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Links lead to adult forums focusing on a variety of sexual issues, activities, and relationships. Don’t be shy, share your thoughts and opinions with us via the comment form at the bottom of every page in this section.

Porn is not for Women, or is it?

People are weird. Just last night some guy told me, "Porn is not for women!" I was like, "WHAT?" Ugh...I'm a woman and well damn, I love porn! Oh and yes, I have lots of porn on my computer! —Christine

When Porn is Not Sexy: What are they doing wrong?

I would like others' views on When Porn Isn't Sexy—words of advice to porn makers on what they are doing wrong. I'm personally turned off by the extreme close-ups. I want the camera people to back off so that I can see the limbs and muscles and curves of the...

Porn and Relationships: Hot or Not?

Recently I discovered a lot of porn on my partner's computer, and I went nuts. The fact is I don't want my partners to feel like they can't ever look at porn. What I want is to lose my hang-ups over it and let my partners enjoy. I mean we have good sex so why should I...


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