Sensual New Age & Alternative Music

Below are suggested titles for Sensual New Age and Alternative Music. Does new age light your fire? Well then, share your music recommendations with us. (Be sure to include CD titles, not just the song titles).


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    From LavenderDusk: I must agree with Chainedtiger that Bjork, Homogenic is one of the most sensual artists I’ve heard.  My favorites are Possibly Maybe and Enjoy, both off Post and Joga from from Homogenic.

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    Jim says: Check out Erotic Rhythms from Earth Govinda. Reviews say it like it is, I can’t put it any better: …”If the afterworld includes a red-light district, Erotic Rhythms from Earth would qualify as its soundtrack. The third recording from Austin, Texas programmer/multi-instrumentalist Shane O’Madden beckons you into an off-focus world of amorphous boundaries, one that hovers somewhere between eternity and soft-core carnality.” Very sexy, sensual, lovely.

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    Nikki recommends:  Shri Durga, DJ Cheb I Sabbah.  I recently had a very intense (non sexual) massage to this music and I was left in a heighten state of arousal and wanting more. I inquired about the artist and purchased it right away.  It takes you away to this magical place, especially when “enhanced.”  Enjoy alone or with someone special!

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    dm0de4ever claims: The soundtrack to Cirque de Solei’s “Quidam” is wonderful.  Lots of sensual tones, that are really sooothing. Also the soundtrack to “Amelie“, it takes you to another time and place.  Paris in “old World” style.

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    Larry A.  says: Electronic harpist, and musical magician, Andreas Vollenweider’s; “Behind The Gardens-Behind the Walls-Under the Tree” and “Caverna Magica” have been around long enough to be almost classic.  For musicianship that is by turns sensual, playful, mysterious, gentle and moving; all over various delicious rhythms that enhance not overpower; I still think they’re some of the very best.  Never gets bogged down in turgid righteousness, or overdoes electronic gimmicry that eventually becomes boring.  I’ve had these for years and they still set a delightful scene for romance and exploration.

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    Tigerlily says: I have found that the rhythm in “marco polo” off of Loreena McKennitt’s album Book of Secrets, moves me to dance.  I think of my dance like the characters in Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa…primal in its attempt to connect to something.  I am more obliged to just play the whole album to experience an openness and receptivity to receive love and to give love.

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    Amanda says: Some of the most erotic music I have ever heard is by Enigma.  Each of the five albums released by Enigma have been absolutely fantastic, and they’re really good at putting people in the mood: MCMXC A.D., The Screen Behind the Mirror, The Cross of Changes, Voyageur. With titles such as “The Smell of Desire” and “The Principles of Lust”, how could one possibly go wrong? The new album “Voyageur” has some really erotic tracks on it…my favorites being “Boum- Boum” and “Voyageur”.

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    Lisandra says: I believe that a very sensual song is “Yulunga”, from Dead Can Dance.  You can almost smell the spices and feel the hot desert on your skin…

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    Jules says: I’m calling it New Age, the music is usually referred to as Exotica, and Yma Sumac is labeled as the Queen of Exotica, with good reason.  Since coming out in 1950, Voice of the Xtabay has spawned very numerous copies, none of which are as good as her own.  Voice is actually her first two 78rpm records put together as one by Capitol Records, and since it’s release, has been named as one album which has never gone out of print.  And yet it is her voice which is really the extraordinary thing.  Boasting a unique 6 octave range, it is extremely beautiful, and she is lucky to have descent composers as well, such as Moises V, or Les Baxter. The sound is very operatic in a foreign language, just so you know what to expect.  Expect also to be moved.  Ethereal and other worldly.  She has 5 CDs, and various best-of collections.  Start with either of these first two mentioned at the top.  And be moved.  Exotica doesn’t rhyme with erotica for nothing.

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    Charlotte Moliere says: When I am writing my erotic fiction, there is no other new age artist that sets the mood for me than Enigma. I have my picks from all of their albums.
    Mea Culpa: The Fading Shades remix is much more sensual in nature. I would recommend it over the original version. Listening to it, you have the image of an erotic belly dancer in mind.
    Beyond The Invisible: This song has a middle eastern flavor to it and listening to it, you can picture yourself as a slave or master in a Turkish harem.
    Push The Limits: This could be song used to set the mood for any d/s or bondage fantasy because the message is very clear…push the limits…do what you want to do Principles Of Lust: I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one…we all know why it’s a perfect mood setter.

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    She says: For those who love the sounds of Enigma, this other pioneer of sexy electronic music can be counted on to get you going. I highly recommend Delerium: Best of. They have sensual, throbbing background beats, melodic keyboards and floating female vocals. They use different singers to provide a different feel to each song, and have even collaborated with Sarah McLachlan on their best known song, “Silence”. You can’t go wrong with their “Best of” cd, from which I can certainly recommend “Flowers become Screens” featuring the vocals of Kirsty Thirsk, or Euphoria (Firefly) featuring Jacqui Hunt.
    Off of another great disc, “Chimera“, I recommend having a listen to the song “Love” featuring Zoe Johnston. If you want the Sarah McLachlan tune, it is available on various compilation discs, as well as their “Best of” and their album “Poem”.

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    Hank says: I totally agree with the comments about the haunting strains of Enigma. I think I have about every CD they’ve recorded and have used their music for years in D/s play and it always enhances. I’d like to add another artist that I didn’t see mentioned that has enigmatic qualities of its own; the artist is Diane Arkenstone: Aquaria. Although there are eight tracks on the recording, they flow so seamlessly and melodically from one to the other the listener scarcely knows where he or she is on the disc, sometimes a good thing (wink). Also my thanks for the recommendations of other groups that weren’t on my radar screen.

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    Jules says: Building, unrelenting, rhythmic, delicate, like the waters of the Amazon flowing in and about you or a pair of hands never still but always warm…very New Age, very World Music. Very bed music. Aguas Da Amazonia: Philip Glass

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    Glen says: I would have to agree with the selection of Dead Can Dance Yolunga, but would have to include just about all they have recorded. There is also Carlos Nakai’s Canyon Trilogy: Native American Flute Music“, which whifts one along on the wings of spirits through immense canyons; the effect can be mind blowing. On the more radical side of the spectrum is Jean Michal Jarre’s Zoolook, especially the cut featuring Laurie Anderson – it will make you either hot, or crazy.

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    Ashen White says: I have to say one of the most sensual New Age tracks I have come across is Season of Growth, on the Marilyn Rife: Seasons of the Drum cd. I use this track often to inspire sensual, erotic sylvan scenes when writing.

    I have to agree to a certain extent with the selections from Enigma, although feel we should not lose site of the greatest creator of the New Age genre, Mike Oldfield. He has some very sensual music on the Incantations album and elsewhere, especially the Hiawatha sections. Also, I find some of Enya’s work, especially Afer Ventus on the Shepherd Moons album, very sensual too.

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    Valery says: If you are in the mood or trying to set the mood, you really should light a few candles and put on Enigma: Seven Lives Many Faces. It is so full and meshes well with the act of love making. Really any Enigma will do fine but that is the one I like the best. Great beats and the tempo is easy to keep. Great for erotic meditation too! Try it and enjoy your self.


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