THE SEDUCTION OF HEIDI: Before Fifty Shades, there was “Heidi and the Kaiser” — now an Adult Feature Film

The Seduction of Heidi Director Kay Brandt entered into her third collaboration with NYT bestselling author, Selena Kitt, to make her BDSM D/s book “Heidi and the Kaiser” into a feature film for Adam & Eve.

The Seduction of Heidi is an epic movie — three and a half hours long, loaded with kinky deliciousness, starring Whitney Wright as “Heidi” and Ryan Driller as “Kaiser”.

The following excerpt is from “Heidi and the Kaiser” and pictures taken from The Seduction of Heidi.

“Why stop at a blowjob?” he asked against her ear, his voice low, and she heard him pressing the button under the desk, locking the door. “Why not just let him fuck you?”

Heidi shook her head, whimpering. “It was a joke. It wasn’t—I wouldn’t—”

“Yes, you would.” Kaiser’s hand fisted, turning her head, his mouth murmuring the words against her cheek now. “If I told you to, you would.” He let go of her hair, his hand moving around her front, dipping into her blouse to cup the swell of her breast. “Wouldn’t you, Heidi?”

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 1

“Yes, sir,” she admitted, feeling both proud and ashamed of her admission.

“You may get the opportunity to prove it.” She hated the thought of another man touching her—but somehow even that paled next to Kaiser’s insistence. If he wanted her to, if he told her to, how could she refuse? “But you won’t do it unless I tell you to, will you?”

“No, sir,” she agreed, swallowing as he unbuckled his belt with his other hand.

“You’re mine, Heidi.”

And she was. There was no argument, never had been. “Yes, sir.”

His cock was steel heat against her thigh, slipping up the already-slick slit of her pussy, seeking entrance. Heidi stiffened in surprise, her eyes wide as he shoved in hard, making her moan out loud.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 2

“Mine,” he said through gritted teeth, giving up on her breast and grabbing her hips for more purchase, driving her forward on the desk.

“Yessss,” she cried, biting her lip as he thrust deep again.

The force of his fuck was tremendous and she gave herself over to him, barely hanging onto the edge of the desk as he took her, making his point with every plunge. She was going to have bruises on her thighs and hips for weeks where his fingers were digging in and she didn’t care in the least.

“Mine,” he growled again into her ear, his voice and cock a driving staccato. “Mine. Mine. Mine.”

“Oh god…” Her body said nothing but yes, her thighs trembling, her pussy lips swollen and wetting his way nicely, her flesh insisting his words weren’t just true, they were Truth with a capital T, that she never before and never again would belong to another man the way she belonged to this one.

“It’s mine to take.” Kaiser never paused, the friction a steady impetus, using her pussy to make his point, using her pussy, using her. And she wanted him to use her—more than he did maybe, she admitted shamefully to herself, as he splayed and fucked her to oblivion. “And it’s mine to give.”

“Yes… yes, sir, yes…” she gasped, never wanting it to end, wanting to take him and take him, wanting him to empty himself completely into her until there was nothing left of him and she was completely full-up. It would happen, it could—she felt it in the way their bodies trembled and rode slick and hard together, converging at a single, delicious point, their energies so concentrated they were nothing more or less than that.

“Ahhhhh Heidi!” He called her name, grabbing her hips hard, and for the first time she thought she might be hearing Kaiser at the edge of his self-control, pushed past the brink of reason and into the realm of hungry, helpless madness. Like an animal sensing fear, she realized a triumphant victory and shifted her bottom, squeezing his slick, impaled cock with her muscles, making him groan and tighten his grip even more, holding her steady.

“Stop,” he growled and she bit her lip, closing her eyes tight, fighting against the urge to disobey, to drive him over the brink with reckless abandon. He slid his length almost all the way out and she whimpered in dismay, his sudden absence leaving a vacuum of feeling, a sharp, horrible yearning. Then he was gone altogether out of her and she was desperate for him inside again.

“Turn over,” he directed, using the leverage of her hips to shift her weight as she rolled and lifted, spreading her thighs again for him, hopeful, expectant. She wanted to beg him, fuck me, please, fuck me hard, but was too afraid to voice her wants lest he decide she was looking to gain a sense of power, a modicum of control, and of course, she was.

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 3

“This is my pussy, Heidi.” He used his cock against her, rubbing the aching bud of her clit, working the spongy head, teasing her beyond reason. “Say it.”

“Yes,” she whispered, looking up at him through half-closed eyes. “It’s yours. It’s your pussy, Kaiser, always, I promise, all yours…”

God, she’d never said anything more humiliating or true.

“You aren’t to touch it or share it without my permission,” he insisted, using his thumb to direct the glossy mushroom-tip over her sensitive bud. “Do you understand?

She nodded, her fingers finding her nipples, squeezing gently, sending sweet pulses of pleasure down to her pussy until he smartly smacked each hand away, grabbing one breast and squeezing hard.

“Mine,” he growled, his eyes dark with force and lust. “I decide when you receive pleasure…” Her nipple was caught between his thumb and forefinger and he rolled it gently. “Or pain.” Heidi yelped in surprise when he pinched and twisted, her back arching in response.

“I want it all,” he murmured, rolling her nipple again, his stiff cock traveling up and down her slit with a slight rock of his hips. “Every part of you is mine.”

“Yes,” she breathed, her eyes open and on his, the pleasure pushing past sweet agony, but he didn’t care about her suffering—instead he gave her more, teasing her into a frantic, mindless misery of ecstasy, her own body lost to her, belonging solely to the man she was squeezing between her trembling thighs. “Oh god…please…Kaiser…”

“You sound beautiful when you beg.” He smiled, a small thing, but oh, so warm. “Do it again.”

The Seduction of Heidi - Scene 4

“Please,” she moaned. “Oh my god, please, please, I want…”

“This?” Kaiser rubbed her faster with the swell of his flesh and she gasped and arched.

“Yes! Yes!”

“This?” He slid his cock in deep in one swift motion and she thought she would die. She couldn’t possibly endure another moment of this. Her whole body trembled with feeling, slick and flushed with a fine sheen of sweat, the blotter beneath her completely ruined and she knew she would pay for that too, and just the anticipation of that nearly sent her flying over the top.

“Come for me,” he moaned.

His permission was enough, and she came hard, her belly clenching, her pussy tightening again and again, mourning the absence of his cock even in the midst of its ecstatic contractions, as if each spasm could draw him in, convince him to stay.

He collapsed against her for a blissful moment, breathing hard, his face buried in the crook of her neck. She even dared to kiss the top of his salt and pepper head, trying to keep him there, thighs trembling, without letting on that she was holding him at all.

Then he stood, taking a deep breath, pulling up his trousers, tucking, arranging. “Clean up and go out to lunch with your friend,” he directed, walking toward the window and pulling the curtain aside to gaze out.

She sat up on her elbows, dazed, blinking at him. “But—”

“Go.” He glanced over his shoulder at her, his eyes softening at the sight of her still sprawled out over the surface of his desk. “I trust you, Heidi. You know the rules. I didn’t say you couldn’t have friends. I said you couldn’t fuck them.”

“Yes, sir.”

Copyright © Selena Kitt. All rights reserved.


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