Naughty Bits by Lisabet Sarai

The Scary Future

2013 is fast approaching, so I thought for my final installment of Naughty Bits, I'd indulge in a bit of the prognostication that's so popular at this time of year. In the other columns in this series, I've tried to demystify various aspects of today's information...

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App-y Together: Straight Talk about Mobile Madness

Do you need an author app? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about? The ecology of computing has changed dramatically in the past two or three years. Touch-screen cell phones and tablets have taken the world by storm. Sales of notebook and desktop computers have...

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Backup Blues; or, Murphy was a freakin’ optimist

Ephemeral. That's the nature of an author's work, especially today when every stage of the writing and publishing process is digital. The products of our creativity and sweat exist primarily as files in computer storage, fragile collections of bits that are highly...

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Did the Earth Move? A Quick Tour of Active Web Content

Two months ago, I explained the basic way the World Wide Web works. [HTML 101: Web Basics for Authors] It's a remarkably simple paradigm. A program running on your computer called a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) sends a request to a...

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HTML 101: Web Basics For Authors

I'm not normally known as the dominant type, but in my role as the Erotogeek, I'm going to make you do things you never believed you'd agree to. Believe me, it's for your own good. And I promise it won't hurt — much! This month we're going to tackle the basic...

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