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by | April 30, 2012 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Perverse Pagans,

I know some of you might disavow any connection to paganism, but I’m writing this on April 30th – Beltane’s Eve or Walpurgis – and so my thoughts naturally turn to mystic bonfires, fertility rights, May poles (of various sorts) and rowan switches. Okay, I know you’re not interested in my dirty mind, but rather, in the dazzling array of erotic delights we’ve assembled for this month’s edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website. No, this is all about YOUR dirty mind! And believe me, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

For a change of pace, let’s start in the Adult Movie section. John Stagliano’s massive opus “Fashionistas Safado” is now available in a special collectors’ edition – more than eight hours of stunning fetish fashion and edgy, intense S&M sex – and that doesn’t even include the outtakes. I’m starting my Christmas wish list early this year! For an updated (and adult-oriented) take on a classic Western plot, check out “Rawhide II: Dirty Deeds”, a tale of a stubborn ranch-owner determined to hold on to her land, the arrogant developer who’ll do anything in her considerable power to force a sale, and the mysterious drifter who’s the wild card in their deck. Also of note are “Last Tango”, a haunting, explicit revisiting of the Marlon Brando classic, and “Cabaret Desire”, featuring a bohemian cafe where men and woman can commission personalized erotic fantasies. In the smutty porn category, don’t miss the bizarre but arousing “Freak”, about a party girl who ends up in a coma after a night of debauchery and finds herself mentally reliving the increasingly extreme sexual encounters that led to her demise.

I found many more films I wanted to showcase, but I can’t afford to dawdle in a single section for too long. (Why do you think they call Adrienne our web Mistress?)  I’ll just quickly remind you to click through to our affiliates like DVD Empire, and Adam & Eve if you’re itching to acquire any of these gems for yourself.

Get visual:

From the movie pages, it seems only natural to slide over to the Sex Toy Playground. After all, toys and porn go together like peanut butter and jelly, love and marriage, whips and handcuffs… In this month’s edition, the experts at Good Vibrations provide a treatise on how to select a dildo from today’s many options (hint: their technique involves cucumbers!) Mr. and Mrs. Toy give thumbs up to the multi-speed, multi-pattern Mio vibrating cock ring. And, as usual, the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt offers a sampler of the best erotic devices available on the market, from the classic Hitachi Magic Wand to the innovative Intensity, an electro-stimulator device to strengthen the Kegel muscles (and induce mind-blowing orgasms).

As usual, we’ve arranged discounts for ERWA visitors from all our partners, so you can get the very best implements of pleasure at the lowest possible prices. This month we welcome a new affiliate, UK-based Bondara.

Accelerate your orgasms:

Where to go next? Let’s circle back to the Erotica Gallery, where our guest author is the legendary Cecilia Tan, founder of Circlet Press and pioneer of the speculative erotica genre. Cecilia has provided three amazing stories as well as an incredible self-introduction. Would you believe she invented tentacle porn at the age of thirteen? Don’t miss her account of her sexual and literary journey.

As usual, the Gallery also features great stories, flashers and poetry from members of the Storytime list. This month’s contributions range from outrageous raunch to harsh realism. Highly recommended!

The mind is the ultimate erogenous zone:

If you’re craving more erotic writing after touring the Gallery, come browse our Books for Sensual Readers. This month you’ll find a wide variety of anthologies, from Maxim Jakubowski’s mammoth collection of the best of the best new erotica to Kristina Wright’s LUSTFULLY EVER AFTER, erotic retellings of classic fairy tales. J.T. MacLeod’s single author collection WARRIORS AND WENCHES features tales of magic, mischief, danger and desire. Meanwhile OC Press presents RAG DOLL: A HORROTICA NOVEL by Mathew Klickstein. The author guarantees that most readers will be shocked by his sociopathic anti-hero and the various depraved activities the characters enjoy (or suffer). Given the stellar reputation of the publisher, I for one am willing to take the risk.

Looking for erotic romance? Check out Cindy Spencer Pape’s IMMORTAL CRAVINGS series, featuring vampires, werewolves, demons, lion shifters and more, all eager to get it on with one another. In the gay erotica section, I was drawn to DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL, a multi-author collection about forbidden love in the military. And knowing Sacchi Green’s high editorial standards, I have to recommend GIRL FEVER: 69 STORIES OF SUDDEN SEX FOR LESBIANS.

There’s more… but the Mistress is threatening me with her riding crop, so I’ll just mention that purchases made through our links are ERWA’s only source of support, and move on.

Next stop is the Authors Resources pages. This month, Ashley Lister pens the final installment of his column “The Write Stuff” – “Visits from the Typo-Fairies”. Warning: don’t try to read this hilarious offering while drinking your coffee! And don’t be too disappointed about Master Lister’s departure. He’ll still be offering wise and witty authorial advice monthly on the ERWA blog. I continue my Naughy Bits series with my column “Did the Earth Move?” My topic is active content: forms, animations, videos, widgets and all that cool stuff that burns computer cycles. Want to know how it all works? Ask the Erotogeek!

Have you ever clicked the link labeled “Writers’ Resources”, below the monthly columns? You find a long list of useful websites for authors, from blogs and how-to sites to specialized dictionaries. Well worth a bookmark!

The Calls for Submission pages highlight dozens of current opportunities for you to sell your work. M.Christian’s looking for sexy spy stories for his Honeytrap anthology. Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse are editing two collections, “Smut in the City” and “Smut by the Sea”, for the new House of Erotica imprint. Delilah Devlin’s looking for smoking hot fireman stories. Kristina Wright is editing a new collection of sexy erotic romance. And don’t miss the two open calls from the Coming Together altruistic erotica imprint: “Hungry for Love” – zombie erotica edited by Sommer Marsden to benefit the American Diabetes Foundation – and “In Vein” – vampire erotica to benefit Doctors Without Borders, edited by yours truly!

Don’t be afraid to submit:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, our intrepid members talk about stuff that simultaneously turns you on and freaks you out. Care to share YOUR secret cravings? Just click on the Participate link.

Nothing is forbidden inside the erotic mind:

Our featured Wed Gem this month is Melange Books.
“Melange” (meaning: a conglomeration of many things) is for every reader’s taste in literature.
Melange Books, LLC is a royalty-paying company publishing in e-books (digital formats) and print books. We pay authors 40% net royalties on digital formats and 10% on print. We are actively seeking submissions for the following novel and novella genres:

Romance, sweet, sensual and erotic, westerns, science fiction, horror, contemporary, chic-lit, men’s fiction, women’s general fiction, action-adventure, speculative, drama, gay, lesbian, urban fantasy, paranormal, cross-genres, urban fantasy, mainstream fiction, and non-fiction. Also, on May 1, 2012, Melange’s new You Adult imprint, ‘Fire and Ice’ will go live!

Well, I managed to make it through the site without being subjected to any of the Mistress’ discipline. Sigh. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time!

Speaking of next time, the ERWA site and the Erotic Lure will be taking our traditional break in June. I’m off to my annual slave’s training camp. I’ll be back with a new Lure around the beginning of July, in traditional red, white and blue lingerie.

Meanwhile, if you’re hungry for more hot, smart erotic content, check in regularly at the ERWA blog. I’ll be there, along with lots of your other favorite authors and columnists.

Until then, I remain…

Orgasmically yours,

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