Captain Jack’s AVN Experience

A Hot Movies Experience by Captain Jack

I had been wanting to go to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas for years. But, for whatever reason, I never could make it. Finally, I went to my first show in 2014 and I was hooked! It is a wonderful place to meet the women of the industry and have a little chat with them. You can get pictures or autographs, usually for free, but some charge for the privilege. I can understand them charging, especially if they aren’t signing for a major player. I’ve had some girls tell me they can run up a tab of $7,000-10,000 just from airfare, hotel, hair and makeup, getting DVDs and pictures, clothing, etc. That doesn’t even include food and drink!

Anyways, I got into town Tuesday night; it was a later flight and I got there just in time to head to my first event of the week—The Spiegler Dinner. Super-agent Mark Spiegler always has a dinner on the eve of the show for his girls and a few select guests. It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year! This year, I arrived about ten minutes after the start and Mark jokingly let me know about it. He had most of his roster there and it’s just a fun time to relax and get ready for the long week ahead. I had the bonus of sitting across from Dana DeArmond (who is hilarious) and next to Luna Star (who is super sweet). It was a fun event and a good way to kick off AVN week.

Jane Wilde

2020 AVN Female Performer of the Year Nominee Jane Wilde

So Wednesday came and the show was about to start. Even though it is supposed to open at noon, that is always a pipe dream, so I got there about 12:30. My first stop is always Muse Hall because that’s where a lot of the bigger booths are. I stopped by Evil Angel and Jane Wilde was already there. We didn’t chat much the night before because we were on opposite sides of the table but we had a nice talk. We discussed doing another interview for a big release she has coming out pretty soon. It should be exciting and her fans will love it! My next stop was the Jules Jordan booth. He always has a great lineup, and this year is no exception. This early in the day, he had two of the fastest rising stars in the industry: Emily Willis and Gianna Dior. Those two were my picks this year for Performer of the Year and Best New Starlet, respectively. Emily was looking forward to the awards and didn’t know what to expect. I gave her some encouragement and told her if my opinion means anything, just be confident. Gianna was also looking forward to the awards. She has worked extremely hard this year and had a quiet confidence about her. I wished her luck!

Gianna Dior

2020 AVN Best New Starlet Gianna Dior

I then made my way into the Joint, where the awards would be held in three days. All the agencies are here, and there is a wide variety and abundance of porn girls here. I know some prominent people that don’t even visit the agency booths, but I love it because I can meet newer girls and talk with some girls that I interviewed in the past but never officially met! It was still kind of slow and there weren’t many girls here yet, but I did have a chance to talk to one of my favorites: Candice Dare. She always looks forward to these shows and meeting her fans. One thing she is doing different this year is that she is planning to have a different hairstyle for every day of the show, The White Party, and the Awards themselves. That’s a lot of work and I anticipate checking out her different looks! It was a good day of seeing old friends and meeting some new ones. I had dinner with a friend and had a pretty quiet night. There were still many events planned for the next few days!

Thursday came and the Expo seemed busier than a usual Thursday. It was cool walking around seeing some girls that had just come in that day! There are four girls that always have lines that last up to an hour or more—Angela WhiteRiley ReidAdriana Chechik, and Abella Danger. Abella wasn’t signing this year, although I saw her floating around the show floor all week. The other three had incredible lines. I talked to Angela and Riley Tuesday night at the dinner, so we caught up a little bit. Angela is most excited for the chance at a third straight Female Performer of the Year award.

Maitland Ward

2020 AVN Crossover Star of the Year Maitland Ward

There were two girls that just came back to the industry that I was very excited to see. Siri is looking toned and fit. She still has a great body (and the tits) and was happy to be back. Keisha Grey is also back. She has some new ink and is looking great! She is healthy and happy and in a good space. It was great to see her! Every year, this is one girl I pinpoint that I absolutely have to meet. Through a source, I found out that Maitland Ward was due in at 3pm. She was just as beautiful and gracious as I expected. We have talked throughout the year and she is an amazing woman. So happy to have finally met her! I also talked to Jane Wilde just after her showcase for Evil Angel was officially announced. She told me some details but asked that I not let it out of the bag until the trailer drops. That should be one of the major releases of the year! I had a nice chat with Kate Kennedy also. She was excited because she was going to be doing standup at one of the clubs in town. Unfortunately, I was running late and couldn’t make it out to see her. The crowds were very respectful of the girls this year. I’ve heard of some grabby fans in the past but didn’t hear anything this year.

