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Does erotic classical music send your libido soaring? Well then, don’t be stingy, share with us! Sure, you can share your libido, but for now we’ll be satisfied with your favorite erotic classical music CD. (Be sure to include CD titles, not just the music titles).


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    Alexandra Diane says: I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain“! Granted, it’s a little bit dark, but if you’re writing BDSM or vampire, it sets great mood music. Always makes me think of some hot vampire sex in some Transylvanian castle on a dark and rainy night.

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    Ellen Addie says: Passionate, intelligent, moving, unusual, all describing Sergei Prokofiev’s music. Though you wouldn’t think a ballet from a fairy tale might be erotic, his score for “Cinderella” is exquisite, and I use it all the time as inspiration for my writing. I would also recommend his “Romeo and Juliet” (though I think “Cinderella” is sexier) and his waltzes and anything else. He is at once sublime, powerful and sensual. The best! You could try the “Cinderella” Suite but you’ll probably want to right to the full-length ballet, it’s that wonderful.

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    Lily says: I could discuss sexy classical music all day and all night. Some of my top picks? Elgar. Just about anything by Elgar, but the Cello Concerto in particular. Yo Yo Ma, all the way. Beethoven: Kreutzer violin sonata Piano Concerto 1. Anne-Sophie Mutter, Gil Shaham, Itzahk Perlman, or Nadia Solerno-Sonnenberg. Beethoven: Piano Concerto 1. Emmanuel Ax, Saint-Saëns: 3rd Symphony, Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #2, Brahms: 3rd or 4th Symphonies. Eduard Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole. There are just too many… 🙂 I would list specific CDs, but classical music is also subjective. What I like about one interpretation may not appeal to someone else. Thus, I’ve included a list of soloists that I tend to prefer.

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    Mark says:  Ravel’s “Bolero” If that don’t get ya in the mood, nothing will.

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    Anonymous says:  Handel’s ‘Passacaglia’… my favorite arrangement is on Arturo Delmoni and Nathaniel Rosen’s ‘Music for a Glass Bead Game‘ album, under the John Marks Records label… it was the centerpiece in a mix CD of ‘stunningly erotic classical music’ that I made for a friend. The Handel piece is one of the most singularly sublime (and well-timed!) recordings of any type that I have heard – builds up slowly to a decadent finish and sweet little post-orgasmic sigh of violin and cello. Magnificent.

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    Miss Mozart says: PASSION! SENSUALITY! ITALIANS! SWELLING CLIMAXES!!!! Nothing is more sexy than Giacomo Puccini’s La Boheme, especially the tenor aria “Che Gelida Manina” and the sextet from Act III. The swelling sound of a tenor’s luxuriant voice is enough to put me in the mood anytime.

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    Bill Smith says: The fourth movement (only) of symphony 22 (City of Light) by Alan Hovhaness is the best exposition of orgasm (male) I’ve ever heard.

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    Jane says: One of the sexist things ever is Isolde’s Liebestod. Also the whole of Act I of Walkure.
    FFS, can’t we forget Wagner’s politics and look instead at his wonderful transgressive eroticism? His politics don’t matter now, and his music does.

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    dj recommends: The music for The Hunger… wild, dark lust to start out with Bauhaus song “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, but then the rest is beautiful classical music, lots of piano and cello. the movie has a great sex scene between Susan Sarandon and Katherine Deneuve; and David Bowie gets the bi-side of me going too.


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