Zazel: The Scent of Love

Cast: Gina LaMarca, Brooke Lane, Grace Harlow, Kevin James, Helena, Devin Wolf
Director: Philip Mond
Studio: CalVista Pictures

A must see classic! Winner of 7 AVN awards in 1995. A breakthrough film in several ways, Zazel focuses almost as much on sensual imagery as it does on sexual heat. The film is about the search for the perfect perfume; Zazel is assigned to create the most arousing scent ever. Her creative mind engages its deepest and most erotic fantasies participating in encounters ranging from angelic to the demonic in settings whose beauty rivals that of the performers, including several penthouse pets. There is no limit to any experience will keep Zazel from victory in her creative quest for the perfection of her design… the scent of love. Filmed in 1995.

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