Luis and the Boy Toy

I stared down at my bobbing cock, and felt my blood rush and the moisture come; a slow leak that I felt sure would be dripping from me in shining tendrils within moments. Looking at that big old thing was such a powerful turn-on.

Luis thought so too. His pants were puddled on the floor around his ankles and his cock stretched the cotton of his briefs into an obscene tent that bent back upon itself slightly. He shuffled forward like a child, without stepping out of his trousers, until he was standing against me, breathing raggedly.

“I’m gonna come real hard”, he said, and slowly ground his cock onto me, rubbing it against mine until I could feel the damp seeping through the knit when it grazed my belly. I fished in his shorts, and coaxed him out and closed one hand around the shaft, which was smooth, and warm. The skin shifted around its core, satiny to the touch.

I handed him the rubber.

“Put it on me.”

He stared at me blankly for a moment.


“Don’t tell me you don’t know how to do it! Put it on. Put it on and then suck my cock and do it correctly, I don’t want it pinched. Don’t leave a mark”

Luis dropped to his knees.

“Suck my nuts while you are at it,” I barked. I felt his breath swirling damply between my legs. I pulled my balls up.

“Lick me there!” I felt his tongue probe the sensitive spot behind them. “God, baby, that feels so good.”

I was amazed at what a fine cocksucker Luis really was. His chin seemed to fold in upon itself as he opened himself. I watched with passionate interest as my dick slid past his teeth and disappeared into his gorge. He didn’t even choke. I could stand there and literally fuck his face and just the movement of my hips and the image of him devouring me whole made me swell to bursting.

Luis liked to lick me between my legs, just behind the balls. He kept trying to push his face in there.

“I am so hot,” I breathed, twisting a nipple under my shirt, hard. “I want to fuck you.”

He was so damned anxious, he spun around, knees still buried in his crumpled pants, and presented his ass to me, cheeks spread. He had this little copper-coloured plug that he began working in and out, with a gallon of lube. Finally, its knot disappeared. He waited, panting.

“Just a sec,” he gasped. “Cramp.”

I waited, gently stroking myself. At last he began to move the toy. It slid smoothly, until when it withdrew, his asshole still gaped open a bit.

“Oh, Lu, I am so hot for you. Are you ready hon? Are you hot? Are you ready to take my fat cock in your ass? Do you want it? Do you want me to fuck your ass? I think you do. I think you want it because you haven’t got a muscle able to close it up for you. I’m gonna slide it in until you split, ok?”

He made some dumb, inarticulate sound, and nodded his head. The rest was so damned easy, I was awestruck. He was a real two-ended revelation. Just because I went slowly at first did not mean that it was difficult. It just slid in. All of it; all of my brand-new, ‘Sean Michaels’ realistic, uncut, ten-inch wonder in supple latex secured fashionably to me by a black and purple chrome studded harness of cunning design! Next thing I know he was moaning for me to fuck him faster and harder, and was pulling furiously on his dick. I thought he’d never stop shooting. He left a dangerous slick on the hardwood floor, and then shouted for me to get out ’cause all of a sudden he could feel it.

I came in a snapping, snarling paroxysm. I didn’t even touch myself, but the motion was enough; slamming into him, watching all of that monster just vanish into his plush olive butt, making him spray and cry at the same time. I just drained all down my legs, twitching and humming.

He fell asleep in about 30 seconds. He was gone for hours. After I caught my breath, I had a little chuckle.

Next week I think I’ll introduce him to ‘Bam’. He just arrived by courier.

© 2000 by Helena SettimanaAll rights reserved.

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