As Kenzie Madison said,

“I’m very excited for my first convention but a little nervous as well. I didn’t know what to expect! But the fans have been great and I couldn’t ask for more!”

Thursday night came and I grabbed a quick dinner. I went to change then made my way down to the Circle Bar. I saw some friends and we had some drinks. At about 11, I made my way to the Evil Angel party (by invitation only). The studio has a party every year in a suite at the Hard Rock. It’s always fun to see the people there and it’s a casual event where you can have real conversations. I talked to Kendra SpadePhoenix Marie, and Ramon Nomar, among others. I also ran into Mark Wood and Francesca Le’. I recently named them as Directors of the Year in the Captain Jack Off Awards, and they were very happy and thankful for that! Francesca told me about some of the new girls she is shooting and what she has upcoming. They have six films ready to go so that she and Mark can take some well-deserved time off. Mark and I talked a little football. His Chargers had a rough year and my Packers laid an egg in the NFC Championship, so we commiserated a little bit!

Friday came and the highlight for me was the return of Veronica Avluv! She was signing autographs and taking pictures on the floor of the joint. If you’ve ever met Veronica, she has the ability to look you in the eye, and make you feel like the most important person in the world. She is looking great and is very happy in her place in life. She is in a new relationship and lives in Florida now. I also had an impromptu interview with Alexis Zara, and she is utterly fantastic! She has a great body and is very funny in her answers. I also got a chance to talk to India Summer and Holly Hendrix. Finally, I chatted with Kendra Spade. I saw her every day of the show at various functions and she was in a walking boot. She tripped at the gym and sprained her ankle pretty severely. However, just because she must have been in pain, she was all smiles! Kendra is one of the nicest girls in the world and is just a joy to talk to! I also got lucky walking by Angela White’s booth just as the line was forming. I was about ten back, but still had to wait about an hour until I got to talk to her. Angela is always a joy to converse with. She’s the biggest star in porn but always makes time for her fans. I don’t like to take too much time when there’s 100 people behind me, so I just took a few pictures and wished her luck at the awards show.

Angela White

2020 AVN Female Performer of the Year Angela White

It was back to hobnob at the bars and make an appearance at the White Party. This time I ran into Magdalene St. MichaelsWhitney WrightMick BlueLisey Sweet, and Evil Chris at various points of the night. Mick is a fantastic person. We talked about his baby boy just turning one year old and what he has coming up. It was the first time I had a chance to meet Chris, and he was giving me crap over my choice for Gonzo Release of the Year. I took it good-naturedly and we had a nice chat. I told him that Angela White: Dark Side was just an epic masterpiece. It was a late night, way too late, but that what’s AVN week is for, right?

“I had a lot of fun this week, but I’m glad that this is the last day!”

Those words were spoken by Brooklyn Gray but could have been said by any girl here on Saturday. It was a fun week but it’s exhausting! The girls are in heels all week meeting fans then have to meet their obligations at night. It catches up to the best of them, and also someone who is much older than the average porn girl (LOL). Saturday is a very casual day. Some girls don’t even sign because they have to get into hair and makeup for the awards show that night and a lot are catching up on sleep from all the parties that are going on, especially the White Party from Friday night! I made a couple of laps around the show and wished Gianna Dior and Emily Willis luck for the show that night. I took some pictures with Kenna JamesKenzie Reeves, and others. It was time to wrap things up. I don’t do the red carpet or the show, but I will meet some friends after the show in the bar.

AVN is always great. I live 2,000 miles from the center of the porn world and it’s nice to see some of the girls I talk to throughout the year. I get to meet some of the girls that I interviewed over the past 12 months, but I also renew acquaintances with girls that I chat with either via texting or DMs over time. I also realize that I have fans out there and I couldn’t be more humbled by that. I’ve had people from Europe, Canada, and the UK tell me that they’re fans. I met two fans that told me they read everything I write and they thanked me for taking them behind the scenes. It makes them feel like they really get to know the girls. Believe me, I don’t take it for granted and am grateful for everything that has come my way. I also greatly appreciate the performers and directors who compliment me on my work. I am very humbled by the acknowledgement. I hope this article gives the fans some insight into the show and how fun—and exhausting—it can be!

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