Shameless Self-Promotion by Donna George Storey

Bigger is Better: Bookstores from Indies to Amazon

I didn't used to be a size queen. For me the meat didn't matter—smaller was actually preferable since it usually came along with a charm and sensitivity the big brutes didn't bother to cultivate. Indeed I used to have a beautiful relationship with smaller guys, but...

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Make Your Own Movie: Promoting through Book Trailers

One of the pleasures of promoting my novel, Amorous Woman, has been the opportunity to meet other novelists with similar experiences. Enjoyable as it is to share our stories, however, it's not long before one of us confesses: "Book promoting is really hard, isn't it?...

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Adventures in Cyberspace: Finding Balance, Branching Out

We live in a culture that keeps telling us we can have it all, especially if we buy whatever product that particular sweet siren of capitalism is selling to help us in our mission. Yes, you can—or at least should—have a fulfilling and demanding career while you also...

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Viva the Internet: Book Reviews and Blogs

The publishing business isn't what it used to be. Major newspapers are ditching their book review sections, independent bookstores are closing up shop at every turn, and many of the bookstores that do remain are drastically cutting back on poorly-attended author...

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Publicists, Press Kits and other P-words

I blame Freud for this one. That's because he made such a big to-do about penis envy, which I never quite related to, but was somehow translated by my psyche into a primal longing for something else that began with the letter "P." When I published my first novel, I...

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Websites, Blog-sites and the All-Mighty Reader

In my first "Shameless Self-Promotion" column ("Dreams and Realities: Our Journey Begins"), I trotted out some of the fantasies our society feeds us about the life of a real novelist: the "Oprah" appearances, the mountains of royalties, the automatic elevation to the...

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The Irresistible You: Pitches and Bios

All fiction writers (and most memoirists and journalists) sell fantasies, perhaps none more than erotica writers. Yet, as I stumbled along on my own book promotion journey, I realized how many fantasies I've been sold about what it means to be a published author as...

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Dreams and Realities: Our Journey Begins

Congratulations! You've done it! Your dream has come true! You've had your first novel accepted for publication—or your first story collection. You've been imagining the glory of this day since you were...oh, eight years old, and first decided you wanted to be A Real...

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