Just One More Thing

Ethan kicked the bedroom door open, left eye twitching behind his glasses, his shoulders

broadening under his cardigan. “That’s it! I’m taking you off the insurance for the Jag!”

My mouth went dry. I knew he’d be unhappy, but Ethan never got this angry. “I’m s-sorry—”

“Repairs cost money, Tina!”

“I know.” I can’t be trapped on this estate without a car! “Look, get angry with me, but—”

“‘Get’ angry? I’m livid!” He snatched his glasses off and hurled his shirt and cords into the

corner, showing muscle tone I’d forgotten about.

I needed his hands on me. “Slam me like I slammed your car.” I tossed the covers off the

bed, lying meek and naked in the centre. “Come on. Make me sorry.”

Ethan lunged forward and entered in one, slick bruising move. He pinned my wrists and

pounded like an athlete until I strained off the bed with a clitless climax, harmonising with his howl.

I got my breath back, gathering the nerve to make him angry again. I could handle being

trapped on the estate with this Ethan. I stroked sweaty hair from his face. “Um…darling?”


“I…ah… ran the Jag into the Bentley.”

© 2015 Sam Thorne. All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without written permission from the author.

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