Double Feature (1980s)

Cast: Serenity, Randy Spears, Sana Fey, Herschel Savage, Shanna McCullough
Director: Jonathan Morgan
Studio: Wicked Pictures

The film won a bevy of awards and quickly became a classic in porn. It opens in typical old movie fashion with snippets of coming attractions starring players like Rick Rockwell and Suzy Cheesecake and films with title like Gang Bang Zombies, Death Rides a Rubber Horse and Attack of the 12 Story Dildos. These are all filmed in black and white, to give that authentic old B-movie feel. You are also quickly made aware that this is going to be a movie that not only spoofs those old serials and films but there is going to be plenty of wild sex taking place.

Once the coming attractions are over we get the first feature. Attack of the Bimbos from Outer Space, a spoof of ’50s sci fi movies. It’s about a UFO that lands on earth with three female aliens and it is cleverly played over the top and with these ladies screwing and sucking every man they can. There are a lot of sight gags, some very funny lines that make this “feature” a perfect spoof. As the story in this film carries on, there is no lack of sex scenes and no lack of humor and over the top performances. The cast pulls off a great takeoff of what these films were like back in the day.

The second feature is The Man Made Beast, which is a take on the popular Frankenstein monster movies. Serenity is a crazed scientist, Dr Shelley with a monstrous sexual appetite. She is left completely unfulfilled by her Latino lover. This also done in black and white until the sex scenes, which are in glorious color. In this feature Dr. Shelly can’t find a man to satisfy her, and that produces some sexy, but funny moments. So Tabitha, a female Igor, suggests she try a woman and she describes an encounter that took place a long time ago and it is a very good scene with a nice twist to it.

It is a total fun experience and definitely worth getting hold of and enjoying from start to finish. —Art Koch, National Features & DVD Editor, NightMoves Magazine and AAN

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