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by | August 2, 2012 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From the Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Erotica Addicts,

Don’t go to the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website this month! Unless you’re on vacation, that is! The August edition includes so much fabulous content that, I’m warning you, you’ll get sucked right in and not be able to escape. On the other hand, if that sounds like something you might enjoy – well, then, read on.

The August Erotica Galleries are perhaps the biggest, stickiest trap of all. Headlining a stellar line-up is our featured guest, feisty author/editor Delilah Devlin. Delihah serves up a tasty trio of erotic tales ranging from sizzling sapphic explorations to marital power games. Our prolific Storytime members add a half-dozen never-before-published stories that run the gamut from noir to desperately kinky, including a bawdy historical novella set during the American War of Independence. Then there are some fabulous flashers, complete erotic tales in two hundred words or less – some more tongue in cheek than others. Finally, don’t miss the poetry section: a generous portion of hilariously raunchy limericks plus a page of more serious poems that drip with desire.

I’m incredibly impressed – and let me tell you, that’s not easy to accomplish!

Get lost in literary lust:

If, like me, you’re a willing slave to the written word, our Books for Sensual Readers section should be your next stop. In the short story category, let me recommend PICTURE PERFECT: THE BEST OF DONNA GEORGE STOREY (published by the Mammoth Books people) or Rachel Kramer Bussel’s latest anthology ANYTHING FOR YOU: EROTICA FOR KINKY COUPLES (which includes a story by yours truly). Then there’s STRETCHED: EROTIC FICTION THAT FONDLES THE IMAGINATION, edited by Tinder James and featuring contributions from several ERWAers.

Fairy tales seem all the rage these days. NAMED AND SHAMED by Janine Ashbless is a lavishly imagined and beautifully illustrated foray into a dark fairy tale world of the flesh. Jason Robert Macumber gives us NEVER AFTER, a revisionist version of Snow White in which the brutalized princess turns assassin for hire, wielding a dagger carved from the famous magic mirror.

Lily Harlem, writing from the male POV for the new Ellora’s Cave for Men erotica imprint, presents the transgressive, orally-focused DESSERT. If you’re looking for pure erotic romance (though not “pure” in the sense of “chaste”!), pick up Lynne Connolly’s latest foray into the world of music, IN THE MOOD.

I was thrilled to see that gay erotica legend Simon Sheppard has finally published a novel. THE DIRTY BOYS CLUB: THE SOAP OPERA MURDERS is going near the top of my TBR list. And if you’re craving some hot woman-on-woman fiction – and don’t object to spankings or bondage – check out Miranda Forbe’s new lesbian anthology KINKY GIRLS.

As you all know (unless you’re new to the Erotic Lure or have been living under a rock) all the erotic goodness that is ERWA is supported by commissions from our affiliates. So if you’re going to buy any of the hundreds of books we feature (and, really, how can you resist?), please use the convenient links to our partners Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Gutenberg had no idea what he started:

And where do all these wonderful erotic works come from? In many cases, from members of the ERWA community. Our Authors Resources pages are designed to help you (yes, YOU!) write and publish your sexy masterpieces. Month after month, we provide guidance, inspiration and information for authors both new and seasoned. This month, my ErotoGeek series on technological aspects of modern authorship continues with “I Want to Be Alone” – suggestions to help you protect your identity and your privacy on-line as you promote. Check out Cindi Meyers’ market news for the latest on new publishers as well as inside dope on what different editors are seeking. The Writers’ Resources link leads to a full page of links to other blogs and websites, including review sites, craft-related sites, and on-line reference sites.

The ERWA Submissions and Guidelines page is THE place erotica authors go to look for publishing opportunities. Updated throughout the month, our listings include print and epublishing venues in every sub-genre of erotica. We can help you find a market for your work, whether it’s BDSM (e.g. Blushing Books), GLBTQ (e.g. Dreamspinner, Toquere, JMS Press), taboo erotica (e.g. ForbiddenFiction), speculative erotica (e.g. Circlet Press), literary erotica (e.g. OC Press), or erotic romance (too many to list!). We can even help you give it away to charity. (Check out Coming Together altruistic erotica if you want to “do good while being bad”!)

