Queer Fiction


I don't realise I have dozed until one of them moves. It's Nathan under my arm, my arm across his shoulders, Nathan up beside me on the pillows. His eyes are closed, sleeping, so I think, in his sleep nuzzling my side just below my breast, with his lips. It's a cosy...

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My Indentured Servant

My eyeballs were so hot with rage that I saw the two women through a red blur. "I need my fucking money today, Tara!" I yelled. "You said you'd have it." I was angrier at myself than at her. My own gullibility felt as unbearable as scratchy woollen underwear. "Chill...

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Sheelos U-teshuvos (Questions and Answers)*

"My head hurts," whined Aryeh miserably, tugging his carefully ringletted side locks straight and furrowing his pale brow. The candlelight turned his clear, bright features into golden planes and shadows. "Stop pulling your peyos! We've almost finished the chapter on...

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Sideburns; what makes a man grow sideburns? Does he look in the mirror one morning and think; "Hmmm despite the sloping brow and the eye ridges I don't quite look Cro-Magnon enough. What I need is redundant facial hair that will lower my perceived IQ and give my...

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Luis and the Boy Toy

I stared down at my bobbing cock, and felt my blood rush and the moisture come; a slow leak that I felt sure would be dripping from me in shining tendrils within moments. Looking at that big old thing was such a powerful turn-on. Luis thought so too. His pants were...

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Sky People

"But what if it happened to you, Sybil?" I said. "What if the space men took you into their saucer and flew you to their home planet, or the moon? Imagine if you looked out the window and saw the earth!" "I'd wave," Sybil said. She was driving, wearing cat's-eye...

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The Magic Lesbian

Callie Sauer slammed her hand down on the dark, polished wood hard enough to topple an empty beer bottle. "I want the damned bar, Joe. Name your price." "The bar's not for sale, Callie." I said, absently wiping a shot glass as I scanned the room. It was Thursday,...

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Small Dance

Every morning, as I leave my apartment, there is something new by the dumpster. I can't decide if it's trash or guerilla art. Today it's a small TV coated in white paint, a deranged naked barbie on top. Words have been scratched expertly onto the screen: They can't...

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Maid for a Queen

Soft light from the chandelier was reflected in the large ornate mirror upon the wall at the end of the long dining table. That light also gave silver highlights to Madam's blue-rinsed hair and glittered on the mass of jewellery she wore. It shone dully on the short...

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A Stiff Neck

I didn't really know why I was waiting up for Raf. She was only a friend of a friend, and I was letting her stay with me until she could find her own apartment. Raf's fit, muscular body, her glowing, sand-colored skin, her dark eyes and her smoky voice had nothing to...

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