Maid for a Queen

Soft light from the chandelier was reflected in the large ornate mirror upon the wall at the end of the long dining table. That light also gave silver highlights to Madam’s blue-rinsed hair and glittered on the mass of jewellery she wore. It shone dully on the short black satin skirt which I wore as I stood quietly to one side waiting for Madam to finish her meal.

I neither spoke nor looked directly at Madam for as her maid I was merely to be seen not heard unless directed otherwise.

She took one last dainty nibble at her fruit salad, laid down the fork and spoon and carefully dabbed the corners of her crimson painted lips with a snow-white napkin. Still I did not move until she pushed the floral patterned bowl away from her which signified she had completed her dinner.

I moved towards her, quietly clearing the table, placing the used utensils and crockery upon the trolley. When I had done this I poured Madam her coffee. As I did so she placed a long after-dinner cheroot to her lips and lit it. I presented her with a goblet of brandy and received a brief nod of acknowledgement from my mistress whose face was a stern, overpainted mask.

The tip of her cheroot glowed. She sucked smoke deep into her lungs, closed her eyelids weighted heavily with false black lashes and held the smoke within her, then gave a gusty sigh sending a grey-blue banner of vapour towards the ceiling.

When she opened her eyes she focused upon me and her features cracked into a thin smile. She spoke for the first time since the meal began, but only two words. “Pleasure me.”

I bobbed a curtsey. “Yes, Madam.”

This was for most nights an after-dinner ritual and I knew what was required of me. I squatted down on the heels of my stiletto shoes, then on all fours crawled beneath the table until I was facing Madam, my chin only inches from her chiffon covered knees. I laid a hand on each of her ankles and slowly, very slowly, as she liked, slid my hands upwards over the fine silk of her stockings until I came to the flouncy hem of her dress.

I did not halt here but continued, pushing up her dress, over her knees, up the length of her soft, plump thighs and onwards, beyond the tops of her stockings, revealing the pale blue lace of her suspenders.. A quick glance from beneath the table showed me her relaxed features and dreamy eyes. Still I raised her dress until I exposed the final silken barrier concealing her intimate zone.

Bunching up the chiffon I positioned it around her broad hips to expose the delicate, almost transparent silk of her lace edged panties. She allowed me to part her thighs to give access to the gusset of her panties and what lay beneath. I drew her panties to one side, freeing her, exposing her to my gaze then slowly I lowered my face towards her.

The fragrance of her rose in my nostrils. I breathed it in deeply, savouring the sweet scent, the scent of talc and silk and warm willing flesh. I wanted to reach out and touch her with my fingers but this was forbidden. I could only enjoy her fruit with my lips and my tongue for I was there to give not receive pleasure. I was only the maid, employed to serve.

My tongue flickered as my lips kissed Madam’s wonderful fruit and in response, as she would give a child candy, she raised one leg and rested it over the arm of the heavy dining chair, thus fully presenting herself to me.

Not only was this a signal for me to administer further pleasure to her, but a sign for me to present more of myself to Madam. While my tongue and my lips and my mouth continue to adore Madam’s sensual regions I slowly hiked up my own skirt until it was a crumpled band around my waist. Through heavily lidded eyes I knew that Madam was able to enjoy the white roundness of my buttocks in the mirror, placed there for the very purpose of stimulating Madam even more.

The first dewiness of Madam touched my ever-flickering tongue and encouraged me to work faster while arousing her further by slowly gyrating my buttocks and giving her brief glimpses of the tiny black lace thong I wore. That I wore black stockings and suspenders added to her pleasure.

It pleased Madam, that view, for she anointed my lips further. I heard the soft rustle of chiffon as her hips began to move slightly in a serpentine rhythm of enjoyment. From time to time I also heard the snuffling sighs of her breath, increasing in tempo as the pace of my tongue and lips and mouth quickened. The beringed fingers of one blue-veined hand gripped the arm of the chair until her knuckles became white.

The creaminess of her honey flowed liberally now and soon my face was smeared with her juices. I savoured it with eyes closed and drank deeply, gorging upon her. No longer was she squirming but was thrusting deliberately. Her sighs had become soft moans which soon changed to loud groans. I instinctively knew how close she was to rewarding me. My tongue lashed furiously now in an effort to bring her to the point of climax.

Beneath her the chair creaked alarmingly and her delightful posterior rose and fell in a crescendo of noise until at last she achieved her desire which was heralded by a moaning fanfare, the uncontrollable thrashing of her hips and the quivering of her plump white thighs.

When the turmoil within her receded and she began to relax I cleansed her with my tongue until she removed her leg off the chair arm. Backing away from her I readjusted her panties and dress then crawled from under the table, pushing my skirt down to its correct position.

I stood at Madam’s side. She gave me a brief smile of satisfaction then looked quite pointedly at the Y-shape of my tight skirt below my stomach. When her eyes met mine I knew what my next duty was.

I slid between the table and Madam and faced her. She nodded. “Display yourself.” she commanded.

Obediently I lifted my skirt to my waist. Madam examined me and fingered the fragile lace of my black thong before than narrow triangle was drawn over my hips down my thighs and beyond my knees to my ankles. I stepped out of them. Madam toyed with my suspenders, stroked my stockinged legs then began to administer pleasure to me.

With hands gripping the edge of the table I leaned back, face tilted to the ceiling, eyes closed. In a high state of excitement I rewarded Madam with creamy gushes from deep within me. She gave a murmur of appreciation and continued to expertly lap me and tease me with scarlet painted fingertips.

I began to squirm as the ritual continued until I could no longer restrain myself and just as Madam had done moments before I released my juices until I had emptied myself within her mouth.

I slumped against the table. Madam nodded in the direction of her lap. I lowered myself upon her, squatting up her thighs, facing her and feeling her hoarse breath on my cheeks. She pulled me to her and kissed me with mouth wide and I received from Madam the gift I had given her. We remained embracing for long moments while she allowed me to recover. Finally, when I gave a hearty sigh of contentment she released me.

I dismounted from her lap, but I had one final duty to perform for Madam. I turned my back upon her, stepped into my panties and bent low as I pulled them up, thus revealing everything to Madam.

She touched me, sliding one finger slowly up my well parted buttocks and tantalised me. My little rosebud flexed itself and was kissed lovingly.

I adjust my clothing. Madam had recovered her stern composure. With a dismissive wave of her hand she released me from my duties. I bobbed another curtsey and moved towards the trolley stacked with used crockery. Madam glanced in my direction. “You will present yourself to me in the games room at nine this evening.” I bobbed again. “I want you to wear your pink outfit.”

“Yes, Madam.” I murmured obediently and retreated from the dining room pushing the trolley before me.

I had very little time to prepare for the entertainment which I was expected to give Madam. I hurriedly washed, dried and put away the dishes, tidied the kitchen then fled to my own quarters to shower, repair my make-up and change out of my maid’s outfit.

With five minutes to spare I hurried down the spiralling staircase to the games room, the long transparent pink robe billowing out behind me, the heels of my pink satin shoes clicking on the carpeted stairs.

I took a deep breath then tapped upon the door of the games room as the hall clock struck a melodious nine. Madam’s muted voice bade me enter. Before I opened the door I slid my hand under my tiny pink panties and adjusted my flaccid penis then I entered the room where Madam’s own throbbing erection awaited my administrations.

© 2000 by Randi Dixon. All rights reserved Not to be reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

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