Reading As Craft

One of the most often over looked, but critical tasks all authors should engage in is reading. Sometimes authors—as well as instructors—focus on craft issues and the work produced by the individual writer at the expense of neglecting reading other authors' books....

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Reasonable Expectations

I have found, in the business of epublishing, that both authors and publishers have been known to enter into their business relationship with expectations that might not be completely reasonable—or sometimes even feasible. In order to get an article as well-rounded as...

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Learning Lessons

I learnt an important lesson this month. Well, in truth, I learnt several important lessons. Never test if the iron is still hot by using your tongue on the plate. Just because the words "fat" and "jolly" go together in common collocation, it doesn't mean that tubby...

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Planning Your Novel or Not

My favorite bon mot about writing (this week) is this frequently quoted little gem from W. Somerset Maugham: "There are three rules for writing the novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are." Talking about writing methods is like talking about religion and...

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How To Submit Your Work

You've written, revised, and edited your lesbian erotic short story and are ready to send it off into the world—hopefully, to be published. You've got a copy of the current calls for submissions in front of you. Now what? Don't take a deep breath or get distracted,...

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So Your Book Has Been Accepted

In past articles, I've talked about the pros and cons of epublishing, researching and choosing an epublisher. Of course, the goal was always to find an epublisher to submit to. And, hopefully, get accepted by. I didn't talk about the submissions process in epublishing...

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First Things First: The Story Idea

One night some years ago, my husband rented the movie Hard Target. Never having been a huge Jean-Claude Van Damme fan, I was disgruntled but resigned; after all, he—my husband, not Jean-Claude—had been pretty cool about Sense and Sensibility. You've been there. Then...

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Your Mileage May Vary

Think of this as the interlude between informative articles, the public service announcement, the after school special with a meaningful message (remember those?)...well, you get the picture. I'm taking a break from discussing epublishing and finding the epublisher...

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