices for you.Variety is the spice of life, and there aren’t many places spicier than GameLink’s Sex Toys selections.
  • Adult DVD Empire — Yes, that’s right, Adult DVD Empire also sells Sex Toys — it is a one-stop-shop for all your adult pleasures. Under one virtual roof you’ll find the latest and the greatest in adult movies, and an impressive selection of Sex Toys at competitive prices. You can buy, rent, VOD, download-to-own movies, and Porn-on-the-Go™ scenes for your iPod or iPhone, and ….Get outstanding customer service, and free shipping!

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