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by Lucy Felthouse

As this post goes live, I’m at Sexhibition in Manchester, England – also known as “the erotic event of the year.” Myself, my other half, and Victoria and Kev Blisse are running the Smut UK stand, selling erotic books and generally waving the banner for smutty books galore. We also have swag, goodies and a charity raffle. Every time we do one of these events, we have a fantastic time. We get to spend time with each other, having a giggle. We get to see other friends we don’t see often. We get to meet new people, or people we may have only chatted with online in the past. Invariably, these people are interesting, and we come away from the events exhausted but inspired, and looking forward to the next time we can get together.

Which leads me to my question – what do you think of real life events? As an author, and someone otherwise heavily involved in the industry, I know what I get out of it – but I’d love to know what readers/visitors get out of it. The events I’ve been to so far are more general smutty events, or conferences, rather than pure signings (though I’m signed up for one of those next year, and am considering others), so the people that go aren’t necessarily there for the books… but they generally go away with at least one! πŸ˜‰ So I’d just love to know, whether you’re into books specifically, or the lifestyle as a whole – what drives you to these events?

And for those of you that go to more traditional book signings – what drives you? Is it because you want to meet the authors? Get autographs? Buy more books? Meet new authors? See your existing favourites? Please, do let me know… enquiring minds, and all that πŸ˜‰

Happy Reading!
Lucy x


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  1. Zak Jane Keir

    I have always loved live events and been doing them for years (right back to the early days of the London Fetish Fair in the 90s). It's nice to meet and chat with people and to research a bit more about what people like and don't like. And (for those of us who are single) flirtation opportunities are also a plus…

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Absolutely! It was great to see you, Zak πŸ™‚

  2. Alison Greig

    I love book signings! Last one was just a week ago in Aberdeen. I got to meet new authors, catch up with old friends, make new friends – even accosted a few authors saying – I'm know so and so – they say Hi! – that was a great ice breaker..(thanks Karen!). The chat was always about books, which ones we've read, liked, disliked – nagging authors about books and if we were getting more of certain characters. As I was assisting I saw things from the authors perspective – being on the other side of the table – seeing how excited people are to meet their favourite authors, listening to them get so animated when talking about the authors books. I haven't been to an event like Sexhibition (yet). Sounds like alot of fun and essential the same thing – meeting up with like minded people is always an experience!

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Thanks Alison – I'm looking forward to the signing and seeing how it differs from events I've done before.

  3. Karen Shenton

    I love them! Meeting people I chat to on FB and authors of books I love. Discovering new authors, books and genres. It's like my own personal wonderland xx

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Thanks Karen – sounds like it's going to be a great opportunity! xx

  4. Helen J Perry

    I've always ben interestedin the authors behind the books I like. I wonder what inspired them to write about… monsters, Greeks, were-shifters, whatever. And I'm interested in what they read. I'll often look into new nooks because my favourite authors have recommended them.

    • Lucy Felthouse

      Fantastic. I like to find out about inspiration, too. It comes from everywhere πŸ™‚

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