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by | January 2, 2015 | Erotic Lure Newsletter

From Erotica Readers & Writers Association
By Lisabet Sarai

Dear Winter Wankers,

The holidays are over. The mistletoe has been taken down and the champagne bottle’s empty. My fur-trimmed red velvet corset is back in the drawer, waiting for next year. Chill, dark months loom ahead.

Good thing you have the Erotica Readers & Writers Association to warm you up!

The Winter Edition of the ERWA website is the next best thing to a luxury vacation in the tropics: steamy, exotic, sinfully self-indulgent. And it’s all free!

In the Winter Erotica Gallery, our talented authors turn up the temperature with masterfully crafted explicit fiction that will have you sweating after the first few paragraphs. Lovers, strangers and spies, fetish clubs and sex videos, swinging (in several senses) – the deliciously diverse winter Gallery stories share one common feature: every one is sizzling hot.

Unfreeze your libido:

By the way: it’s our January tradition to update the ERWA Treasure Chest with the very best of the galleries from the previous year. We’re a bit late this year (overindulging in eggnog can do that!) but we promise to add the gems from 2014 by the middle of the month. Don’t worry, we’ll announce the update right here on ERWA blog.

If the Gallery’s not enough to get you through those long, cold nights, I recommend a visit to our Books for Sensual Readers section. Short story fans will want to grab a copy of Maxim Jakubowski’s MAMMOTH BOOK OF BEST NEW EROTICA 13, or perhaps BEST WOMEN’S EROTICA 2015, edited by Violet Blue. (But then again, why not get both?) And what bibliophile could resist Rose Caraway’s collection THE SEXY LIBRARIAN’S BIG BOOK OF EROTICA? For those of you who like longer works, we have lots of novels and novellas, including COVER HIM WITH DARKNESS by Janine Ashbless, a tale of lust, ancient mysteries and fallen angels, and my own BDSM erotic suspense title BANGKOK NOIR. If you’re in the mood for a sexy love story, sample Beth Carter’s menage tale ALONG CAME MERRIE or Alice Clayton’s madcap romance SCREWDRIVERED. In M/M fiction, I recommend Tempeste O’Riley’s CAGED SANCTUARY, the riveting story of a man disabled in a gay bashing attack. BEST LESBIAN EROTICA 2015 is out, edited by the legendary Laura Antoniou. And I’m planning to buy myself a copy of BLACKMAIL, MY LOVE by historian Katie Gilmartin, an illustrated LGBT murder mystery set in the queer underground of 1950’s San Francisco.

We’ve got lots more incendiary titles for you, including classics and non-fiction. You could spend hours browsing our virtual shelves. If anything catches strikes your fancy, be sure to use our affiliate links to make your purchases. Every penny you spend after following our links to Amazon or iBookstore helps to keep ERWA’s fires from going out!

Read books that burn:

I know lots of my author colleagues are setting goals and making New Years resolutions right about now. For some winter inspiration, pay a visit to the ERWA Authors’ Resources section. Our calls for submissions and publishers’ guidelines list dozens of places to submit your work. We update the page frequently, whenever we get new information. Right now, new publisher Sinful Press wants your erotic novels. Website Bright Desires is seeking erotic flash fiction and stories. House of Erotica needs spy stories. Totally Bound has calls out for half a dozen different sub-genres of erotic romance. That’s just a small sample of the list.

The Author pages also include great archived content on the craft and business of writing, as well as a page of useful links to marketing services, cover artists, review sites, and much more. And while we’re on the topic of useful links, take a look at THE SELF-PUBLISHER’S ULTIMATE RESOURCE GUIDE, a new book for indie authors setting out on their own. For more insight, guidance and support for your literary ambitions, follow us here on the ERWA blog where a dozen established erotica authors post about writing, publishing, sex and society. Or (and!) join our Writers email list, for lively discussions of everything authorly from commas to condom use in sex stories. Go to www.erotica-readers.local/erwa-email-discussion-list for details on subscribing.

Let your visions scorch the pages:

The weather doesn’t matter as long as you have a good collection of toys with which to amuse yourself – and your friends. In the Sex Toy Playground, we keep you au courant on the hippest, hottest new erotic equipment. In this edition, the fine folks at Good Vibrations offer sound advice in “Bondage Basics” – just the help you need to get started learning the ropes. Our regular Sex Toy Scuttlebutt column spotlights a variety of intriguing playthings, including the sleek Iroha Minamo vibrator, the Frisky Fox Tail anal plug (I want one!) and the Fleshlight Phone Strap. The latter is a device that attaches your mobile device to your thigh so you can watch arousing videos even when your hands are – um – busy. I’m rolling my eyes, but I’ll bet it sells!

Play with fire:

Speaking of arousing videos, no visit to the ERWA website would be complete without a stop in our Adult Movies section. Headlining this month is Brad Armstrong’s “Aftermath”, a searing tale of taboo relationships involving several members of the same family. Also of note is “Exchange Student 3”. The exquisite Anissa Kate stars as a sexy foreign student brought into a household as a decoy by a wife trying to hide her infidelity. On the topic of spouses, don’t miss “I Love My Hot Wife”, tales of a guy who watches his wife get fucked by other men. In the porn classics department, we feature “Tout Est Permis” (Everything Goes), a 1977 French flick about a couple pushing their sexual boundaries.

We give you convenient links after each film we list, just in case you decide you can’t live without it. Use ’em!

For those who like to watch:

Inside the Erotic Mind this edition, you’ll find an extremely active discussion (five pages so far!) on the topic of losing one’s virginity that dispels some of the myths perpetrated by popular erotic romance these days. To share your own experiences of that first time, just click on the Participate link.

You can read and comment on the other discussions on the Erotic Mind page, too. They’re all nicely categorized for your convenience!

Elevate your temperature:

The Winter Edition of ERWA is sponsored by Loose Id, a leading publisher of erotic romance. The California-based company is an acknowledged industry leader with seven years in business. It publishes between 16 and 24 titles per month by more than 200 talented authors worldwide, unleashing readers’ fantasies with a full panoply of erotic romance subgenres, ranging from BDSM capture fantasy to yaoi, and including exceptional traditional favorites, contemporary and historical.

The company promotes itself through web and print advertising wherever readers of erotic romance may be found, creating a recognizable brand identity as the place to let your id run free and the people who unleash your fantasies. It is currently pursuing licensing agreements for foreign translations, and developing a print program of 2 to 5 titles per month.

Loose Id is looking for stories that unleash the power of fantasy and the id. Send us your new twists on old favorites, both erotic and romantic. Whether it’s that hot ass cop and the speeder he pulled over, a threesome with your two best gay friends, anonymous sex with the guy you saw pumping gas, capture fantasy, sex slavery, cowboy and city slicker, secret babies, secretary and sheikh, we want stories that tap specific reader fantasies and capitalize on the chemistry between the characters.

Well, that wraps up the Winter installment of the Erotic Lure. I hope this will be enough to keep you simmering until the ERWA Spring edition. As for me – stretched out naked in front of a roaring fire on our bear skin rug, with a mug of mulled cider in one hand and my lover in the other, I’m definitely not feeling the chill!

I wish you all a happy, healthy, lusty New Year!

Intimately yours, Lisabet

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