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From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Summer Sensualists,

Did you miss me? It has been two long months since the last edition of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. I suspect you must be hungry for new thrills.

And that’s exactly what we’ve got for you: original fiction that will raise your temperature faster than a midsummer heat wave, books too incendiary to read on the beach, movies that will make you turn the aircon onto high, and toys you’d better use with the windows shut if you don’t want to alarm the neighbors!

Since I’ve brought up the subject of erotic implements, why don’t we start (for the sake of variety – I LOVE variety) in the Sex Toy Playground. Kristina Garcia from Babeland offers a guide to the mysteries of the clitoris, going over the moves you need to make her purr. Kyra Saunders conveniently reviews the Spring Mini Vibrator, designed for clitoral stimulation. Our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column features a wide range of innovative artifacts, including a vibrator driven by music and (my favorite) an experimental kink kit.

We’ve arranged discounts from our partners, so you can save a bundle when you order from Babeland, Adam & Eve, Good Vibrations or Adult DVD empire. And every time you buy something using one of our links, you get the extra satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting ERWA.

Go ahead, experiment:

Now that you’ve picked out your favorite toys, you need a film or two to go with them. It seems that the wild popularity of erotic romance fiction has spilled over into porn. In the Best Adult Movies pages, you’ll find a range titles targeted toward women and couples, that offer plenty of romance mixed with steamy sex. For instance, “She’s the One” chronicles the growth of a new relationship between the waitress in a diner and her regular customer. In “Cafe Amore”, a widower plays matchmaker for his friends, only to end up meeting his own soulmate. These flicks may sound a bit tame, but believe me, they pack in plenty of physical passion.

For something with less redeeming social value, select one of the flicks in our “Dirty Smutty Porn” category. My vote goes to “Natural”, a no-holes-barred fuckfest focusing on women who have natural breasts, natural beauty and real orgasms. Then there’s “As Seen on 42nd Street”, a compendium of classics from the heyday of porn, with scenes by legendary stars like Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn and John C. Holmes – a must for the serious porn collector, and an eye-opener for those of you who’ve never seen porn stars without tattoos!

We also have a huge selection of porn parodies, which normally don’t interest me much. However, in the Sex Toy Scuttlebutt (no less!), I found a review of “The Rocki Whore Picture Show”, a lovingly crafted X-rated re-enactment of the decadent and suggestive blockbuster original. Definitely on my must-have list!

Lights, camera, and plenty of action:

Stroll over to the Books for Sensual Readers section if you’d rather be stimulated from the inside out. (Okay, some of our toys do that, but I’m talking about the imagination…) You’ll find sizzling anthologies edited by veterans Rachel Kramer Bussel (SUITE ENCOUNTERS: HOTEL SEX STORIES) and Alison Tyler (THREE WAY: EROTIC ADVENTURES), naughty novels like Justine Elyot’s GAME and Ernest Winchester’s DOREEN’S MIDLIFE CRISIS, and eye-popping erotic photography (THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF GORGEOUS GUYS, edited by Barbara Cardy). S.L. Armstrong and April L’Orange push boundaries with LIKE IT OR NOT, their collection of gay stories about dubious consent, while the creative Cari Z offers gay romance set on alien planets in CHANGING WORLDS. In the lesbian category, we feature two stellar collections from Delilah Devlin (SHE SHIFTERS: LESBIAN PARANORMAL EROTICA) and Tristan Taormino (STRIPPED). What really piqued my curiosity, though, is the first volume is a series of “forbidden erotic classics”, WHITE STAINS, by the infamous and eternally fascinating Aleister Crowley.

I’ve mentioned only a few of the dozens of titles you can browse in our pages. I guarantee you’ll find a book or two to heat up your summer vacation. I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded that you can buy anything you crave with a simple click on our affiliate links.

We give reading for pleasure a new meaning:

Speaking of reading, you’ll be very sorry if you skip the July Erotica Galleries. (And I’m not just talking about the flogging you’ll earn from me!) This month’s featured author is the amazing Thomas S. Roche. Just how amazing is he? Read his bio, savor the three stories he’s shared, and marvel!

Our July theme is “Flasher Fiesta”. The gallery editors have assembled a spicy collection of short erotic fiction (200 words maximum) on topics ranging from public sex to religious pilgrimages. In addition, we have an entire page of erotic poetry guaranteed to make you ache with desire. Even if you normally don’t get much out of poetry, you should take a look at these gorgeous efforts.

Sample the best free erotica on the web:


Our visit to the Gallery reminds me that I haven’t yet walked you through Authors Resources. This month Donna George Storey muses on “The Perils of Publication” – how to value yourself and your craft, without external validation. In my role as the Erotogeek, I tackle the unpleasant topic of backing up your work, and conclude that Murphy was a freakin’ optimist. In our publishing guide, you’ll find dozens of editors and publishers who want YOUR work. Rachel Kramer Bussel’s looking for anal sex erotica. Shane Allison wants bad boy erotica. Xcite Books has several open anthologies to be edited by Elizabeth Coldwell. Circlet Press wants erotic tales about Ninjas and villains. Total-E-Bound is looking for gay erotic romance about medical personnel. And submissions are still open for my vampire anthology, Coming Together: In Vein.

You have no excuse not to submit:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, ERWA denizens discuss the question of why people cheat. Tune in to this fascinating and honest discussion (five pages of comments, a new record, I believe). Want to share your own opinions or experiences? Just click on “Participate”.

Ponder the intricacies and contradictions of desire:

Our Web Gem for July is Storm Moon Press. Storm Moon Press was founded January 2010 with the intent of producing quality erotic fiction focusing on GLBTQ and alternative lifestyle characters. In 2012, we also launched a strictly heterosexual imprint, Wild Moon Books. Our goal is and has always been to be both author-centric and reader-geared. We listen to our readers to find out what they are truly looking for rather than simply trying to capitalize on the latest trends. We treat our authors as the partners they are in the publishing process, encouraging them to stretch themselves beyond the conventional. With each year, we find new ways to reach and engage our readers, and we keep our author pool small so that each author is given the attention they deserve. Coupled with outstanding editors and talented cover artists, Storm Moon Press books are exceptional stories packaged beautifully for our readers.

Well, that’s it for this month’s Erotic Lure. I’ll be back in August to take you in hand once again. Meanwhile, I made a solemn vow not to make any jokes about red, white and blue corsets or Uncle Sam Doms this year.

It’s tough, but I can resist. Till next month, I remain…

Lasciviously yours,

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