If I Have My Way

He sits at the table with his associates and I stand at the door watching him, listening to him speak. I admire his hands and mouth, and imagine them possessing me, owning me, spanking me like he did last night at that same table while Madeleine watched.

There, I said it. He spanked me. In fact, my bottom burns now and it’s been several hours since I felt the strike of his hand. The one I can’t keep my eyes off of.

I didn’t resist. I knew there was simply no point. There was no escape. Madeleine not only watched, she loomed over me and pressed my wrists hard to my spine.

I look into his eyes and I wish I could have witnessed his pleasure last night. I want to know how it felt when he punished me. When he delivered.

“He’s taking off his belt.” She purred in my ear.

He slipped it between my thighs and I helplessly straddled it. He groaned.

My panties are wet and my bottom is on fire. I want to touch, but now isn’t the time. Not here in front of his associates.

Madeleine pulled me to her breast, and my lips touched her large nipple, teasing it.

“Soon.” She said.

I licked the dark skin around it. She moaned in reply.

He pulled the thick black belt from between my legs and I felt empty. I sucked her nipple hard into my mouth. It felt hot. I heard a hiss and then it was there – his hand and white heat burning my flesh.

“Kristal.” She pleaded. I knew what she wanted. I was tempted to bite, instead I counted, spank after spank, nuzzling her breast between breaths.

He loves it. Begging excites him. I know.

I want more of him, now.

He spanked me hard. I felt dizzy with excitement. Each blow hurt more than the one before it. His hands replaced hers behind me. Never before had I known such vulnerability. I felt lost.

She clenched my hair and buried my face, all wet with tears between her chubby thighs. I cried into the soft skin of her bald cunt.

I want her, here, now, kneeling at my feet, sucking my sloppy sex, making me vibrate all over.

He touched my welted skin. I squealed. Tenderly he kissed me, there, on my ass and I felt numb with joy.

Her thighs felt like a vice, she squeezed them tighter. I probed her with my tongue and her body bucked under me.

I watch him rise to his full height. He shakes the hands of his friends, with the same hand I will soon surrender to, over and over again — if I have my way.

Copyright November © 1999 by MLW. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without written permission from the author.

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