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What A Sticky Mess: Managing Contracts, Money and More

Out of all of the erotic columns I've ever written — including the ones where I give advice on what your characters should call their hoo-has or what they probably shouldn't say during fucking — this is probably the scariest column of all. Because it has to do with...

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Ooh, Baby, Yes! Enticing An Erotic Editor: Part 1

First things first: An editor is not your enemy. Nor is she your friend. Over time, she may become either or both of these things, it's true, but first and foremost, your editor is a potential current customer. And while the customer is not always right, they are...

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Blind Dating: Finding the Perfect Markets for Your Erotica

SPP seeks sub for one-time publication, slight pay and possible long-term relationship. Likes solid characterization, good conflict and steamy sex. Dislikes vampires, HEA endings and "ly" words. Please be pedophile- and bestiality-free. Writers spend a lot of time...

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Taming Your Triangle: Revising Your Erotic Story

When I first began reading erotic fiction (I was too young to be reading it, legally, but the magazines were in the house and they were way more interesting than another go at Brave New World), it seemed there was a lot of mention of "the perfectly cropped triangle of...

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Climactic Moments: Putting Together Your First Draft

How to write your first draft of an erotic story (easy recipe): Supplies Needed: Pen and paper or computer Crazy glue (or, for alternative method: friend with whip) Coffee Step 1: Find a chair. Put lots of glue on chair. Sit. Write. Alternative method: Find chair....

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Ten Turn Offs: The Big No-Nos of Erotic Fiction

In addition to writing a lot of erotica, I edit quite a bit of it. And when I put on my editor's hat, I often find there are three kinds of submissions: good ones, filled with hot sex and great writing (which get an instant yes from me); bad ones filled with clich's...

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