This month, our new calls include ebook anthologies being assembled by the new Mischief imprint, under editorship of Adam Nevill. There’s also a call for GLBTQ stories from newcomer Riptide Publishing, offering starting royalty levels of 50%. Circlet Press is assembling an anthology, “Under Cover of Darkness”, focused on villains. Shane Allison has a gay call out with the title “He Looks Like Trouble”. These are just a few of the possibilities we list.

You deserve to be published:

Although our name focuses on “reading” and “writing”, here at ERWA we’re just as keen on action as on words. In the Sex Toy Playground this month, the folks from Good Vibrations present the “Top Ten Anal Sex Facts”. (One or two surprised even me.) Mr. and Mrs. Toy join in the backdoor enthusiasm with their review of the Aneros Vice vibrating anal toy. Our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column keeps you informed about the many popular and innovative amorous implements available. (As my Master would point out, knowledge is power.) And should you feel the urge to acquire any of these masterpieces of modern erotic technology, ERWA has arranged discounts for you from Adam & Eve, Adult DVD Empire, Good Vibrations and Babeland. Just include our special promotional code when you order.

Explore every erotic artifact you can imagine – and more;

Of course sex toys and adult movies go together like – oh, like blindfolds and hand cuffs. Our Adult Movies pages offer everything from tasteful, tender couples porn to total filth unredeemed by the slightest shred of plot. My top pick this month is the sex-drenched adult comedy “Love, Marriage and Other Bad Ideas”, about a marriage counselor who is wholly opposed to the institution. In the dirty smutty porn category, check out “The Pill”, in which voluptuous Bibi Jones offers up her body to medical research, testing the effects of a new aphrodisiac. Yes, I know that premise sounds flimsy, but that’s not the point, is it? In searching the classic porn category, I was distressed to see some of the listings were films I consider recent releases… how time flies!  I honed in on “Two at Once”, a French erotic flick released in 1978. Now that’s what I call classic.

These are just samples of the fabulous films you can browse at ERWA. Dig deeper and you’ll find AVN award winners, sexy how-to flicks, porn parodies, and lots more.

Get visual:

Inside the Erotic Mind this month, ERWA visitors discuss the thorny question of finding love online. We have three fascinating pages of frank confessions on the topic. Want to share your own thoughts or experiences? Just click on the Participate link.

Dare to venture inside the erotic mind:

Our August Web Gem is Eden Fantasys online adult emporium. Whether you’re looking for your first sex toy or your twentieth, something vanilla or kinky, a product large or small, Eden Fantasys has choices for you. Enjoy a secure shopping experience and a wealth of inspiring resources that include forums, advice, reviews, and product videos for the web-savvy shopper. Stop by to shop, and enjoy the welcoming community at Eden Fantasys. They even have an erotic book club!

So, are you still with me? Or did you get hung up, leafing through our book reviews or drooling over something outrageous in the Playground? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Hard to believe that it will be September next month, with the first day of autumn and the first day of school. Time to dust off the desks, get out the ruler and the cane, and make sure I have a fresh supply of white cotton panties…

But I digress. May the remainder of your summer be sizzling and satisfying! (If you follow my recommendations, I’ll almost guarantee it.)


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I'm still a bit surprised to find myself administrator of a community that dwells in the sensual and the erotic. Who would have thought all those dirty books residing under my bed would lead to this? I have to say it is wonderfully liberating to realize the only dirty things under my bed are the dust bunnies; that my passion for things erotic is simply a healthy interest in sexuality. There's nothing quite like a community of like-minded people to light the way. I graduated from University with a degree in anthropology and live with my professor husband. However, the New Yorker in me is still alive and kicking. We have three kids: a professor, a financier, and instructional designer. Things are more comfortable now that they don't have to answer the classic elementary school question, "What does your mommy do?" In 1996, with the help and encouragement of several women, I founded the Erotica Readers & Writers Association. It's a continuing pleasure to mingle with the passionate souls of ERWA.


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